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Image: 1250524561.dragoncrescent_postbeach.jpg   1107x850 358270 bytes 2009.08.31

So I decided to mess around with a scrap idea I had laying around. Blame the slight genderbending on an errant magical collar. The girls decide to pick on the sleeping Lynx. Sugar whipped up some water guns, but... well, what good is it being a magical bunny if you can't conjure up a bit of water?\r\n\r\nSo yeah. I drew Mataeus in female form again. With big boobs. Because I can. XD

Tags: rabbit panther dragon dracolynx lynx beach genderbender magic  
Image: Post-DreamEater.jpg   567x1200 221268 bytes 2009.08.31

A project for class.\r\n\r\nThe starved little creature is a gourmand. His advanced palette demands only the most creative and vibrant dreams, but lately there's been a bit of a famine. Finding only a young insomniac, he decides to take matters into his own hands! Perhaps a little reading before bed would be good for the both of them. . .

Tags: dream tapir fantasy night rabbit goat pottery native indian mythology   [More Info]
Image: Post-Naivety.jpg   589x1300 403060 bytes 2009.08.31

Naivety (Jihad on the Sky)

a project I worked on for class. The dawn peaks over a strange world. The young red panda sits on the roof, somehow able to admire the poisoned sky and daydream. An insomniac who hates it whenever he has to see the hideous light of morning...\r\n\r\nThere are shotgun shells collecting in the gutter. How can he be so naive when the world takes arms against the sky?

Tags: fantasy red panda naive childish   [More Info]
Image: PostAri.jpg   200x730 82393 bytes 2009.11.19

A bookmark for my friend Ari. He's a bengal tiger. I got this idea from an RP he was involved in.

Tags: bengal tiger male muscle beefcake  
Image: PostSugarCat.jpg   701x900 397783 bytes 2009.07.03

My half of a trade with SugarCat on FurAffinity. She requested a harem scene with her mate, Lynx. I took inspirations from middle-eastern settings.\r\n...ok, I got the idea from a mix of Sonic and the Secret Rings/Art history books.\r\n\r\nAnd it only took me a year to finish our trade. God, I feel so guilty about that! >_<

Tags: harem panther dragon dracolynx jaguar straight arabian nights   [Comment]
Image: PostZia.jpg   187x700 82937 bytes 2009.11.13

A bookmark for my friend Zia. He's a corgi who enjoys reading books and writing his own stories...

Tags: corgi puppy canine reading fantasy  

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