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Image: moorin.jpg   650x593 110910 bytes 2002.06.08

Moorin is a mutant degarii (humanoid human race of Tymaera, the world where most of my races/pics& stuff are based) - usually they are much smaller and have only 2 arms. He's not evil but he likes a good fight.\r\nI couldn't be bothered to ink it so I just coloured under the original sketch in Photoshop.

Image: gorrta.jpg   500x465 34096 bytes 2002.06.05

Gorrta are a race of felines large enough to be ridden by humans, and can be if trained from birth. Otherwise they live in packs and haunt the deep forests and wild places of the land.

Image: sfc2.jpg   550x711 77783 bytes 2002.06.05

Exile and Kyei are both wyrds (again, from Tymaera) and are characters in a project of mine called 'Seekers of the Forgotten City'. Exile, the manticore-wyrd is the leader of the group. Kyei was created by Panthatrona and is her character.

Image: silvala.jpg   600x503 88105 bytes 2002.06.05

Silvala is Blackjack's (possibly half-) sister, affected by a similar curse. Neither is aware of the other's existence. Uhm...her bio still requires some work.

Image: madjakkle.jpg   375x381 35824 bytes 2002.06.05

'Mad Jakkle' isn't this guy's real name, but that is what this mysterious sorcerer is known as. He's a dracosvulf (I'll explain that sometime but can't be arsed right now..). He's another character in my Daemonslayers project.

Image: toothpickc.jpg   450x518 73027 bytes 2001.08.07

Yep, he can look like he's plotting evilly even when he's picking his teeth! This was just a doodle but I liked it so I coloured it.\r\n

Image: fight.jpg   686x500 153637 bytes 2001.08.07

Blackjack again. This time fighting some demons.

Image: saragoth1.jpg   657x532 108462 bytes 2001.08.07

Saragoth is the main villain from the Daemonslayers - he and Black' were comrades in arms under the service of a DemonQueen but not so any longer. This one I coloured in Photoshop but I've no idea what the weapon he's holding is supposed to be! The evil unicorn he rides is called Nahir (means 'corruption' in their language).\r\n

Image: 1dsbpsc2.jpg   500x686 68387 bytes 2001.08.07

This is Blackjack (real name Syrax) - a cursed black dragon who spends most of his time stuck in the form you see here... He's one of the main characters in my pet project, 'The Daemonslayers' and you can probably expect to see a lot more of him 'cos I love drawing him!\r\n

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