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Image: Ashild_web.jpg   695x900 112046 bytes 2006.08.07

A while ago friends of mine wanted me to draw more warrior girls, so I decided to draw a Viking since I always like the Vikings but I knew so little about them. I did some research and chatted with a German friend of mine to learn more and avoid the silly stereotype of "Horned Helm" in most of the cartoons and drawings.\r\n\r\nAshild is a grey tabby coloured Skogkatt (Norwegian Forest Cat) since Skogkatt is known for traveling with the Vikings as pets during their journeys and they are known for their big strong bodies and majestic yet feral appearance.\r\n\r\nOf course, Ashild is copyrighted to Dennis Hu

Image: Rina_2005.jpg   600x776 98867 bytes 2006.08.06

3 years ago I created a female collie anthro named Rina Collison. The character's design is largely influenced by one of my most favorite show "Jim Henson's Dog City". I reworked my old design and combine it with the coloring style of Lin Cheng-te's (Young Guns) comics. Hence we have a nicely shaded character.\r\n\r\nI painted the curb and shadow myself. This is the first time i try (more like adapt the principle) this technique "Matte Painting". All I did was to grab suitible photos of the car and the street, blow them to the right proportion, paint over them and use various techniques to make the fit the scene's animation cel-painting style.\r\n\r\nRina Collison Dennis Hu

Image: Rina_front_fr.jpg   600x777 116411 bytes 2006.08.06

Just like my Zhao Xueyun drawing, I did this for the sake of giving the artists I'd comission or request sketch a better idea the colour and overall of my characters. Rina Collison, a collie girl who stands 5'8 or 5'9. Since my style is both heavy on north american cartoon and manga, i find myself getting commented "your character looks too skinny and stuff". Man, i really don't know. Their cheeks make their face bigger than they really are doesn't help either.\r\n\r\nRina Collison Dennis Hu

Image: Rina_modelsheet_n.jpg   825x638 110961 bytes 2006.08.06

This is the modelsheet of my collie girl Rina Collison with her in her casual outfit and "filtered" nude for the sake of knowing her fur pattern.\r\n\r\nCharacter copyrigthed to me, Dennis Hu.

Image: Rina_the_dancer.jpg   700x906 97175 bytes 2006.08.02

I did this picture of my collie gal Rina so I can have more stuff to show around in Conifur Northwest. What inspired me to draw this was a picture I found on a megazine. The model wear a jet black ballerina outfit with crimson decoration. I thought it was a great pose and very alluring. So I burrowed the pose and did quite a lot of modifying and re-work on this with my character. Of course, Rina Collison is copyrighted to me, Dennis Hu

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