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Image: dracosvulf_sentry.jpg   700x668 129470 bytes 2005.11.22

Ever watching...\r\n\r\n I.Davis '05

Image: dragon_breathcol.jpg   750x471 102399 bytes 2005.08.14

'Beneath A Burning Sky'\r\n\r\nDamn, I love colouring under pencil drawings - it means all the hard work is done already!\r\n\r\n I.Davis '05

Image: Dragon_Mage.jpg   750x488 156623 bytes 2004.06.06

Thought I had uploaded this... but apparently not.\r\n\r\nA dragon. Doing magic. In a cave. Happy?\r\n\r\n I Davis

Image: dragon_rising.jpg   500x688 157458 bytes 2004.01.31

Aquarelles again. The background and I have unresolved issues. But I can't be arsed coming back to this again and it's better than I looked before I water blended the pencils.

Image: dragonic_dreaming.jpg   578x720 86530 bytes 2004.11.22

Blackajack, dreaming about his true form.\r\n\r\n I.Davis

Image: drakhenliche2.jpg   450x650 124293 bytes 2004.03.19

She's showing what happens to people who get confused by her name and refer to her as a 'he'...\r\n\r\nart and character I.Davis

Image: drinking.jpg   600x608 160197 bytes 2004.04.13

Moorin's being an idiot again and either Barlone's gonna clobber him for spilling drink on his head (he may be little but he packs a punch) or Mad Jakkle'll turn him into a frog or something (he has no sense of humour and whatever joke it is Moor's telling, it ain't making him laugh). And Blackjack? I think he's just drunk... \r\n\r\nDoodled just for fun in Tria markers.\r\nCharacters and art (c) I.Davis

Image: dsbprofile.jpg   375x606 61585 bytes 2002.06.10

Pretty simple - just a profile pic of Blackjack. Dunno why, just sorta liked it.

Image: ember_coloured.jpg   808x800 112141 bytes 2007.04.21


I was scanning a few things from my 'Heritage' sketchbook (in a surprising fit of self-organisation, I reckoned it'd be a good idea to keep all my comic workings in the same place!). One of those things was a pic of Ember who makes an unwelcome appearance in chapter 2. Next thing I knew, I was colouring it :D Didn't really mean to do that but it happened anyway.

Tags: black red dragon ember profile pic   [Comment]
Image: evil_unicorn2.jpg   566x700 74969 bytes 2006.02.19

'Pure of heart' can mean pure evil...\r\nShown here we have Aerlrys, a creature of purity and life warped into a monster that brings death wherever she goes. Where her bleeding hooves touch the land plants whither and nothing ever grows again. Her eyes are empty sockets and blood runs from every orifice. Aerlrys's horn still contains magic, but only to cause harm for shes endures unending pain and wishes to share it... \r\n

Image: fight.jpg   686x500 153637 bytes 2001.08.07

Blackjack again. This time fighting some demons.

Image: firefoxs_death.jpg   435x501 75270 bytes 2003.07.07

Blackjack *never* liked Weasel Firefox. So when he finds out the sneaky little b*st*rd tried to double-cross him... \r\n\r\nThe cursed dragon leaves him for dead with a slit throat, but the demon Saragoth appears at the last moment and saves Weasel's life in return for his servitude and the inside information he has on Black'and the other Daemonslayers.\r\n\r\ncharacters and art (c) me '03.\r\n

Image: Five_Reasons.jpg   474x597 179369 bytes 2003.10.04

Five reasons why you don't piss Tiamat off. Can be up to 10, but here she's in her usual form where she only manifests the 5 Chaotic dragon colours.\r\n\r\ncharacter&art (c) I.Davis '03

Image: flesh_and_bone.jpg   424x600 104074 bytes 2004.09.13

I felt like painting something so I did this.\r\nAcrylics.\r\n\r\n I. Davis '04

Image: gorgaroth.jpg   500x696 192924 bytes 2004.03.26

A dragon. With three heads. This took forever and a day to ink and colour, and then my scanner made the background come up all grainy. *sigh*\r\n\r\n I.Davis

Image: gorrta.jpg   500x465 34096 bytes 2002.06.05

Gorrta are a race of felines large enough to be ridden by humans, and can be if trained from birth. Otherwise they live in packs and haunt the deep forests and wild places of the land.

Image: grief_coloured.jpg   601x599 133831 bytes 2003.12.07

I coloured it. That was supposed to be a Jack Daniels bottle, but I got the shape wrong so didn't bother with the label. It's whiskey anyway.\r\n\r\nBlackjack (c) I.Davis

Image: heritage_page9.jpg   425x632 85011 bytes 2006.10.03

Whoopsie, not uploaded here for a while!\r\n\r\nHere be a page from a DS comic I'm working on, called 'Heritage'. *insert shameless plug here for*\r\n\r\nThat's blood, not puke btw - using magic gives Blackjack internal bleeding.

Image: hssaar2.jpg   450x635 86908 bytes 2003.05.27

it's coming to get you\r\n\r\n(c) I.Davis

Image: in_trouble.jpg   700x459 176689 bytes 2003.12.09

Blackjack can probably take consolation in the fact Saragoth doesn't want him dead... the greater demon just wants him suffering an eternity of torture instead.\r\n\r\nSloppy colouring of a picture I scanned in a couple of years ago then forgot about 'til I found the lineart today. But somehow I still like it. Linked to yet another story I haven't written.\r\n\r\nBlackjack and Saragoth (c) I.Davis

Image: into_battle_ride_coloured.jpg   800x515 167913 bytes 2003.12.21

This took a long time to colour. A *long* time. That'll teach me to try anything complicated.\r\nBlackjack and Knightmare up against a water demon. Knightmare's hooves only burn when he's flying, so here he's just landed.\r\n(c) I.Davis '03

Image: knightmare_the_dire_unicorn.jpg   500x661 62504 bytes 2005.05.02

Knightmare was, once, a true unicorn but was warped by a demonic spell, destroying everything that he was and creating a cruel, twisted, bloodthirsty monster that was the antithesis of all a true unicorn is. \r\nKnightmare is Blackjack's evil-tempered steed.\r\n\r\n I.Davis '05

Image: madjakkle.jpg   375x381 35824 bytes 2002.06.05

'Mad Jakkle' isn't this guy's real name, but that is what this mysterious sorcerer is known as. He's a dracosvulf (I'll explain that sometime but can't be arsed right now..). He's another character in my Daemonslayers project.

Image: madjakkle_profile.jpg   570x718 148104 bytes 2005.01.04

More safely referred to as the Midnight Sorcerer, 'Mad' Jakkle is a mysterious and feared figure from Caevalonian mythos.\r\n\r\nart and character I.Davis '05

Image: maionios_sm.jpg   1000x709 106899 bytes 2012.02.16

Commish. Maionios

Commission for Maionios over on FA. Feel the rage, rarr!

Image: Melanath_rage.jpg   1000x454 102211 bytes 2011.01.16

Commission. Melanath

Commission for Melanath of his namesake character.\r\n\r\nNot sure I'd like to be on the receiving end of this attack...

Tags: angry rage western dragon flying blood attack   [Comment]
Image: midnightsorcerer.jpg   1000x709 149745 bytes 2008.10.31

The Midnight Sorcerer

aka Mad Jakkle. He doesn't like the 'mad' bit. Don't call him that.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n 2008 I.Davis

Tags: dracosvulf mage sorcerer spellcasting   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: moody_blackjack.jpg   738x564 97398 bytes 2005.01.24

... looking all moody and stuff.\r\n\r\nI forgot how much fun colouring over a sketch can be.\r\n\r\nBlackjack and artwork I.Davis

Image: moorin.jpg   650x593 110910 bytes 2002.06.08

Moorin is a mutant degarii (humanoid human race of Tymaera, the world where most of my races/pics& stuff are based) - usually they are much smaller and have only 2 arms. He's not evil but he likes a good fight.\r\nI couldn't be bothered to ink it so I just coloured under the original sketch in Photoshop.

Image: my_new_tattoo.jpg   340x716 84819 bytes 2003.10.13

Just got this done today - the product of 4 hours under the needle! Covers my whole upper arm and the tail curls right round the underneath of my arm. It hurt. Lots.\r\n\r\nDesign (c) I.Davis\r\nTattooed by Jeff at Evil From the Needle.

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