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LAST UPDATE: 19 May 2005


General Info
Hi. This is C "Defilerwyrm" Sims (former alias Lilith), owner/founder/prime member of Lost Souls Productions. I'm still paranoid about my given name yet so you'll have to make do with the initial.

I'm up on copyright law. You should be, too. HELPFUL HINT #1: The c surrounded by parentheses (c) has no legal power. Be sure to use the actual copyright symbol , which you can get by pressing Alt+0169.

In case you haven't figured it out on your own, I'm female.

Commissions, Auctions
Well now, as of this moment things are very fucked up in my life, and there's a bit of a backlog on commissions after having lost half a year's worth of work (HELPFUL HINT #2: Back up your computer files. OFTEN.), so accepting more will be a very iffy thing...I might consider simple pieces, but for the most part I shouldn't add any more before everyone else gets what they're owed. [Will update when this status changes.]

From time to time I'll offer auctions on Furbid. Ratings vary, but most will probably be under "Mature." If I can ever get a decent bloody scan of my paintings I'll offer prints as well.

Trades, Requests, Gift Art
I'm currently NOT accepting or seeking art trades, as I still have too many outstanding art debts as it is. Will update when this status changes.

I NEVER accept requests from anyone but family members and the very closest of friends.

If for some unfathomable reason you want to do one for me, go ahead. Just be sure to note copyright information. As far as me making gift art goes...yes, I do, on occasion, but it's not a gift if you ask for it.

Usage & Redistribution
As stated earlier, I'm up on copyright law. Now should you decide you'd like to use my work on a [non-commercial!] web page, e-mail me before posting it asking for permission. Chances are if you're willing to provide the small bit of documentation I require, you'll get an okay.

If, however, you decide to toss legality and courtesy out the window and just repost [or, gods help you, edit] my work without asking, things will get unpleasant. I will have legal action taken against you if you persist, so why risk all the hassle? Asking an artist's permission is such a simple little thing. And keeps you from being blacklisted and/or sued. [Not a threat. Statement of fact.]

Other Sites
Some other web pages where you can find my work, if you're so inclined:

Artwork @ deviantART [G-R; sketches; archive]
Artwork @ FurAffinity [G-X; active]
Sketchblog @ LJ [G-X; sketches; WIP; status reports]
Personal Journal @ LJ
Auctions @ Furbid

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