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Image: mazzbday.jpg   600x839 106984 bytes 2010.03.13

Mazz Birthday

Something I drew for my friend, Mazz, for her birthday a few weeks ago! She's a big fan of the Colorado Avalanche. \r\n\r\nMarkers, inks and gel pen for the logo.

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Image: daaamngurl2.jpg   500x675 94492 bytes 2010.03.13

Reuploaded & cleaned up a bit. \r\n\r\nOriginal date 2/22/10

Tags: horse snow leopard lesbian gay  
Image: idontwannabefriends.jpg   600x887 126059 bytes 2010.02.26

I don't wanna be friends

Done for a girl. Horrible anatomy. And yes I know about hte backwards hand/missing thumb, I fixed it on the actual picture but I don't have the piece anymore so I can't fix the upload 8(

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Image: 2010.jpg   860x653 109889 bytes 2010.01.04

Happy 2010!

Happy 2010, everyone!\r\n\r\nMy fursona, Dreamaria, holding the Stanley Cup ('cause my hockey team won it this past year~) and drinking some booze.\r\n\r\nJust a dumb doodle I decided to color, really.\r\n\r\nSketched and colored in OpenCanvas, inked in Photoshop.

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Image: 3am_quicksilver.jpg   600x948 125472 bytes 2009.12.30

3 AM

Gift for my friend Quicksilver. I really like how this turned out :3\r\n\r\nMarkers, theatrical blood, inks and too much Eminem

Image: lenscrafters.jpg   900x808 163782 bytes 2009.09.30

I heard you got kicked out of a Lens Crafters the other day?

AND THEN THE MANAGER CALLED ME A DUMBASS\r\n\r\nLIKE HE'S MY DAD AND SHIT\r\n\r\n\r\nidk stupid digital art I did at work. I like it though :]\r\n\r\nlol tourettes guy

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Image: fryscofin.jpg   500x651 63821 bytes 2009.08.19

Frysco Commission

$10 full color commission for Frysco! He wanted his character transforming into a feral nightmare/demon horse thingy. The scan didn't pick up hardly any of the details in the wings :[\r\n\r\nWant one? $10 for one char, $15 for 2, until the end of August only. E-mail me!

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Image: azafin.jpg   700x490 72415 bytes 2009.08.11

Azaleya Commission

Commission done for Azaleya!\r\n\r\nThe scanner mutilated this :(\r\n\r\nI'm taking these types of commissions for only $10 right now!!!

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Image: chiv.jpg   700x584 82503 bytes 2009.08.07

Bungles and ZombieHorses

An early bday gift for Chival! GUTSSSSS and idk zombie ponies. I dont really know what's going on in this. I hate this scanner so much, it didn't pick up some of the tans and shading on Chiv :| SHE USES HER GUTS AS REIGNS\r\n\r\nMarkers, watercolors, inks and theatrical blooooood\r\n\r\nI am taking commissions for things like this~! $10 for one char, $15 for two, can be done in a week or so.

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Image: numbertwoson.jpg   800x672 105302 bytes 2009.08.07

For our number two son, astralabortion :| Meant to be a belated bday gift\r\n\r\nObviously this is why I don't draw dragons much. This scan is fucking horrible.\r\n\r\nColored pencils, watercolors, inks, and theatrical blood

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Image: airu.jpg   788x600 91867 bytes 2009.07.27

Airu get out of the storm

Something for Airu that I've been working on and off on, finally finished today :3 Pretty happy with how this turned out!\r\n\r\nArgh as soon as I get my laptop back the first thing I am going to do is rescan this. There's tints of yellow and blue on the silver that this scanner didn't pick up :[\r\n\r\nMarkers, watercolor and inks.

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Image: bdaysabby09.jpg   600x1008 104504 bytes 2009.07.19

Happy Birthday Sabby!

Did this at work today for Sabarika for her birthday tomorrowwww <333333\r\n\r\nSorry it's so DERPY and arghhh fucked up the markings on the tail but that's what happens you do art at work without reference :[\r\n\r\nMarkers and gel pen

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Image: hurfadurf.jpg   500x701 49054 bytes 2009.07.17

Obscene Gestures

Hurfadurf drew this at work to keep myself busy :| Without my laptop, I don't have any of my refs or anything of art I owe, so I just draw stupid shit like this.\r\n\r\nWas listening to Eminem and obviously he inspires me to yield OBSCENE GESTURES. Yeah I really did write Sarah 2012 in blue paint pen on my pants when I was drunk at AnthroCon okay :(\r\n\r\n~*HATERS TO THE LEFT*~\r\n\r\nMarkers and gel pens

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Image: zombiehorsewatercolor.jpg   600x769 51471 bytes 2009.07.15

Zombie Horses Love Guts

\r\nExcuse the horrrrrrible scan. My laptop died today, so I'm on my family's PC. NO PHOTOSHOP so I have to make due with stupid Dell scanning program :/\r\n\r\nAnyway. Did this entirely at work..even as far as taping the paper to the main counter when I watercolored it.Was just in a horrible mood today, on top of my laptop. So um here's ZombieDreamy eating wolf guts. I just wanted it to be a generic animal. Nom nom. Done entirely in brush pen and watercolors again so lol anatomy

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Image: number22.jpg   678x900 121075 bytes 2009.07.14

Number 22

Sketched this on my 22nd birthday, which was on Friday, July 10th.\r\n\r\nNothing that epic happened. I did get a fucking WINTER CLASSIC EVGENI MALKIN JERSEY THOUGH!!!! And yes that is what I was wearing on my birthday. Jersey, tutu, bondage pants. Smoking and drinking, what else is new?\r\n\r\nMarkers and inks. Nothing fancy here. Just wanted to draw something for myself, having just returned back from AC and was doing nothing but doing art for others.

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Image: sundaymorning.jpg   600x786 159245 bytes 2009.07.14

Sunday Morning

\r\nThis song means a lot to me, it really struck a chord with me a few years ago and finally this morning I sat down and did this in about 2 hours. Watercolors and a brush excuse the shitty anatomy...\r\n\r\nThis isn't by any means an "emo" picture. Dreamy is supposed to look closure. Hopeful.\r\n\r\n\r\nI didn't think you had it in you\r\nNow you're looking like I used to\r\nYou came in with the breeze\r\nOn Sunday morning\r\n\r\n\r\nSeriously I could listen to this song on repeat forever\r\n\r\n"Sunday Morning" by No Doubt

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Image: calhancommish.jpg   1077x858 172954 bytes 2009.06.23

Calhantharis Commission

Long overdue commish from FA that I finally had time to knack away at. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out :3

Tags: horse sunset reading  
Image: foxwolfvore.jpg   800x580 124999 bytes 2009.05.05

nom nom nomsss

Some art to sell at AC. A wolf gulping down a helpless fox. I actually really like the coloring on the wolf n__n\r\n\r\nI'm doing a few more like this to sell at AC. Both originals and prints. :3

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Image: theywildoverthere.jpg   600x784 134642 bytes 2009.04.22

They Wild Over There

Another thing I drew yesterday for sabarika sabarika <3\r\n\r\nHer pants say Colt 45 and mine say Fuck The Flyers. (I'm from Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh hates Phillie when it comes to hockey okay)\r\n\r\nSomething else I colored at work\r\n\r\nlooool I know I spelled Cannibal Corpse wrong I am bad at spelling when I'm fucked up\r\n\r\nThree Six Mafia - Bin Ladin Weed

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Image: colt45.jpg   600x778 121715 bytes 2009.04.22

Colt 45

Drew yesterday. Colored today while at work.\r\n\r\nI really like this loose style I do my marker art in. I sketch it in a light color marker, ink with it black, then color it. I like how the sketch kind of shows under the colors.\r\n\r\nDreamy, smoking a joint and singing about bitches I dont know\r\n\r\nlol mad dog is wine\r\n\r\nAfroman - Colt 45

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Image: 420_2009.jpg   800x614 120275 bytes 2009.04.21

Happy Holidays

Did this earlier today.\r\n\r\nI drew two other things I wanted to color today (in a similar style) but I have to get up early for work tomorrow, so I'll just color it while I'm there. :3\r\n\r\nHappy 4:20 <3 Hope you had a good one.\r\n\r\nWatercolors, marker, gel pens

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Image: vpilfshirt.jpg   600x872 135392 bytes 2009.04.13

let's shoot wolves from helicopters

Drew this while I was stoned\r\n\r\ncolored when I was bored out of my mind at work\r\n\r\nI just\r\n\r\ni dont know\r\n\r\nyes I really do have a shirt that looks like that\r\n\r\nno I didn't vote for sarah palin loooool I am just attracted to her okay

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Image: zombiedreamygory.jpg   800x565 179612 bytes 2009.04.13


Something I did for myself, for once

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Image: sabbymarkers.jpg   800x614 125045 bytes 2009.04.04


Just a gift for my friend Sabarika :3 Done entirely at work. Sketched the other day, then inked and colored today. I really like how this turned out, hopefully going to do some more art like this.

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Image: equinexchange0309.jpg   800x600 111191 bytes 2009.03.11

EquineXChange - IxiDaPixie

Done for EquineXChange, March 09, for IxieDaPixie :3\r\n\r\nDone completely digital.

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Image: victorygallopfin.jpg   850x516 76554 bytes 2009.02.11

EquineXChange - VictoryGallop

Done for VictoryGallop over at EquineXChange on LJ.\r\n\r\nI'm NOT a digital artist, did this as an experiment. Complete with shitty photoshop brushes!\r\n\r\nSketched in OpenCanvas, colored in Photoshop.

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Image: equinexchange0109.jpg   500x388 69458 bytes 2009.02.01

EquineXChange - Rox

Ghost stallion for Rox, on the January EquineXChange :3\r\n\r\n

Tags: ghost stallion horse  
Image: mercedes.jpg   426x489 53959 bytes 2008.12.18


Mercedes, without all the reference crap.\r\n\r\nFor some reason, you can see her pink and scars a lot better than in the reference, even though it's the same scan.

Tags: doberman dog female  
Image: ulario.jpg   600x815 103593 bytes 2008.12.12

EquineXChange - Ulario

EquineXChange - December 08 For Ulario Gryphon!\r\n\r\nHer character, Iris :3\r\n\r\nI did this in one go on no sleep and 3 energy it feels like a little bit different of a style than usual for me, but I like it.

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Image: rantingmule.jpg   700x483 69230 bytes 2008.11.21

EquineXChange - RantingMule

For RantingMule on EquineXChange. I had so much fun drawing this character, fjords, yay!

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