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Image: Paradox2.jpg   362x478 113382 bytes 2009.03.05

Paradox - 2

ok so i like to draw him now XD\r\n\r\nand he does reflect the gayness inside me so XD\r\n\r\nanyways ive been experimenting some stuff with him which may actually be working pretty well\r\n\r\nanyways i like his hair XD\r\n\r\nand honestly his design in general XD\r\n\r\nhes awesome ^w^

Image: Paradox.jpg   362x481 80007 bytes 2009.03.05


ok so the first drawing of Paradox\r\n\r\nwell i had lest the hot pink i was using in the background(the one that faded cuz of the scanner >.>) at home so in my 5th period i used a completely different shade of pink to finish it in hopes that it was close enough\r\n\r\nit wasnt apparently XD\r\n\r\nanyways this is Paradox, my gay Eastern Dragon(hes from Japan :D)\r\n\r\ni actually like him ^w^

Image: love.jpg   658x485 187397 bytes 2009.02.13

100 Theme Challenge-Love

my fursona and my hopefully soon to be bf's fursona together

Tags: 100 theme challenge love  
Image: light.jpg   361x482 104987 bytes 2009.02.13

100 Theme Challenge-Light

Tags: 100 theme challenge light  
Image: food.jpg   362x478 123342 bytes 2009.02.13

100 Theme Challenge-Food

my fursona eating a lollipop

Tags: 100 theme challenge food  
Image: eyes.jpg   656x500 168384 bytes 2009.02.13

100 Theme Challenge-Eyes

a close up og my fursonas eyes

Tags: 100 theme challenge eyes  
Image: dark.jpg   361x480 81549 bytes 2009.02.08

100 Theme Challenge-Dark

this is the second one I have done(and fourth on the list XD)\r\n\r\ni tried something new with this: outlining it all in sharpie XD

Tags: 100 theme challenge dark  
Image: intro.jpg   362x481 91701 bytes 2009.02.08

100 Theme Challenge-Intro

ok so on DeviantArt Im doing a 100 theme challenge thing and this is the first one I have finished

Tags: 100 theme challenge intro  
Image: Sleep.jpg   362x496 119746 bytes 2009.01.28

Confession - Sleep

I like to sleep . . . alot.\r\n\r\nThe caption says "I like to sleep as late as possible"\r\n\r\nAnd yes I'd sleep past one in the afternoon if given the opportunity.

Tags: sleep confession  
Image: depression.jpg   484x643 204474 bytes 2009.01.28


Just my fursona looking really depressed\r\n\r\nAll there is to say about it XD

Tags: Draco Dark dragon depressed depression  
Image: secretlove.jpg   363x500 86744 bytes 2009.01.15

My Secret Love

Even though he's straight XD\r\n\r\nBtw its not a secret from him, he knows. Its a secret from everyone else :3\r\n\r\nand if you can't read my horrible handwriting, it says "I'm secretly in love with my best and closest friend :3"

Tags: secret love confession  
Image: WarmingHug1.jpg   502x668 83204 bytes 2008.12.19

Warming Hug

Zonnetje hugging me cuz its cold outside.

Tags: Zonnetje Draco Dark dragon fruit bat anthro fursona scalesona hug  
Image: Torture_in_Depression1.jpg   505x668 99007 bytes 2008.12.19

Torture in Depression

My scalesona, Draco Dark, torturing another dragon to death really out of depression more than anything else. >.> The things I come up with sometimes *sigh*\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco dark dragon anthro scalesona torture depression  
Image: Self-Comfort1-1.jpg   496x668 99483 bytes 2008.12.19


I drew my scalesona, Draco Dark, cutting himself because I got depressed that day >.>\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco Dark dragon anthro scalesona emo depressed self comfort  
Image: Yiff1.jpg   687x500 67506 bytes 2008.12.19


the three of us standing around and i ask if they wanna yiff. We joke around about it alot. It is all a joke but i am bi so . . . XD. But we never actually mean it\r\n\r\ndrawing and character copyright by Draco Dark\r\ncharacter copyright by Zonnetje\r\ncharacter copyright by Colin

Tags: Zonnetje Colin Draco Dark fursona scalesona yiff anthro  
Image: Why_Bite_Me1.jpg   687x500 72118 bytes 2008.12.19

Why Bite Me?

Zonnetje biting me. He does this every once in awhile even though he's a fruit bat and it makes no sense. Apparently he just likes getting his tongue burned and the taste of dragon blood >.>\r\n\r\ndrawing and character copyright by Draco Dark\r\ncharacter copyright by Zonnetje

Tags: Zonnetje Draco Dark dragon fruit bat anthro bite  
Image: omnomnomnom-1-2.jpg   484x668 83228 bytes 2008.12.19


My friend's fursona, Colin, gnawing on a candy cane in candyland. these drawings are just fun and hilarious to draw ^_^\r\n\r\ndrawing copyright by Draco Dark\r\ncharacter copyright by Colin

Tags: Colin fursona husky anthro candyland candy cane  
Image: Graduation1.jpg   687x500 149461 bytes 2008.12.19


My scalesona, Draco Dark, and my friend's fursona, Colin, graduating(we both graduate this year). Poor Zonnetje still has another year to go. : ( Sorry bud but we gotta leave you behind\r\n\r\ndrawing and character copyright by Draco Dark\r\ncharacter copyright by Colin\r\ncharacter copyright by Zonnetje

Tags: Colin Zonnetje Draco Dark dragon husky fruit bat scalesona fursona graduate  
Image: Dragon,_Attorney_At_Law1.jpg   485x668 128808 bytes 2008.12.19

Dragon, Attorney At Law

ok a really random anthro dragon as an attorney. >.> I did this last year and it made me laugh just to think about it. He also has an animal jury in the background ^_^\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: dragon anthro attorney lawyer law  
Image: Dragon_in_Candyland1.jpg   485x668 114325 bytes 2008.12.19

Dragon in Candyland

My scalesona, Draco Dark, has found candyland! This was fun to draw and the first drawing I've done of him where he is actually happy. XD\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco Dark dragon anthro scalesona candyland  
Image: DracoDarkWhiteReaper-1-2.jpg   484x668 99973 bytes 2008.12.19

White Dragon Reaper

its my scalesona, Draco Dark again. ^_^ Did I ever mention he's half frost dragon? I don't think I did but this shows that blood is in him since I tried to make it look like it was cold around him(his scales turn white in the cold)\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Dracop Dark dragon anthro scalesona white reaper  
Image: CAKE!1.jpg   687x500 86795 bytes 2008.12.19


It's an inside joke between me and my friend, Colin the husky. Needless to say, teh cake was delicious *licks lips*\r\n\r\ndrawing and character copyright by Draco Dark\r\ncharacter copyright by Colin

Tags: cake Colin husky Draco Dark dragon anthro fursona scalesona  
Image: Bat_in_Candyland1.jpg   485x668 75706 bytes 2008.12.19

I Found Candyla . . . FRUIT!

My friend's Ffursona, Zonnetje the fruit bat. He's found teh fruit in candyland so he's happy. ^_^\r\n\r\ndrawing copyright by Draco Dark\r\ncharacter copyright by Zonnetje

Tags: Candyland Zonnetje Fruit Bat anthro fursona  
Image: Draco_Dark_Rawr!1.jpg   493x668 142810 bytes 2008.12.19


my scalesona, Draco Dark, trying to be scary. I don't really like how this one turned out though. Well its ok I guess. I coulda done better >.> And it was an attempt to do something a little different\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco Dark rawr dragon anthro scalesona  
Image: Draco_Dark_Despairing_Rain1.jpg   486x668 175179 bytes 2008.12.19

Raining Despair

I can emo sometimes, hence this drawing of my scalesona, Draco Dark, cutting himself with his claws in the rain. XD\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco Dark despair rain emo anthro dragon  
Image: DracoDarklickingblood-1.jpg   268x380 38541 bytes 2008.12.19

Delectable Blood

My scalesona, Draco Dark, enjoying the taste of blood on his claws. :P

Tags: Draco Dark anthro dragon scalesona blood  
Image: DracoDarkSoothingBlood-1-1.jpg   486x668 125574 bytes 2008.12.19

Soothing Blood

My scalesona, Draco Dark, enjoying the feel of the blood of others running down his scales. Also this is where I started drawing a diamond collar around his neck and adding backgrounds to these drawing of him.\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco Dark dragon anthro scalesona soothing blood  
Image: DracoDark-1-1.jpg   486x668 77933 bytes 2008.12.19

Draco Dark

The first drawing I've ever done of my scalesona, Draco Dark.\r\n\r\ncopyright by Draco Dark

Tags: Draco Dark anthro dragon scalesona  

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