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Image: dragonsolo.jpg   750x937 78449 bytes 2010.11.02

Dragon boi

One dragon thats part of a bigger drawing I'm slowly working at. I liked this guy so I wanted to put him up on some spotlight.\r\n\r\nHe's being hypnotized by his master to show off

Tags: hypno mindcontrol dragon boi boy nude porn penis cock  
Image: haloweenkitty.jpg   1000x550 103202 bytes 2010.11.02

Happy Halloween!

He was too much of a pussy to go into the haunted house :P\r\n\r\nHappy Halloween to you all ^_^

Tags: cat halloween costume male gay  
Image: hump.jpg   1000x956 114451 bytes 2010.11.02

Love thy dragon

Meet generic subby fox and generic dom dragon... \r\n\r\nA little bit more this time around. I can't remember the last time I did some real porn.\r\n\r\nReally need to keep doing two characters, it's a lot more fun.

Tags: Gay yiff sub dom dragon sex porn penis fox  
Image: mousy.jpg   1000x800 129771 bytes 2010.11.02

No... Stop...

"Give it to the camera.... damn your cute..."\r\n\r\n*embarased* "Mmmfff... mff.. mnnf... mmm..."\r\n\r\n"Quit being shy!"

Tags: camera shy mouse gay girly crossdress boi  
Image: starhump.jpg   1028x1111 132002 bytes 2010.11.02


Started this one a couple months ago, got half way through coloring and forgot about it.\r\n\r\nI stumbled across it again and decided to finish it!

Tags: male yiff gay m/m sex sub dom  
Image: takeitoff.jpg   800x685 149874 bytes 2010.11.02

Strippin Down

Just havin a little fun ^_^

Tags: fox cock penis gay girly boi porn solo  

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