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Image: spotted.jpg   998x766 29376 bytes 2006.02.16

>worker compromised\r\n>requesting assistance\r\n<assistance denied\r\n I don't remember where I got the background from, but it wasn't taken by me.\r\n I added the armoured figure using photoshop.

Image: valentine2.jpg   895x663 55874 bytes 2006.02.13

Happy valentine.\r\ndone in paint\r\ncopyright domini

Image: armourequine.jpg   355x454 36768 bytes 2005.09.06

coloured version of fursona.jpg

Image: whoyacallin_finished.jpg   400x570 45660 bytes 2005.05.07

Vem kallar'u "vandrande toalettstol"? \r\ntranslation: Who'ya callin' "walkin' toilet seat"? \r\nThis is the finished version of whoyacallin.jpg.\r\nThe terminator suit is the creation of Games Workshop and is used without permission. \r\n

Image: war2.jpg   647x449 68741 bytes 2005.03.16

This is the fourth pic from the war for the Earth. The flyers in the background are human. I have no idea why the stallion glows though, but I do know that this is the reason why I didn't colour his fur.\r\n\r\n copyright Domini

Image: sonuva.jpg   442x645 35678 bytes 2005.03.06

My yiffchat fursona: Sonuva (which is reputed to be what was spoken at the moment of her birth).

Image: valentine.gif   697x646 55472 bytes 2004.02.15

I'm not much good at poses or drawing hands, but never the less: happy valentine!

Image: soldiers.jpg   488x696 48883 bytes 2003.11.14

Shortly after humanitys return to earth the hell-spawns made a final push to keep them away. But the "ape worshippers" as these anthros call themselves didn't want that. So they joined the fray on Europes eastern border.\r\n Depicted here are: two equines, three humans, one reptile (blowing something up), and one porcine. Thousands more are outside this picture.\r\n pencil drawing on paper\r\n pic copyright Domini.

Image: fursona.jpg   355x454 34733 bytes 2003.06.29

This is my main fursona. He's a 22 year old stallion with a hard on for armor. \r\nPen drawing on unbleached paper \r\n

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