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Image: Good_see_you_dancing_to_me.jpg   627x900 151961 bytes 2022.01.01

Good To See You

Zero hour UTC: 2022 came!

Image: Dickie_Sugarjumper_DJ_Aimore.jpg   1028x1000 129288 bytes 2021.12.25

Hey DJ Dickie Sugarjumper, play to me [Aimore, Semper Fidelis]

Year was 2011, zapping the boring cable tv, suddenly i stopped in a cartoon with this cute sugarglider inside his uniform. Rarely i find a character who carries away my heart, this one does — Created by Tim Cahill and Julie McNally Cahill — I did this picture with Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7 and Apple Computer 10.4.11 — DJ Dickie Sugar played a string of hits: “Crockett’s Theme” (Jan Hammer), “No Milk Today” (Herman’s Hermits), “Kiew Mission” (Tangerine Dream), “London Kid” (Jean Michel Jarre), and so on — Free high definition 300 dpi at the link

Tags: MyLove DJ Dickie Sugarjumper sugarglider cartoon Aimore Tim and Julie Cahill   [More Info]
Image: Painter_raccoon_3d.jpg   1251x479 207819 bytes 2021.12.25

Painter Raccoon at the heights — Mapache Chunkyshoes en las alturas — 3D

“ — Hi, Mr. Spiderman, how do you do?” // “ — Fine, Mr. Mapache Chunkyshoes” // “ — Look. Only on one foot” // “ rs ”

Tags: Raccoon Mapache Chunkyshoes 3D   [More Info]
Image: Artik_en_la_ciudad_stereogram.jpg   1000x691 309290 bytes 2021.11.21

Artik en la ciudad — Stereogram — 3D

Artik Rabbit created by Milton Bonella, a Furry Artist here from VCL // I did this picture to him in Stereogram, year was 2002 // 3D image, proud about it // [high definition picture at ‘‘more info’’]

Tags: Tags: Artik Rabbit Milton Bonella VCL 2002 stereogram 3D   [More Info]
Image: raposo.jpg   645x1000 119568 bytes 2021.11.21

um Raposo elegante; an elegant Fox; El Zapateo del Zorrito Zagal

Tell me baby what are we going to do // Tell me baby what are they going to say // And everytime I try to walk away // And everytime you want to hear me say ... (Double You, 1994) // Fanart from a 2006 Furry Comic ;) // fixed fox traces, now he is more cuteness // Chaval, zagal, garoto, guri, boy, kid, ragazzo, Junge, garçon, son yeon // [high definition picture at ‘‘more info’’]

Tags: elegant fox raposo elegante tie chunky shoes chaval zagal garoto guri boy kid   [More Info]
Image: iHope.jpg   900x675 67091 bytes 2021.10.29

Open Source Handheld technology GNU

This picture was uploaded here in 2003, from Mr. MoonSong. I still respecting him. Artwork by Danny Fieron, 2003 // Reuploading few pictures from my gallery // quality and elegance make the difference.

Tags: MoonSong Danny Fieron Handheld Open Source GNU  
Image: Autumn_Leaves.jpg   653x900 157599 bytes 2021.10.15

Autumn Leaves

made in 1983 with color pencils, ball pen and cleaned with the computer

Image: Aimore_and_the_sunny_fall.jpg   900x657 208217 bytes 2021.09.30

Aimore and the Sunny Fall

made in 1983 with color pencils, ball pen and cleaned with the computer // Empty streets are good for a rolê ^^ /// When I need you, I call your name: Aimore Rabbit / Opened my eyes / What a surprise! [‘‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’’, Stephanie Mills, 1980]

Image: Aimore_captain.jpg   900x657 153999 bytes 2021.09.18

Aimore Captain

made in 1993 with color pencils, ball pen and cleaned with the computer /// The Classic of 1984, “The Captain Of Her Heart”

Image: diamond_in_the_sun.jpg   900x653 158887 bytes 2021.09.04

Diamond In The Sun

made in 1985 with color pencils, ball pen and cleaned with the computer /// Some are like water, some are like the heat // Some are a melody and some are the beat // So many adventures couldn’t happen today // So many songs we forgot to play // So many dreams swinging out of the blue (Alphaville, “Forever Young” 1984)

Image: oxygene_with_aimore.jpg   900x657 235997 bytes 2021.08.21

Oxygène with Aimore Rabbit

Electronic Music inspiration: Oxigène, Jean Michel Jarre, 1976 // made in 1984 with color pencils, ball pen and a bit of computer effects

Tags: Electronic Music Oxygene Jean Michel Jarre Aimore Rabbit chunck shoes  
Image: equinoxe_with_aimore.jpg   900x657 215500 bytes 2021.08.09

Équinoxe with Aimore Rabbit

Electronic Music inspiration: Équinoxe, Jean Michel Jarre, 1978 // made in 1984 with color pencils, ball pen and a bit of computer effects

Tags: Electronic Music Equinoxe Jean Michel Jarre Aimore Rabbit color pencils ball pen  
Image: bergen_polar_bear_taking_movie.jpg   604x1000 77979 bytes 2021.07.27

Bergen Polar Bear

Cute polar bear taking a movie with his mobile // Elegance makes the difference // Free high definition 300 dpi PNG picture at the link. /// You’re emotion in motion // My magical potion // You’re emotion in motion // To me [Ric Ocasek, 1986]

Tags: Cute polar bear taking movie mobile chunky shoes   [More Info]
Image: sniffles_runs.jpg   1250x806 181269 bytes 2017.12.25


1957 - Warner Brothers // 2013 - fan art from Aimore rabbit

Tags: fan art, Sniffles, Mouse   [More Info]
Image: Possible_Possum_fan_art_Aimore.jpg   685x900 107308 bytes 2017.12.05

Possible Possum fan art

1965 - Terrytoons, CBS TV // 2012 - A fan art from Aimore Rabbit ;) // Made with Illustrator 10, Apple Computer M8570 10.4.11

Tags: fan art, Possible Possum  
Image: Dickie_Sugarjumper_by_Aimore.jpg   755x900 98118 bytes 2016.09.30

Dickie Sugarjumper, picture #2, by Aimore Rabbit

Just a fan art from 2012, character created by Tim Cahill and Julie McNally Cahill, 2007 — made with Illustrator, Photoshop and Apple Camputer — Do a cup? free high definition 300 dpi picture at the linka

Tags: Dickie Sugarjumper picture#2 Aimore Rabbit fanart   [More Info]
Image: Aimore_dancing_in_the_dark.jpg   900x666 105160 bytes 2014.12.03

Aimore dancing in the dark, at Second Life game

It’s me at Makazi Island, Second Life game. — In a darkness sight, with a Firestorm viewer filter built in, dancing near The Brazil Furry Island home ;) — Always wearing this avatar everywhere while visiting SL lands. Please, i’m not a spy! [i’m a hermit]

Tags: Aimore, dancing, Second Life, Firestorm, hermit  
Image: the_kopi_luwak_coffee.jpg   647x800 151091 bytes 2014.09.12

How to do the ‘‘Kopi Luwak Coffee’’

A finnest and expensive coffee

Tags: kopi luwak coffee, finnest, expensive, coffee   [More Info]
Image: holey_lane.jpg   823x800 190300 bytes 2014.08.17

Holey lane — Estrada esburacada

rabbit, panda, hamster ;)

  [More Info]
Image: sniffles_by_aimore.jpg   750x1000 132234 bytes 2014.07.25

Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7, Apple computer 10.4.11 — remake from my upload in 2014.01.15, i improved his shoes // This cute mouse influenced me in to anthropomorphic animal world, around 1968. Those times i read Bugs Bunny comics and loved stories with “Sniffles & Mary Jane” — his name is “Tiquinho” and her name is “Laura Jane” — there was a mouse wearing shoes. // Dionisio, a furry since 1968.

  [More Info]
Image: Nice_shoes.jpg   712x1000 167048 bytes 2012.11.18

Tags: vore, stomach, ache, nice, shoes  
Image: Give_me_your_cool_drink.jpg   1000x1000 234515 bytes 2012.02.13

Gimme your cool-drink

From a 2003 scketch. — Photoshop 7 + Illustrator 10 + Apple computer. Free 300 dpi picture: — directory with lots of things, yay

Tags: Cool drink, mouse, cat   [More Info]
Image: Aimore_at_Sao_Paulo.jpg   1181x1654 190074 bytes 2011.03.28

Aimore at Sao Paulo City — Semper Fidelis

Illustrator 10 and Photoshop 7 — free high definition picture:

Tags: Aimore, Sao Paulo, City   [More Info]
Image: Captain.jpg   538x1280 164516 bytes 2011.03.22

The Captain

Colored pencils

Tags: Captain, colored pencils  
Image: School_Bullying.jpg   1018x1260 276493 bytes 2011.03.13

What happens to a person life after school bullying? — Trying to hide the hate thru eternity

Tags: school bullying  
Image: He_Swallowed_My_Ring.jpg   1008x1260 274056 bytes 2011.03.06

He Swallowed My Ring. Catch It To Me

The guy with black shoes, tie and cap is me. I live aroused wearing good square toe shoes, tie, cap nearly 24 hours every day. — Want a free detailed 300 dpi picture? — Get it at

Tags: swallowed, ring   [More Info]
Image: Playing_a_fight_cartoon.jpg   934x1181 259395 bytes 2010.04.02

Two cute fursuiters playing a ‘‘cartoon fight’’

The mouse —one with tie— is me, wearing half-fursuit lol. — Note the cute fursuiter treading with one foot paw my two toe shoes! — Want you a big sized 300 dpi picture? — Get it at:

Tags: cute, fursuiters, cartoon, fight   [More Info]
Image: The_good_the_bad.jpg   1231x1205 104606 bytes 2009.06.27

The Good, The Bad, The Animal

I still lovin’ you VCL

Tags: quickly, scratched, picture, unreleased  
Image: War_Vision_2.jpg   1257x879 441615 bytes 2007.08.04

made with colored pencils, ball pen

Tags: war vision 2, war scene, colored pencils  
Image: War_Vision.jpg   1260x874 536591 bytes 2007.08.04

made with colored pencils, ball pen

Tags: war scene, colored pencils, ball pen  

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