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Image: Draggyvulf.jpg   744x1024 94745 bytes 2007.01.08

I'm thinking of doing an ink of this and putting some poetry prattling on in the background or something. She may even adapt well into a char. Her hair I think looks good red and the things on her nipples look like rubies.

Image: bitch_rump.jpg   845x1188 110718 bytes 2006.12.29

Bitch Rump

A quick hour long sketch I did real while waiting for the ganja man.

Image: Pheaux_(Foe)2.jpg   864x1200 301813 bytes 2006.12.25


Concept of Pheaux (pronounced foe). This pic took about 3 to 4 sit downs to finish, and to be honest I still see more things I could do to it, but alas, I could say the same for all my drawings. This pic is especially cool though cuz I layed it out late one night when I was really toasty. Then I filled it in when I was waiting for a delayed flight at teh airport. Then another late-night bake session found me doing up the background and various other cleaning elements. Took at least 12+ hours of attention to complete, including cleaning up on teh gimp. Whew, I need to get faster.

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