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Image: Nomads3.jpeg   600x727 169283 bytes 2004.04.04

Part 3 of "The Nomads"...she is a squirrel, by the way

Image: Peachesweb.jpg   640x933 121759 bytes 2007.01.01

Texas Ranger Warrion Ninja; Peaches

A pic I did for Peaches. The husband of dancer and artist Rummyhunny

Image: RooGirl_Grey.jpg   542x765 86031 bytes 2004.04.12

Yes! Final upload for at least a couple months\r\nThe same tatooed roo girl from the previous upload only as a different species of roo.

Image: Scarab-Girl-c.jpg   574x770 379191 bytes 2005.11.27

wouldn't be fun to be followed around by thousands of flesh eating beetles?\r\nmaybe if you were in a pinch like a bar fight or an argument with republican relatives\r\nMy unworked Scarab girl comic was to answer some of these questions

Image: Scarecrowfull-com.jpg   747x1044 292338 bytes 2007.01.01

The Straw man

The Scarecrow.

Image: Senora_coloured.jpg   447x510 25688 bytes 2003.08.05

Another one of my all time favorites. I call her Señora de el Agua, which had a comic and story with the same title. The story took place in 19th century Latin America. The Señora was a fugitive vixen who robbed from corrupt locals mostly for personal gain; to call her an anti-hero would be more than accurate. The “de el Agua” title came from her fur being a unique blue. Her appearance in my art predates both Serena and Zelda

Image: Serena.jpg   576x666 101150 bytes 2005.11.28

Must love the tease\r\n

Image: Serena_Brandy.jpg   542x758 88431 bytes 2004.04.04

Serena in a bit of a celtic motif. Inspired from a tradtional song called "Lot's of Drops of Brandy"

Image: Serenaswirl-green.jpg   624x872 146895 bytes 2007.01.01


I'm quite happy with this one. Inspired by the warm, spring like song "An Spailpin Fanach" a traditional song in Gaelic

Image: Slox.jpg   721x855 202591 bytes 2005.11.27

Done in part of an art trade with artist Slox

Image: SpheroidPhoxKoon.jpeg   600x889 166698 bytes 2004.04.04

This one was was from the beginning of story I was writing. Basically these extraterrestrial beings in the form of\r\ngiant spheroids come to an earth inhabitied by order to scientifically observe these people in \r\nsecrecy. This pic came from a scene where one of the aliens takes on the form of a male foxcoon, and is \r\nin a dazed moment of awe, observing his new form. The character came from the urge to create the most attractive\r\nmale anthro I could think of(to my opinion, of course)\r\nI'd really like to finish the story someday, especially since the plot sounds like total and complete schlock\r\n

Image: STAN-A-1.jpg   293x468 28417 bytes 2003.08.05

Now we have a character I'm more familiar with.A very simple pic of my anthropologist Dr. Stan Andollo, one of the characters of my Orbis Unorthodox comic/epic. Although he's the most frequent character in my stories, I stress to say he's a main character. To say so would belittle the role of the other main characters. I don't think there is any character I draw more often that this guy.

Image: Stan-A-2.jpg   260x706 38207 bytes 2003.08.05

A bit more animated pic of the young Doctor Andollo.

Image: Stan-in-Africa1.jpeg   600x837 171909 bytes 2004.04.04

A quick comic where Stan Andollo is in a field research team in the African Congo. Part one

Image: StaninAfrica.jpeg   468x976 157862 bytes 2004.04.04

Stan in the African Congo. Part two

Image: StanUncleIran.jpeg   600x835 189706 bytes 2004.04.05

From a part of a story where Stan bails his uncle Mario of his from an Iranian jail

Image: Strip1-c.jpg   578x813 287299 bytes 2005.11.27

part 2

Image: Strip2-c.jpg   583x700 370455 bytes 2005.11.27

here we have a couple more comissions\r\nthis is the first of three strip tease pieces done for a chap on Tapestries

Image: TatooRoogirl.jpg   583x824 139788 bytes 2004.04.02

Kangaroo girl with culturally unidentifiable tattoos...but they certainly look nice.\r\nThanks to Odious for the inspiration

Image: TheFoxDen.jpeg   700x989 202606 bytes 2004.04.12

A tattered watercolour I did while in Oregon. The foxden was my tent in which I put this picture on the front \r\nflap of. There where three other tents there and I wanted to set mine apart in an interesting way. \r\n

Image: VixenCloudGS.jpeg   540x728 97341 bytes 2004.04.12

\r\nQuadraped Vixen on a cloud ala Far East folklore.\r\n\r\nTo the inspiration,\r\nThank you Teeka

Image: Zelda1920's.jpeg   600x839 226196 bytes 2004.04.06

Some inspiration found me on a trip out to the ocean. This was started months earlier, but I was swept into finishing\r\nit when I was sitting amongst the sand. It came from watching a series of silent films. Another one of Zelda,\r\nusing an old two piece telephone. Who would Zelda have to talk with in the 1920's? Bohemian's, probably:)

Image: Zelda_ass-c.jpg   568x811 180451 bytes 2005.11.27

lovely backside piece. another fixation for me

Image: Zelda_frontal.jpg   295x626 37925 bytes 2003.08.05

A frontal sketch of my main female wolf, Zelda Constantine.\r\nAnother character from my comic, she works as a hapless scientist \r\nIn Pretoria with my vixen character, Serena. She was originally her own separate story, which involved her as a neuro-physicist. At one point, I came up with the ridiculous story of her rebuilding stolen cadavers as cyborgs, but now, she’s just my somber science wolf. Only body snatching when it’s absolutely necessary \r\n

Image: Zelda_Nuetrino_pool.jpg   388x500 44201 bytes 2003.08.05

Zelda in bathing suit overlooking a pool. What the hell’s wrong with the water, you wonder?\r\nIt’s what I call a nuetrino pool. In the original comic, one of Zelda’s colleagues,\r\nDr. Riley came up with the idea that if people could absorb vital nutrients by having it enter through\r\nThe pores of the skin, it could somehow miraculously prevent disease and slow the aging Needless to say, Dr. Riley is a full-fledged crackpot. The coloring in this one is a tad different from the pastel spectrum I usually stick with \r\n

Image: Zeldamist-rough.jpg   830x1160 178636 bytes 2007.01.01

Zelda mist

From some random poetry. Was in an esoteric mood. Among dreams and lost ambition. In honor of Edward Gorey

Image: ZeldaOldStyle.jpeg   600x761 203274 bytes 2004.04.05

My wolf, Zelda again. inspired by Slavic art and music. Done using the last few drops of a Rapidograph\r\npen I started using 3 years ago, but was buried since then. amazingly, the ink had not dried out.

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