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Image: seahorsecolor.jpg   550x553 84837 bytes 2003.04.11

Yay. It's a sea horse..thing. \r\n\r\nI better not find this on neopets. -_-\r\n\r\nI might sell this. ;3

Image: sheena.jpg   500x798 102427 bytes 2005.10.31

The coloring on this took me first I wasn't very pleased with the actual drawing, but I think the coloring makes up for it. As usual, the scan does it no justice. :/\r\n\r\nFor my part in equineartxchange on LJ. Woot. For Echostar.

Image: shii.jpg   500x811 79579 bytes 2004.11.07

Art trade with Shii ^_^\r\n\r\n

Image: shinigami.jpg   379x580 61974 bytes 2003.10.23

art trade with the amazing ShinigamiGirl. GO LOOK AT HER ART. NOW.\r\n\r\nshin©herplayer

Image: shyboycolor.jpg   600x516 72135 bytes 2005.09.08

Trade with Balorkin...her very pretty & unusual character, Sleipnit :)\r\n\r\n

Image: silverwing.jpg   650x705 93578 bytes 2006.10.10

Gifty for Jolyn for being so wonderful to me these past few weeks <3\r\n\r\nSilverwing copright Jolyn Ferguson\r\nDreamaria copyright C. Lutz

Image: sisters.jpg   616x554 123606 bytes 2003.12.02

For one of the best friends I've ever had, Alicia. My obsession buddy :3 \r\n\r\nTook me about 6 hours to ink/color. I am so pissed off at the coloring though. Colored pencils are my worst enemy :| Dreamaria had pretty purple eyeshadow but WTF it didn't scan! I scanned it like 6 times and I still can't get all the detail in their hair. It was colored all pretty and yeah. whatever.\r\n\r\ndreamaria©c.lutz\r\naliciabunnything©alicia?

Image: skivvy.jpg   700x513 86724 bytes 2006.03.06

Art trade with SaliantSkivvy\r\n\r\nDreamy and her seem like they'd be good token buddies. \r\n\r\nDid this entirely in Barnes & Noble cafe because that's like the only place I ever get anything done. Way too many distractions at home. I won't be surprised if they kick me out one day, I sit in there for like 4-5 hours before work and longer on weekends. But I always get a frap or something so they can't say I'm not a paying customer D:\r\n\r\nSkivvy © herself\r\nart + Dreamaria © C. Lutz 2006

Image: smoking.jpg   600x814 96626 bytes 2007.01.27


Ew, this scanned really....really bad. Made the whites looks WAAY to...THERE. IRL the colored pencil white is much more suttle. \r\n\r\nSomething I drew back in October, inked and colored while in Oregon. \r\n\r\nPrisma markers, colored pencils, micron pens\r\n\r\nDreamaria copyright C. Lutz 07

Tags: equine horse cigarette smoking  
Image: starsagecolor.jpg   700x548 102791 bytes 2008.10.02

StarSage Commission - Commission

All done :3\r\n\r\nYesterday, I'm taking commissions for things like this..e-mail me or whatever.\r\n\r\n

Tags: vore eating swallowing inside mouth horse wolf   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: still_not_free_colored.jpg   600x506 66717 bytes 2006.02.06

This piece means a lot to was kind of awkward because I colored it during a crazy funny chat session with Malaika :3 Might give it a background...afraid to mess it up anymore than I already have. But I decided the mistakes were okay because it just made one more thing clear to me...\r\n\r\nDreamy © C. Lutz

Image: stonerart.jpg   600x810 139986 bytes 2007.01.27


Was hiiiiiigh as a kite when I did this 8D\r\n\r\nDone at FC.\r\n\r\nDreamaria + art copyright C. Lutz

Image: stormfaefinal.jpg   600x742 113964 bytes 2008.06.18

Stormfae Family Portrait

Commission from FA\r\n\r\nFinally done :3\r\n\r\nExcuse the horrible scan...

Tags: dragon arctic fox family  
Image: success.jpg   600x436 84294 bytes 2003.07.23

Art trade with Wolverina, her character Success.

Image: sufi.jpg   500x727 87880 bytes 2006.04.19

Ewww this scanned so bad.\r\n\r\nI admit that the coloring/anatomy isn't so good though. I've been so yucky sick I can't concentrate on much of anything, but whatever, I like this idea X)\r\n\r\nFor Malaika~~ <3 \r\n\r\nMy shirt says "BAMF" and her's says "I am NOT a twat", but you can't tell because of their crazy arm placement. Oh well D:\r\n\r\nMalaika © Ashely Cleveland\r\nArt + Dreamaria © Carly Lutz

Image: summerjackal.jpg   490x565 127828 bytes 2005.04.22

My chosen for the month of April on furartxchange2 on LJ was Summer Jackal. The theme was monochrome.\r\n\r\nLots of random brushes from random websites to cover crappy scanned bg. \r\n\r\nHope she likes it :)\r\n\r\ncharacter©summer jackson\r\nart © c.lutz

Image: sundaymorning.jpg   600x786 159245 bytes 2009.07.14

Sunday Morning

\r\nThis song means a lot to me, it really struck a chord with me a few years ago and finally this morning I sat down and did this in about 2 hours. Watercolors and a brush excuse the shitty anatomy...\r\n\r\nThis isn't by any means an "emo" picture. Dreamy is supposed to look closure. Hopeful.\r\n\r\n\r\nI didn't think you had it in you\r\nNow you're looking like I used to\r\nYou came in with the breeze\r\nOn Sunday morning\r\n\r\n\r\nSeriously I could listen to this song on repeat forever\r\n\r\n"Sunday Morning" by No Doubt

Tags: horse equine lyrics watercolor   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: swanddreamy.jpg   1071x844 343388 bytes 2006.12.29

Reaching For The Stars

Gift for Jolyn/Silverwing <3\r\n\r\nShe's the only one that knows the entire meaning behind it...inspired by "She's My Ride Home" by Blue October. \r\n\r\nJolyn was kind enough to scan this for me, thanks so much! She has the original now, yes. I literally put it in her stuff to mail as soon as it finished drying X3 The colors are much more vibrant IRL. Done with Prismacolor Colored Pencils & watercolors. \r\n\r\nSilverwing copyright Jolyn Ferguson\r\nDreamaria copyright C. Lutz

Tags: sheltie, horse, equine   [Comment]
Image: talbona.jpg   600x763 88578 bytes 2005.05.22

Talbona was my chosen one for the month of May on furartxchange2 on LJ. Hope she likes this :)\r\n\r\nTalbona © her player\r\nart © C.Lutz

Image: talyn_brian.jpg   500x922 71333 bytes 2005.10.31

Ewww my scanner doesn't like greys.\r\n\r\nTalyn as Brian from Family Guy for my part on the monthy FurArtXchange2.\r\n\r\n

Image: the_courtesan.jpg   800x582 156452 bytes 2008.03.10

The Courtesan

Took me almost a month to do this. Done to commemorate my 5th anniversary of seeing Moulin Rouge. \r\n\r\nDreamaria, in the red room. I tried scanning it in several parts and was not satisfied with how it I scanned the center. The persian rug there at the bottom extends to the end of the page and is actually quite detailed, but it almost looks better cropped because I think the light blue took away from the red room aspect anyway :/ Also scanned a bit grainy...fixed it up a bit in photoshop, but is obviously much less grainy in person. That's what scanned at 600 DPI does, I guess :P\r\n\r\nPicture/pose inspired by this photo\r\n\r\nColored pencils, micron, and Prisma paint markers for the gold & silver on 11 x 14 Bristol board.

Tags: moulin rouge horse equine red room full background   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: the_howling.jpg   700x524 110733 bytes 2007.12.28

The Howling

Done for an album cover for school. We had to either make up a band or re-do an album cover for an already existing band. This is for Lacuna Coil's "In A Reverie" album, though the art itself was inspired by Within Temptation's song "The Howling".\r\n\r\nI'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It was super rushed, only had a week to do it. D:\r\n\r\n

Tags: wolf wolves unicorn gore blood bloody  
Image: theywildoverthere.jpg   600x784 134642 bytes 2009.04.22

They Wild Over There

Another thing I drew yesterday for sabarika sabarika <3\r\n\r\nHer pants say Colt 45 and mine say Fuck The Flyers. (I'm from Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh hates Phillie when it comes to hockey okay)\r\n\r\nSomething else I colored at work\r\n\r\nlooool I know I spelled Cannibal Corpse wrong I am bad at spelling when I'm fucked up\r\n\r\nThree Six Mafia - Bin Ladin Weed

Tags: husky jackal canine dog markers horse mare   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: thistle.jpg   600x443 57599 bytes 2006.04.02

Art trade with Thistle :3\r\n\r\nHer belly, paws, tail tip & muzzle are all creame but it didn't show up when scanned, blaaaaah.\r\n\r\nThistle © her player\r\nart © C. Lutz 06

Image: tundra.jpg   491x500 80747 bytes 2003.03.22

Art trade with Tundra Thrivis =)

Image: tyler_durden_lives.jpg   700x606 98999 bytes 2006.03.29

Everything is AWESOME here.\r\n\r\nPretty new plastic bong <3\r\n\r\nI'm pretty sure I should be working on trades now instead of this shit.\r\n\r\nart + Dreamaria © C. Lutz

Image: ulario.jpg   600x815 103593 bytes 2008.12.12

EquineXChange - Ulario

EquineXChange - December 08 For Ulario Gryphon!\r\n\r\nHer character, Iris :3\r\n\r\nI did this in one go on no sleep and 3 energy it feels like a little bit different of a style than usual for me, but I like it.

Tags: horse equine ugulate nature   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: unicornstiple2.jpg   700x444 134951 bytes 2008.05.11

Unicorn - Pointillism

Another assignment at school that is too large to be scanned. 14 x 20 on illustration board. Pointillism done in Micron of a unicorn, done sometime in early 07.

Tags: unicorn   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: usatyi.jpg   632x499 79038 bytes 2005.09.24

Art trade with the awesome rage1986 over at deviantart. :]\r\n\r\nI did so many sketches of this character but lost a bunch of them because I left my notebook at work >___< So I drew this one up real quick & colored it. It scanned so shitty though.

Image: valentine.jpg   600x772 174888 bytes 2005.08.01

Something I've been working on on & off for 12 hours, even if it doesn't show it. As a thumbnail it probably looks like an ADD kid went marker happy. \r\n\r\nJust...pent up emotions for someone very special to me. Here I go, ruining what could of been a perfectly fine friendship again. Never date your best friend. Ever. \r\n\r\nI spent such a long time coloring this and then it scanned all shitty. \r\n\r\nlyrics © Blink 182\r\nart + character © C. Lutz

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