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Image: Celtic_Epona_Final.jpg   400x482 35972 bytes 2005.09.07

Just a design. It popped into my head, I drew it, then I filled it in using Photoshop (back before i had a tablet... woo mouse art). And I'm not really good at any of the above. Enjoy.

Image: dev_artemis.jpg   734x454 58702 bytes 2005.09.07

For my little sister.\r\n\r\nHer uni, Artemis. She asked for this design and these colors. Hmm. Must run in the family.\r\n\r\nArtemis is my sister's do not steal or I KEEL YOU! (She must be studying Greek mythology... or watching too much Sailor Moon...)\r\n

Image: ebon_final_small.jpg   488x584 45481 bytes 2005.09.07

meet Ebon.\r\n\r\nyes, she's simple teee... i'm not that imaginative when it comes to my fursona. ;P\r\n\r\nback when i was working the summer camp as a riding instructor we would discuss what breed of horse we would be if we were horses. so, um, friesian here. because i'm thick, and strong and, um, still really damn sexy. bwaha.\r\n\r\ni'll mention it one more time: style and picture are inspired by *Verodaher's work (at least that's her username on dA).

Image: maigic_da.jpg   540x534 34478 bytes 2006.02.09

for LJ's Equine Art Exchange: Risawn's Unicorn, Magic.\r\n\r\nCharacter is copyright to his creator.

Image: mievzar_dreams.jpg   300x800 89855 bytes 2005.09.08

alternately titled 'rapture'\r\n\r\n\r\ni'll leave the interpretation up to you.\r\n\r\nPS:CS and Wacom\r\n\r\nMievzar is mine. Steal him, or this image and die. *snort*

Image: mucha_final.jpg   671x841 192905 bytes 2005.09.08

Ebon, again.\r\n\r\nfull description can be found here :\r\n\r\ndo not copy our steal or redistrubute, or anything of that sort. pretty please.

Image: Night_Mare.jpg   285x353 26580 bytes 2005.09.07

One of my favorites. It's the only image I've painted more than once.\r\n\r\nThis is the copy that resides in my parents house.\r\n\r\nYay for acrylics on stretched canvas!

Image: pin_up.jpg   778x1001 35327 bytes 2006.02.17

a sketch that went horribly wrong.\r\n\r\ntell me how much it sucks here:\r\n\r\nebon the little friesian mare is (c) to meeeeee.

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