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Image: dragonphoto01.jpg   1058x810 124845 bytes 2002.09.01

completed inking done with a piolet fine point black pen.

Image: dragonink01.jpg   781x992 174914 bytes 2002.09.01

latest in my inking creations this was done with a rose art super view pen, and little touch ups were done with a piolet pen.

Image: angelheart.jpg   409x542 127104 bytes 2002.08.30

While away on vaction in Missouri this is of the artworks I created.

Image: dragoncona.jpg   527x682 108355 bytes 2002.08.23

A watercolor work I did for the anthrocon art auction this all all my otehr items didn't sell. (note: the art work itself doesn't have anthrocon on the side I had done that for my website)

Image: carlossdragon3.jpg   640x480 37953 bytes 2002.08.23

Another dragon mural I have painted in my mother's house. I have done so far to this date 6 dragon murals.

Image: carlossdragon2.jpg   640x480 37519 bytes 2002.08.23

Since dragons are what I love to draw and I can paint well, dragon murals are what I have been drawing as of lately. here is one of numberious I have done in my mother's house for her.

Image: acsale0001.JPG   529x721 75419 bytes 2002.08.21

An anthrocon art auction that didn't sell. I really loved doing this watercolor, a dragon and a maiden together.

Image: pandagirl.JPG   442x610 51244 bytes 2002.08.21

a panda girl I did for a special someone's page that has pandas on it.

Image: latenight5.JPG   353x493 29882 bytes 2002.08.21

Image: cyborgdragon.jpg   529x614 135884 bytes 2002.07.30

just as the name implys its a cyborg dragon, a little scifi aspect to fantasy.

Image: metaldragon.JPG   505x650 163789 bytes 2002.07.29

Doing another art work the idea just poped into my head to do metal and cybrog dragons, so this is my first metal dragon.

Image: summin.jpg   507x667 134207 bytes 2002.07.10

Black flames engulf the beast of skull and darkness, once again Sarah summons something she didn't mean to. Done with HB pens and 3H along with smudge sticks and prisma blending pencils.

Image: dragons.GIF   600x900 149622 bytes 2002.07.05

A dragon with a simple true little line poem.

Image: zomdrag.jpg   496x657 128311 bytes 2002.05.25

zombie dragon done to be sold. Its done on a highly chemical saturated paper to bring out a yellow hue when pressure is aplied. Done with #2 pencil and crayola color pencils as well as prisma color pencils.

Image: Darkdragon.JPG   379x502 110391 bytes 2002.05.12

A quick coloring of a pencil work to sell at anthrocon

Image: caninapaint.gif   1200x1000 146847 bytes 2002.05.02

A final attempt at using Mac painter. This is Ca'Nina a little more concealed.

Image: Neopetgriffen.jpg   504x631 127983 bytes 2002.04.25

This is my neopet/Griffen. I did a lot of cross ideas with it and took the digimon "belt" wear idea to place on him.

Image: earthdragon.jpg   467x564 113012 bytes 2002.04.07

The final one of my element dragons. I was a bit in spired to do it this why my the DnD monster book picture of an earth elemental

Image: winddragon.jpg   401x502 46179 bytes 2002.04.05

A wind Dragon, more exactly an air dragon.

Image: waterdragon.jpg   540x594 61832 bytes 2002.04.05

another Elemental Dragon. A water dragon, I like the blend of blues in this.

Image: magmadragon.jpg   312x379 38783 bytes 2002.04.05

I decided to start doing elemental dragons. This is fire, or to more exactly say magma. I nicknamed this MagmaDragon rising. I used Prisma color pencils I want to try to use them effectly like others on here I see.

Image: newdragoness.JPG   531x667 98436 bytes 2002.04.01

Another Dragoness, I'm starting to add more and more of my dragons. This one has the sytling Anime the Great uses, the styling by what I mean is the spots on her. I think those spots add a cool effect to dragonesses

Image: saralaying.JPG   415x620 40916 bytes 2002.03.23

Image: dragonwar.JPG   535x745 107190 bytes 2002.03.23

More dragons on the way. This was done with a regular number two pencil and my finger rubbing in the shaded areas to get more effects. The background is a watercolor color pencil

Image: looksara.JPG   486x369 30219 bytes 2002.03.23

It's Sara in color! Well what little color she has. I did the drawing so that you look down upon Sara on an 84 degree angle. Thus her left side is a little larger because its a bit closer.

Image: photoortho.JPG   640x769 105399 bytes 2002.03.20

Another photographic print. This down like the first but with the "painting" of dektol on it. Once again ortho film negatives and postives as well as the orginal negtive film strip are placed on the printing paper and it is printed as normally one would do it. I let it sit in light a little bit too long to get a bleeding effect into the white areas and also add and different feel to it.

Image: inky.JPG   613x583 63058 bytes 2002.03.20

An ink well pen was use for this. Actually worked a little better then a pen but its a little harder to use and the ink is able to smeer more.

Image: waterfire.JPG   559x751 111161 bytes 2002.03.20

a nymph and a salamander Hybrid.

Image: wyrm.JPG   518x805 74085 bytes 2002.03.04

A wyrm, I was just playing with smudge sticks and without using outlines

Image: turisa2.JPG   582x663 50015 bytes 2002.02.22

Another picture of a Turisa. Turisa coloring ranges from a redish brown to a redish gold. I did the extreme red to bring out the work a bit more. The forelegs are very long after the short elbows and end it is like elephant feet they resemable. The backlegs are like a lion's of sort.

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