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Image: roman.gif   250x442 49364 bytes 2000.10.27

Dunno why I put this up but I guess I felt like it.Actually we're studying the \r\nRomans for Social Studies.I'm gonna color it A.S.A.P.Oh btw I'm going to "(c)" everthing now.\r\nSo this guy is (c)me.\n

Image: Spade.gif   290x309 21359 bytes 2000.10.01

This is Spade(me).He is the first computer image I've done on the computer and\r\nI think I did a good job.Ok about Spade hes an ex-terrorist that is emotionless\r\nand he doesnt like to talk.The reason why he is emotionless and doesnt like talking is\r\nbecause of a tragic event when he was a terrorist.Spade is now an assassin but he \r\nonly kills bad people, even though its against the law.He writes his own justice I like to say.\r\nSpade is not a bad guy anymore and he fights solo for now.He wouldn't mind working with a \r\npartner or a group to to fight criminals or insane people or whatever.If you want to fight\r\nhim,don't worry about his machine gun he rarely uses it but hes is really good\r\nwith his sword though.He also has magic.One of them is Deuce Omega.Well this is all\r\nI have to say for now and I hope you like my drawings =).\n

Image: Spadeedit3.gif   290x309 46234 bytes 2000.10.01

Heres a picture of me with a backround using a magic/sword attack called\r\nDelta Blade.I pretty much did this to see what I could do with Paint Shop Pro.\n

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