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Image: Gouka_the_anarexic_dragon!.jpg   380x400 34037 bytes 2004.06.22

30-40 minute sketch in math class during... 2nd mp of the yr i just graduated... so... 5-6 monthish ago?\r\n\r\nGouka... he coulda came out better... but as you can see from the lines going through him he was a line-paper sketch that got out of hand and detailed... boredom makes the best inspiration lol...\r\nThis... I assume the mechanical pencil was HB... and then i just photoshop'ed it and tried to get the lines out... didnt work... oh well I still love ya Gouka *hug*\r\n\r\nGouka and art (c) me\r\n\r\n(Oh... and anarexic dragon is just what my friend Samantha says about every dragon I draw slim enough to acually haul his but into the air... hers... are like... 'legs... cant... support... girth... must... collapse')

Image: Kir2.jpg   904x700 93510 bytes 2004.06.22

Kir Vulhn Kapline\r\nMy furry!!! =D I love him so much ^_^\r\nPhotoshop'ed to perfection (best I could do... drew him a good 3 months ago I beleive)... \r\n\r\ntorso anatomy- human\r\nleg anatomy-wolf\r\nhead anatomy- wolf\r\nTail- Dragon-like\r\nWings- Angel/dragon wu/ev\r\nEars- wolfish, but elongated and pointed\r\nSkin- white fur, white feathers, black paw-pads, \r\n\r\nAs for a Bio... basicly a kind person... likes solitude... but helps whenever he can. He is holding a tray-dish thing that the japanese drink saki from. The moon is there about half-full to symbolize the light and darkness of the soul, and the dusk sky is to make Kir's fir apear brighter...\r\n\r\nK.V. Kapline (c) me (A.K.A. K.V. Kapline himself ^_^)

Image: Troy_thumbnails.jpg   480x700 141244 bytes 2004.06.22

Drawn for a character creation contest. My friend (known here as TamZin) had this human character troy... and wanted him anthro-sized and held a contest...\r\nTroy was described as a man-whore... so for some reson i gave him this outfit... oh well i like it... hope you do to TamZin ^^\r\n\r\nSketched in HB as always, colluh in PS7\r\nart and character (c) me\r\nbased off of a description by TamZin\r\n(Hope ya choose my troy ^_^)

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