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Image: bunny_2.jpg   512x880 137490 bytes 2005.06.09

Image: Ryokio.jpg   575x705 45393 bytes 2003.03.11

Ryokio\r\nI gues I have a thing about doing blue foxes.\r\nthis was my first attempt at computer coloring.\r\nArtwork 2003 Du-Vak. Ryokio is to its player. \r\n

Image: meepcolor.jpg   555x723 93609 bytes 2003.03.03

Meep Kitty\r\nA recent commision I had from Meep on Taps. \r\nArtwork 2003 Du-Vak. Meep Kitty is to its player. \r\n

Image: Tarin.jpg   656x850 86537 bytes 2003.02.28

Tarin\r\nThis was for a recent friend who visited me. He saw that i did some furry art and said something about needing a picture done of him. I couldn't resist.\r\nArtwork 2003 Du-Vak. Tarin is to its player.

Image: syrus-ker.jpg   665x690 106495 bytes 2003.02.28

Syrus & Joanna.\r\nThis one was from my mate. She like the idea of mice twins so she tryed her hand at it. Enjoy. \r\nArtwork 2003 Ker-Ran. Syrus And Joanna are to there players.\r\nArtwork displaded with Ker-Ran's aprovial.

Image: Syrus.jpg   515x526 72338 bytes 2003.02.28

Syrus and Joanna\r\nA recent commision I had from Syrus on Taps. And I have finaly got it done after 2 weeks.\r\nArtwork 2003 Du-Vak. Syrus And Joanna are to there players.

Image: indigo_fox.jpg   350x500 37435 bytes 2003.02.28

IndigoFox\r\nA drawing of my good friend. this was one of my first drawing of this sort, and also the first attempt at using o pastels.\r\nArtwork 2001 Du-Vak. IndigoFox's depiction belongs to Indigofox

Image: blue_otta.jpg   476x479 64681 bytes 2003.02.28

BlueOtta' \r\nThis drawing was for a friend that was feeling a little down. hope this one cheared him up.\r\nArtwork 2003 Du-Vak. BlueOtter's depiction belongs to Blueotter.

Image: Du-Vak.jpg   412x530 25739 bytes 2003.02.28

Du-Vak the Rat.\r\nArtwork 2003 Du-Vak.

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