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Image: DoorFursJanVCL.jpg   800x795 243329 bytes 2007.01.22

Every month, I put up a new image on the door of my dorm room. This month, I wanted to do something special again. I sketched up this image and asked my cheetah to cut out a huge snowflake for me. It came out awesome, and so we put the image in the very center of the snowflake. Technically, that would make this a collab. Strangely enough, it started snowing the day we posted it. I'm really proud of how this one came out. Even my kitty complemented me on my use of colored pencils. I think I was trying a few different methods of using them, along with a different style of drawing Mataeus. Oh yeah, and Eagle has wings again. He just looks good with wings, I guess.

Image: FrozenOasisVCL.jpg   1000x733 521610 bytes 2007.01.22

It just so happened that I met Saron the pandabear furry at a local furmeet. After sketching something in the house sketchbook, he later threatened to commission me for art one day. I was really surprised when he actually did find me. Anways, it is for an event called the Frozen Oasis, which a sort of afterparty for FC. They have a 007 theme going on, for which I was asked to draw Jespian (the Fennec) utterly pwning Saron at Poker. Wait... what's with the literal ace up his sleeve!?

Tags: Frozen Oasis   [Comment]
Image: VCLDreamOfNight.jpg   766x1000 513917 bytes 2007.08.29

An image I've worked on for about a month on and off. For my Cheetah. I randomly stole his sketchbook to draw this and surprise him. I am rather pleased with how it came out.

Tags: cheetah, rabbit, bunny, forest  
Image: vclSaviorLeomon.jpg   728x1000 188909 bytes 2008.01.03

In his final confrontation with the dark forces at work in the newly formed Digital World, Ash Ketchum finds himself at a loss. The inexperienced Leomon is just no match for his adversary as the skilled, Ultimate-level ShogunLeomon. In a fit of desperation, he finds the strength and courage to digivolve to a unique mega form: SaviorLeomon!\r\nAttack A: Divinity Breaker\r\nAttack B: Judgment of the Beast King

Tags: leomon digimon  
Image: Vox_Assassination.jpg   1100x804 269543 bytes 2007.10.24

Vox contemplates the treasure, the power he's just found. His regal visage smirks knowingly. The fox proved to be useful after all, but now, what to do with him...?\r\nA rush of feet and the distinct unsheathing of a blade. The imperial cheetah made no effort to resist.\r\n"If you must..." he sneers, never even acknowledging his assassin.

Tags: cheetah  

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