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Image: protectingthefuture.jpg   571x743 157458 bytes 2004.06.07

I had a dream about this, about a dragon so fericously protecting the future of its race that it would go on the brink of near death starvation to protect the little ones. Questions and Comments welcome

Image: Ac04Dragonfly.JPG   553x756 97952 bytes 2004.06.07

This little beauty is coming with me to the anthrocon artshow. I designed this so many times that now i feel its at its perfect peek and it can go to a relaly good home. questions and comments welcome

Image: Flyingfree.JPG   538x712 99260 bytes 2004.05.19

Another colored drawing for the anthrocon artshow. This one I playing with mediums again, using color markers and color pencils. Questions and comments always welcome.

Image: amphibiandragonc.JPG   553x737 111334 bytes 2004.05.19

I loved my amphibion dragon so much that I started to color it, now that i have it done I'm taking it for the Anthrocon artshow I also did a painting of this with fish and cool bubbles that I will have at anthrocon too.

Image: Keeper_of_the_Dragon_Script.jpg   507x642 79898 bytes 2004.04.22

Playing with lights and darks again and creating a scene from what I think the guardian of dragon script would look like and how the script would be on mystical stone. Questions and comments always welcome.

Image: In_the_Dusk.jpg   600x480 119292 bytes 2004.04.16

I'm trying to play with more tradition styles of dragons and as working more with backgrounds. Questions and Comments always welcome.

Image: Regal_Dragon_Revisited1.jpg   459x623 87819 bytes 2004.03.15

I had a project due for my mac corel painter 8 class. In the process of working on it I needed a theme and a set of ideas. Of course my idea was dragons. So I took the regal dragon and then with some help on the basic blue color (i'm partial color blind) I started coloring this picture and just went further. Questions and comments are welcome.

Image: Sittingdown.JPG   553x788 73623 bytes 2004.02.22

I'm just working with poses and designs, this was inspired by a friend that likes drawing foxes and I asked if I could barrow her pose and mix it around a little bit. questions and comments always welcome.

Image: theduel1.JPG   582x808 130367 bytes 2004.02.16

I'm playing with designs again and other ideas, here is a battle between an eastern and western dragon. I like the composition of it and the motion in it. Questions and comments are always welcome.

Image: CaninawithSara.JPG   432x612 61137 bytes 2004.01.22

My sexy little bunny Ca'Nina and my sexy little skunk Sara. I think I have developed them into a couple. Done using 2B 2H and ebony pencils. Questions and comments are welcome.

Image: in_Grass.jpg   502x520 74971 bytes 2004.01.15

Just playing with mac painter and some ideas. I had a little help picking the colors and then I just worked the contrastes into the piece. questions and comments always welcome.

Image: GhostCdragon.jpg   535x764 158716 bytes 2004.01.15

working with chinese dragon designs and some dark ideas. Here is a ghost chinese dragon. Questions and comments are always welcome.

Image: soulcollectingCdragon.JPG   539x744 91137 bytes 2004.01.09

I have just been playing with designs of Chinese dragons and also my mood has been depressing so this is first in my series of dark chinese dragons.

Image: robotdragonBnW.jpg   465x638 138246 bytes 2003.12.21

I'm just playing with dragon and robot designs to produce this creation. I think also some anime mecha might have played a hand in me desigining this since I resently started to rewatch Neon Gen again.

Image: Storm_Rider_in_Black.jpg   500x500 38430 bytes 2003.12.21

A quick work and study of black and white done in Mac painter7. There was a storm outside and I was wondering what if there was a dragon playing through the gray and black clouds.

Image: dragonwc4.jpg   459x610 69861 bytes 2003.12.15

I'm just playing with watercolors and different styles of inking to work on. I think the effect is alright, I was just using the same old generic pose that I usually use for my testing of new things. Feedback is welcome.

Image: Adult_Male_Dragon_Redone.jpg   542x542 125940 bytes 2003.12.12

I'm back to dragons once again after talking a bit of a break. I'm also looking for feeback, so if you have some comments or just like my art drop me a line. This is done playing with Mac painter7.

Image: Adult_Male_Dragon.jpg   720x660 93484 bytes 2003.11.21

Dones as a Colbrative art with an aspiring artist. She and I work a little bit on each others dragon desgins and changes things here and there before we then finished the rested of the image. This is the finished product after I then went and colored it in Painter7.

Image: Dragonrage_and_the_Aqua_Flame.jpg   536x765 97429 bytes 2003.10.15

Finally they got the tablets working again at the college and I could finally finish this piece. Its just me using the ability to control a special aqua flame.

Image: kdragonn1.jpg   612x831 166944 bytes 2003.10.08

I drew a very good friend as a dragon. She wasn't to thrillerd with it but I do like the end result of her being a dragon.

Image: amphibiondragon.jpg   400x718 99771 bytes 2003.09.26

An amphibion dragon. I looked at images of frogs and lizards and thought what if you mixed the two and mixed a dragon into that mix. Thus the end result.

Image: powerandspikes1.jpg   661x935 218430 bytes 2003.09.08

(Hopefully finally have it perfect) This is playing with some new styles and designs for my dragons. I actually like the dotting effect and also the new spike style.

Image: soaringhigh.JPG   647x887 170772 bytes 2003.08.26

Reuploaded and all problemed corrected... I hope.

Image: dragonfly000.jpg   582x843 101011 bytes 2003.08.20

I did a whole series of what if a Dragonfly were a dragon. I never really scanned the images but since many people love my dragons I'll start out with putting this first one up. Enjoy.

Image: CaNinapose.JPG   677x1052 124836 bytes 2003.08.15

A lovely pencil work of my beauty Ca'Nina.

Image: sittingprettyangel1.jpg   490x607 95459 bytes 2003.08.15

Image: moonlove.JPG   516x659 54002 bytes 2003.08.05

A submittion I did for the Anthrocon Conbook, this didn't get in the book but two other images of my submitions did.

Image: yuriangel.JPG   592x789 120320 bytes 2003.08.05

One of my unsold art from anthrocon, its lovely watercolor yutiness.

Image: dragoncolorac1.jpg   590x770 131791 bytes 2003.07.10

I'm not good with coloring because I'm color blind in one eye but anyway I'm trying my best for my anthrocon Art. This will be on display for your oogling pleasures at anthrocon. Done in prisma color markers and primsa color pencils.

Image: Bahamut.jpg   558x717 137855 bytes 2003.06.18

The king of dragon gods and the ruler of light and tranquility. The noble lord Bahamut.

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