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Image: sketchie.JPG   341x406 15216 bytes 2003.05.28

I'm not myself lately... this was actually a request... of sorts. *shakes fist at Brian* Boys are perverts... not that girls aren't...

Image: sketchienomore.jpg   341x375 30410 bytes 2003.06.06

Eh, I did it again because Brian wanted me to... I'll probably go over it a third time to better the shading and get the line art nicer.

Image: wilebean.jpg   432x254 26523 bytes 2003.05.27

Teehee Ok, so I don't do many pics like this and when I do, they don't usually end up online... oh well :) Just thinking of someone, that's all. Sketched in coral and then finished in photoshop... could be better...

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