Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! I've compiled this page to help you figure out my commission process. It's rather incomplete (sorry!), so please contact me if you have any questions. All of my works are drawn using the computer (CG), so hard copies (besides prints) cannot be mailed. I'm a full-time student and can only take 2 commissions at a time. Please check my Current Workload (in the ShoutBoard) to see if I'm open for commissions.


It's pretty simple. Start with the Basic CG then you can customize by raising the price through different coloring styles, adding multiple characters, asking for Flash, or even by making it an adult pic. Adult pics are a separate matter which I've covered in the next section, so be sure to check that out if you're interested in an adult commission. Payment is made through or money order.

  • Basic CG: $35
  • Change in Color Tech.: +$10
  • Flash pic: +$10
  • More Characters: +$15 (each)
  • Prints: (ask me)
  • Adult: (ask me)


Mature works are a special case for me. I keep my adult gallery out of public access and I tend to make PG versions of my adult works to post on my art sites. If you commission an adult picture from me I'll probably make a second version which isn't so adult (through adding clothes, black bars, etc~). However, just because I will draw an adult pic doesn't mean you can ask for anything. I will not draw rape, water sports, minors, herms, and things in that realm of stuff... It would probably be better if you just contacted me and asked if your request is okay, and such.