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Image: inside.jpg   299x300 54153 bytes 2003.03.06

I was not in a good mood last night.\r\n\r\nOekaki is still cute.

Image: dreamariareferencecolor.jpg   450x582 85235 bytes 2003.03.06

Damn, I keep forgetting to upload here.\r\n\r\nDid this rather quickly one night. Shitty coloring, but serves its purpose.\r\n\r\nReference of my fursona, Dreamaria, if you ever want to draw her for whatever reason. Mostly for my reference, so I don't keep getting the colors wrong in Photoshop.

Image: dreaming.jpg   300x301 52397 bytes 2003.02.10

why live life from dream to dream...and dread the day that dreaming ends?\r\n\r\nOekaki is cute.

Image: oneday.JPG   500x500 201954 bytes 2003.02.09

I am a Painter whore.\r\n\r\nDreamaria J. Patterson

Image: dreampurple.jpg   483x700 89523 bytes 2003.01.19

Eh, tweaking with a new style. I kinda like this one, for once.\r\n\r\nNo, people, I'm not dead. Much to your disappointment. \r\n\r\nExcuse the shitty job on the hands, I'm not sure how I want them yet.

Image: dreamyerk.jpg   650x575 151459 bytes 2002.11.11

I like this..except the stupid tail -_-\r\n\r\nYou can see the highlights a lot better IRL..\r\n\r\nBut..yes..'s me in my non-anthro form looking irked about something. Maybe it's because my art teacher gave me a 91, which was one point away from an A -_- \r\n\r\nDreamaria J. Patterson (myself)

Image: becg.jpg   669x625 128930 bytes 2002.10.28

I got paid $30 to do this. Woo.\r\n\r\nIt's kinda odd, because the picture is of my horse, but my friend really wanted a picture of her O_o It's colored very bad. I need to re-do it sometime. \r\n\r\nSorry that this is off-topic. ^^;

Image: dreamyfrolic.jpg   700x526 147779 bytes 2002.10.27

Sorry if this is a big file..=3\r\n\r\nThis is me, in my not-so-anthro form. I frolic. WEE.\r\n\r\nSee, I can draw happy pictures, too. \r\n\r\nDreamaria J. Patterson

Image: daisuke.jpg   697x508 118810 bytes 2002.10.20

Trade with the awesome Raven Dynamo. His char, Daisuke. This char is nifty. :D\r\n\r\nchar Dynamo

Image: detentionstillblows.jpg   700x584 105277 bytes 2002.10.06

It does, yo.\r\n\r\nI love my backgrounds. They are so sexy.

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