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Image: A_New_lookColored.jpg   700x714 117705 bytes 2006.11.08

Its the new me hehe I think it turned out ok but I am still trying to get the hang of using the digital editing tools in gimp

Image: ABQSaands_Color.jpg   500x586 87944 bytes 2007.05.30

Anubian Battle Queen Saands

A pic I did while sitting in a coffee shop lol, Funny how all my best work seems to come when I am sitting in Aroma Cafe...I could support that place all my own. Yes I did get lazy during coloring

Image: Anubis_Blader.jpg   600x593 77913 bytes 2007.05.30

Anubis Blader

Another anubis pic I did for one of the mall security (a friend of mine who happens to be Egyptian and loves the way I do anubians/jackals. I think this one turned out very well, And the Scars make him look badass boss Enjoy

Image: Cale.jpg   600x810 121180 bytes 2006.08.20

Say Hello to Cale, A bodybuilding Giraffe, Gosh, his jeans are -ruined- But look at those Pecs! *Drool* This is the first pic I have been able to do in a LONG time so I am very happy with how it turned out

Image: CybelleGlidewing.jpg   600x687 80720 bytes 2006.06.25

Cybelle, A ptera/bat mix, still needs alot of work, but here she stands, showing off the goods. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it\r\n\r\nCybelle Glidewing Dreamwolf Skyfire

Image: Cyberdragoninked.jpg   700x556 76769 bytes 2006.11.08

This is a Cyber Dragon I did one night, It may not look like much, But I couldnt resist the image in my head

Image: LionessPresentDColor.jpg   700x881 137841 bytes 2006.11.10

Well Here it is. Its not much But I finished the request. A Lioness wanting to see if the birthday boy wants to open up his B-day Present....of course the Box beside her is a good choice as well :p WHOOT I got my second request done. I hope you enjoy it :D It is all hand drawn/colored. I just added the background affect with gimp because I cant do backgrounds worth squat :p

Image: MerryXmas_from_Furreball.jpg   700x1177 123289 bytes 2006.11.10

This Is a pic I did and With christmas coming up, I just want to wish all my fellow artists a very safe and Happy Holidays. Dont forget to stand under -lots- of mistletoe hehe, Merry X-mas to you all

Image: RachelleTuetheBio.jpg   650x750 83586 bytes 2006.06.26

Rachelle Tuethe, A Molgator (Thats right, Molgator, Not Moleygator, not allimole, Molgator :p. Shi is a cross between a mole and an aligator, and shi is one sweet package

Image: Razor_Jaycolor.jpg   700x988 119200 bytes 2006.11.08

This is Razor Jay, a Blue jay with a bad attitude and an even badder blade. Try and shoot him with anything other than a camera and be lucky if your alive to regret it, But from the look I think he is saying "No Flash Photography please"

Image: SaurianPoliceForce.jpg   515x750 58306 bytes 2006.06.25

An unknown saurian Femme, Still without a name. But it will come to me eventually. Its clear she has a love of big guns and motorbikes. I will find a name for her eventually, But for now, enjoy

Image: Storyteller.jpg   555x616 75254 bytes 2006.06.26

A frogman storyteller dancing infront of a fire...funny how his stories just seem to come alive

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