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Image: 1dsbpsc2.jpg   500x686 68387 bytes 2001.08.07

This is Blackjack (real name Syrax) - a cursed black dragon who spends most of his time stuck in the form you see here... He's one of the main characters in my pet project, 'The Daemonslayers' and you can probably expect to see a lot more of him 'cos I love drawing him!\r\n

Image: 4dragons.jpg   650x909 245673 bytes 2010.10.23

Four Dragons

Not, specifically, elemental dragons. Just examples of four of Tymaera's dragon Bloodlines.\r\n\r\n I.Davis 2009

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Image: A_dark_legend.jpg   608x900 173193 bytes 2005.10.31

Syrax, caught somewhere between his dracosvulf pseudoform (that's Blackjack, if you need reminding :P) and his true form, best known and feared as Bloodbane.\r\n\r\nWhy? 'cos this seemed a fun idea to draw!\r\n\r\n\r\nArtwork and character I.Davis 2005

Image: a_short_snappy_tale_of_death.jpg   500x639 156608 bytes 2005.02.18

Blackjack's not a nice person at the best of times but if you betray him and endanger his friends, well, all bets are off (as Weasel Firefox here just found out)... \r\nI drew a picture based on this a while back, but I didn't like it so I redrew the idea.\r\n\r\nart and characters I.Davis

Image: ACEOwerewolf.jpg   500x357 62592 bytes 2010.10.23

ACEO werewolf

Just a werewolf being all werewolfy, as is their wont. Watercolours, indian ink and white gel pen.

Tags: werewolf ACEO watercolour  
Image: ahri.jpg   500x630 77972 bytes 2005.02.16

Ahri, another dracosvulf but she's not actually a cursed dragon. It's a long story but she ends up hooking up with Black'. Enjoy the purple.\r\n\r\n I.Davis '05

Image: ahri2.jpg   800x502 163441 bytes 2008.04.12


Ahri, summoning up some magic. Not sure why the whip's involved but it is.\r\n\r\nCharacter and art I.Davis 2008

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Image: angrysy3.jpg   497x701 145885 bytes 2003.10.04

Blackjack throwing something of a screamy hissy fit. Scene from the end of a Daemonslayers story I'm writing (slowly). He gets a bit pissy after the hssaar High Priestess tries to have him killed. That's just a statue he's standing on.\r\n\r\nCharacter & Artwork (c) I.Davis 03

Image: animal.jpg   600x836 240459 bytes 2004.01.18

On occasion Blackjack uses the Ring of Change which allows him to adopt human form... and originally this picture was just going to be of what he looks like as a human. Then I got influenced by the music I was listening to (and if you're not familiar with the lyrics at the top, insert the first word written on his vest in the blank). So here's some more characterisation:\r\nBlackjack and Tiamat have a very 'on/off' relationship... here's one of the reasons why (and for those who need it spelling out to them: No, that female dragon is not Tiamat. And boy does Black' get in trouble later).\r\nBeen listening to too much W.A.S.P. and reading too much Lobo.... and with any luck this'll send some ppl's minds hurtling off down a horrid slope. \r\nart and characters (c) I.Davis '04

Image: another_dragon.jpg   500x688 80177 bytes 2006.06.12

Another one...

Image: blackaciddragonforsterghios.jpg   480x603 111063 bytes 2004.06.28

A gift for my boyfriend. 'nuff said.\r\n I.Davis '04

Image: blackjack_and_Knightmare.jpg   694x800 166392 bytes 2005.10.04

Kindred Spirits\r\n\r\nBlackjack, and his sometimes faithful steed Knightmare have lost all that they were to demonic powers. It's their combined hatred toward demonkind that's provided the common goal that's kept them together over the years.\r\n\r\nCharacters and artwork I.Davis '05

Image: blackjack_flight.jpg   1200x621 84788 bytes 2011.03.07

Blackjack, flying I guess. Mid-manoeuvre by the looks of it. One can safely assume some demon's about to get its arse handed to it, anyway.\r\n\r\nThe pose was somewhat governed by the fact the sketchbook I drew this in is wide and short (or tall and narrow, depending how you look at it).\r\nTried a different colouring method from usual (look, Ma, no inking) but it took ages so not sure I'll use it very often. Still, love how this turned out, especially his face, mane and wings :)\r\n

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Image: blackjack_red.jpg   282x800 51149 bytes 2007.06.24


Blackjack, looking pleased with himself. Best not to dwell on why.\r\n\r\nI was trying out a new colouring method here, seemed to work :)\r\n\r\n I.Davis '07

Tags: blackjack black dragon wolf dracowolf syrax winged   [More Info]
Image: blackjack_trustme.jpg   500x500 65019 bytes 2007.02.04

Turst Me...

Would YOU trust that smile?

Tags: blackjack dracosvulf dragonwolf  
Image: blackjack_v_fian.jpg   566x800 161448 bytes 2007.02.02

Aerial Fight

Blackjack v. fian demons (a type of lesser demon. it's meant to look more gangly than that but meh).\r\nTria markers. I likes Tria markers...\r\n\r\n I.Davis 2007

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Image: blackjack_vs_silvala1.jpg   640x810 266091 bytes 2004.04.06

(reupload 6/4/4 - fixed Silvala's waist and the foreshortening issue).\r\n\r\nFrom a Daemonslayers story I've got planned out but haven't even started yet called 'White Knight'. \r\nSpot the family resemblance? Of course, Blackjack and Silvala don't know they're related at this point (or they'd probably be *really* trying to kill each other ). \r\n\r\ncharacters and art I.Davis '04

Image: blackjacktrustmecg.jpg   700x371 58991 bytes 2007.05.28

Trust Me

Blackjack. Just being his untrustworthy self... You'd be pretty foolhardy to put any faith in *that* smile!\r\n\r\nI've coloured this once already in markers (though I don't think it's on VCL) but no worries - this version's better!\r\n\r\nBlackjack I.Davis '07

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Image: Bloodbane1_04.jpg   600x846 231538 bytes 2004.03.27

This is the first full-body piece I've done of Bloodbane for ages and ages and ages. The trees were thrown in more for scale than anything else 'cos he's b.i.g. \r\nNo wonder Blackjack gets annoyed at his curse trapping him in his current form when this is what he's supposed to look like.\r\n\r\nart and character I.Davis

Image: Bloodbane_markers.jpg   800x574 208530 bytes 2007.05.19

Bloodbane. Markers

Heeere's Syrax with a friendly smile.\r\n\r\n\r\nI just love Tria markers.

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Image: bloodbane_vs_nacexa.jpg   750x535 178588 bytes 2002.06.10

Syrax Bloodbane - Blackjack's true form which he can transform back into on occasion, but only briefly. Before he got cursed this huge dragon terrorized and held sway over the continent of Caevalonia for over a century, aided by his underground network of spies, criminals, the occasional sorcerer and less powerful members of his own kind (all known collectively as the Blackswords).\r\nIn this pic it looks like he's about to make a meal of that nacexa. I liked how the head and forelimbs turned out here (though why I did his gums yellow, I don't know) but Bloodbane's hindlegs are too far forward and make his body look too small. Still, I guess it gives some idea what he looks like. The full sized pic (which I didn't cut most of the background out of) is on me webpage (which now works properly!).\r\nall stuff (c) me.

Image: bloodred.jpg   300x428 50516 bytes 2003.09.13

Guess who just got an airbrush? I'm so glad I got a compressor with it 'cos the compressed air cans are a pain in the behind.\r\n Alas, my scanner evilled it up so the fine detail is all lost and the contrast is too high.\r\n(c) me

Image: catsulek2.jpg   700x438 79399 bytes 2005.07.11

Catsulek, looking a bit 'playful'. Drawn for Daddyfox's competition over on FA 'cos even crazed psychopathic assassins need a little lovin' now and again. The version with her 'pitch' is in my gallery over there.\r\n\r\nTria markers.\r\n\r\n I.Davis '05\r\n

Image: creatures_of_the_night.jpg   567x732 196136 bytes 2005.04.18

Lost in the Dead Swamp, Blackjack comes up against a creature he has not encountered before - a Fullblood vampire! She really ought not to have torn his lip ring out..\r\n\r\nart and characters I.Davis 2005

Image: dark_hawk.jpg   400x665 129204 bytes 2002.06.08

In the pre-dawn halflight, master assassins Hawkwind (left) and Darkclaw are thinking about reconsidering their route when their trail deep in the Greater Wilds leads over a ridge to reveal a f@*king great big dragon in the way. \r\n\r\nAgain these are characters from my Daemonslayers thingy. This was picture was a scene from a story I never got round to finishing.

Image: dark_manticore.jpg   590x900 70506 bytes 2012.03.04

Dark Manticore

Another Daemonslayers beastie...\r\nThe corruptive magic that seeps from the Dreaming Gate permeates the land and the creatures that inhabit it, warping them into foul entities given to wander, spreading the taint of their corruption.\r\n\r\nThis creature is one of them. Once a manticore that lived in the Southlands, now a hideous aberration that has wandered north of the blighted lands beyond World's Spine. Though there have been many disappearances in its whereabouts the monster's existence is largely dismissed as rumour or mis-attributed to any one of the dangerous creatures that inhabit Caevalonia as no one has had a good look at this creature and lived. For if you are misfortunate enough to see the dark manticore, then it most definitely saw you first...

Tags: manticore demon tentacles evil blood   [More Info]
Image: darkclaw_profile.jpg   500x623 108068 bytes 2005.03.14

Another profile pic.. Darkclaw's a nice guy - witty, charming, generous... but it just so happens he also kills people for money (large amounts thereof). Full bio on my website ;) \r\n\r\nArt and character 2005 I. Davis

Image: death_from_above.jpg   742x667 138919 bytes 2004.10.08

Ymmu, riding his slavekke (a shape-shifting undead steed) Ragnok.\r\n\r\nArt and characters I.Davis

Image: dire_lycanthrope.jpg   967x561 147796 bytes 2005.08.07

Shade, in both forms. This has to be the best pic I've managed of his wereform for ages. I should do a full-body one some time.\r\n\r\nart and character I. Davis '05

Image: dracofire.jpg   600x596 65991 bytes 2003.07.03

My first go at acrylics for a long while (excluding the leather coats I've painted). Was talking about painting and stuff with Duck (who's email I still need to reply to!) and felt the urge to have a dabble again.\r\n\r\nI was really pleased how this lil' fella turned out. This was too big for my scanner so I had to stitch it together so I hope that doesn't show up too badly.\r\n\r\n(c) me

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