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Image: Myanger.jpg   600x600 90357 bytes 2003.05.08

Someone used me, abused me, and tore my world apart, now this is what my anger has evoled into.

Image: Neopetgriffen.jpg   504x631 127983 bytes 2002.04.25

This is my neopet/Griffen. I did a lot of cross ideas with it and took the digimon "belt" wear idea to place on him.

Image: newdragoness.JPG   531x667 98436 bytes 2002.04.01

Another Dragoness, I'm starting to add more and more of my dragons. This one has the sytling Anime the Great uses, the styling by what I mean is the spots on her. I think those spots add a cool effect to dragonesses

Image: pandagirl.JPG   442x610 51244 bytes 2002.08.21

a panda girl I did for a special someone's page that has pandas on it.

Image: Photokat.JPG   754x943 117126 bytes 2001.10.13

Once again playing with photography and Furre Art. This is actually a number of photo stylings. The first being othro film placed upon the photo paper, the second is called photo painting, you use a brush upon the print that was exposed and only "paint" in the area that you want like that I did here. Its a very nice blend of styles and in fact I have an award for this piece.

Image: photoortho.JPG   640x769 105399 bytes 2002.03.20

Another photographic print. This down like the first but with the "painting" of dektol on it. Once again ortho film negatives and postives as well as the orginal negtive film strip are placed on the printing paper and it is printed as normally one would do it. I let it sit in light a little bit too long to get a bleeding effect into the white areas and also add and different feel to it.

Image: powerandspikes1.jpg   661x935 218430 bytes 2003.09.08

(Hopefully finally have it perfect) This is playing with some new styles and designs for my dragons. I actually like the dotting effect and also the new spike style.

Image: print.JPG   316x253 113443 bytes 2001.11.06

A third photographic ortho print but as you can see by the wording on its on furbid

Image: prismamarkers.JPG   654x520 44686 bytes 2002.09.26

Just as it says this is my second attempt at using prisma color markers. Once again with a dragon drawing.

Image: protectingthefuture.jpg   571x743 157458 bytes 2004.06.07

I had a dream about this, about a dragon so fericously protecting the future of its race that it would go on the brink of near death starvation to protect the little ones. Questions and Comments welcome

Image: PurpleDeye.jpg   200x400 22450 bytes 2003.03.07

Image: quicktatoo.jpg   200x400 53602 bytes 2003.03.17

A quick design for someone's tatoo.

Image: Regal_Dragon_Revisited1.jpg   459x623 87819 bytes 2004.03.15

I had a project due for my mac corel painter 8 class. In the process of working on it I needed a theme and a set of ideas. Of course my idea was dragons. So I took the regal dragon and then with some help on the basic blue color (i'm partial color blind) I started coloring this picture and just went further. Questions and comments are welcome.

Image: robodragon.jpg   821x902 140137 bytes 2003.04.07

A robot dragon. I have been playing with metal like drawings and I have made cyborg dragons so a full metal dragon again.

Image: robotdragonBnW.jpg   465x638 138246 bytes 2003.12.21

I'm just playing with dragon and robot designs to produce this creation. I think also some anime mecha might have played a hand in me desigining this since I resently started to rewatch Neon Gen again.

Image: sara.JPG   665x809 52099 bytes 2001.10.21

Another picture of Sara. This one is a little more finished but I think the sketch is the best one I did of her. A little background info on Sara is that she's a Lich of sorts, she can raise the dead to protect her but she's scared of them. She's a happy go lucky female. But she scares easily and is always in the company of her friends. Kris a white bat, and Lata a calico cat. Both tease he aimlessly but she loves being around them.

Image: SaraandCaNina1.jpg   448x640 102797 bytes 2003.06.11

I love this drawing alot. Its my sweet characters Sara, and Ca'Nina. There will be a lot more drawings of the two together and of Ca'Nina herself.

Image: SaraCharactersheet.jpg   600x600 67911 bytes 2003.04.16

I've been working on it just a bit and finished it. a Character sheet/ trade help of Sara. It has all the basics of her form and yes she has no clothing at all. Part one of her story soon to come. Done with prisma black color pencil, and with Mac painter 7.

Image: saraforce.jpg   520x665 117905 bytes 2003.02.24

Photoshop is screwing up a bit but another version of Sara using her powers.

Image: saralaying.JPG   415x620 40916 bytes 2002.03.23

Image: sarapower.jpg   450x633 132986 bytes 2002.11.25

I haven't done a new sara picture in a while, but this one has been in the works a long time. Here is why you never never make a necromancer loose control.

Image: scarey.JPG   728x909 64972 bytes 2001.10.25

I told you she was scared of everything. Here Sara mistakenly raised a beast from the grave, but she's so scared of it she doesn't know what to do.

Image: scartchboard.jpg   666x666 90840 bytes 2002.11.12

Image: script.jpg   400x400 47640 bytes 2003.03.24

Dragonscript all about but what are the words? does anyone know?

Image: seductive.JPG   599x445 40519 bytes 2003.06.01

Be very careful of Tigresses they maybe seductive and aluring but they hace rip you apart when they finish playing with you.

Image: Sittingdown.JPG   553x788 73623 bytes 2004.02.22

I'm just working with poses and designs, this was inspired by a friend that likes drawing foxes and I asked if I could barrow her pose and mix it around a little bit. questions and comments always welcome.

Image: sittingprettyangel1.jpg   490x607 95459 bytes 2003.08.15

Image: skull.JPG   544x648 34142 bytes 2002.01.11

Another comisson work but this was a cheap 7 dollar tatoo design, even though it was cheap and a quick work i tried to add detail to it.

Image: skunkn.JPG   541x839 69004 bytes 2002.02.05

The name says it all.

Image: sleepingdragoness1.jpg   756x508 70966 bytes 2003.04.23

Done in Mac painter 7 with the pencil tool. Just a sleeping dragoness.

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