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Image: clock_cat.jpg   295x608 54840 bytes 2001.05.10

it's a clock..... you just can't tell. It didn't scan very well. That can be expected. He was painted on wood. He'll be up in Furbid as soon as I get the parts. And should anyone want their own personal clock, they can email me (for a price of course) Clock cat Lissa

Image: paf_scruffy.jpg   657x763 83791 bytes 2001.04.30

Hey! It's our favorite artist! PAF! and we can't forget Scruffy! Yeah, they kick ass. I get to hang out with him every now and then too! YAY! Paf Chris Goodwin Scruffy himself

Image: outta_nowhere_.jpg   780x690 165497 bytes 2001.04.30

Talon wasn't very happy with me =( Lissa me MrrCat herself

Image: liss_stomp.jpg   638x589 98036 bytes 2001.04.30

Not the best, but it was just a doodle anyhow. Remember those little bubbly things in Yoshi's Island?? yeah..... Lissa me

Image: stiches_graffiti.jpg   750x1100 435490 bytes 2001.02.22

hey! i think it finally uploaded! yay! um anyhow, This is my character and her two stuffies. The wolf is a representation of Talon, and the cheetah dude is a representation of Feral. I was inspired by various images, a rock group, and my past. yay. All characters and artwork myself.

Image: skippy_valentine.jpg   800x600 159086 bytes 2001.02.19

WHOO HOO! IT UPLOADED FULLY... *grumble* stupid bitch.... eheh..... anywhoo, here's my "v-day" picture. I made it as generic to any other scene i could cause, i don't particularly love valentines, nor did i believe everyone else did, and it's useless to make a picture only to be looked once. =P Skip Leopard and artwork myself

Image: milord_beast.jpg   775x438 98685 bytes 2001.02.01

I love this story. just wow. Milord Beast from The Tiger's Bride. art myself

Image: parker_angel.jpg   669x604 118815 bytes 2001.02.01

for my ex. while he was feeling really down. He's a snow leopard/ golden retriever mix. Parker and artwork myself \r\n

Image: prey_pounce.jpg   791x579 160828 bytes 2001.02.01

for Preyfar because he was lonely. Preyfar his creator artwork myself

Image: preyfar_lissa.jpg   387x530 111250 bytes 2000.11.18

it was a quick sketchy for Preyfar. hehe, you wouldn't understand any of the inside jokes in this... so nevermind... just bow to him like a good cult, and eat your wheat thins. Preyfar copyright himself, and I am copyright myself. thanky.\n

Image: otter_water.jpg   688x793 176372 bytes 2000.11.18

its an older picture, but i like it. its cute. art copyright myself.\r\n\n

Image: ice_komodragon_c.jpg   704x712 501569 bytes 2000.11.18

oh look! its a finished art trade. I had to add in a background. it was incredibly unbalanced without. Hey, you can even tell its a komodo dragon lizard now. Nice.\r\nartwork copyright myself thanks.\r\n\n

Image: fire_water.jpg   918x723 309880 bytes 2000.11.02

For Talon .... It's a story about a knight, he is a noble and pure hearted wolf. His crest is one claw wrapped in flame. He travels on his shire horse from place place giving the weak people strength, and righting the wrongs. He is a balance in this chaotic world. He rides again, onto the next place, he gives so much of himself to others, he cares about what he gives this world and he wishes it not to be pain. Everyone loves this man, he is spoken highly of where ever his name has reached out into the world. He has captured one lonely heart, and rides on seemingly unaware of her plight. artwork copyright myself.\r\n\n

Image: TIMBERWOLF.JPG   611x838 84722 bytes 2000.10.20

Just to prove I CAN do realistic. \r\nThe title of this one is "Timberwolf : Forgotten Face"\r\n\r\nArtwork Lissa Newkirk

Image: sabrina.jpg   520x990 180585 bytes 2000.10.20

one of my first requests. This pretty werewolf is from WolfHome. \r\n\r\nAnd the art is Lissa Newkirk

Image: mwceltsketch.jpg   474x596 86005 bytes 2000.10.20

This is image is like... older than any other image on here. o.O Of mine anyhow. This is Metallic Wolf Noyoki. I royally botched her legs. But, hey, I was young and untalented then. Gimme a break.\r\n\r\nMetallic Wolf and Artwork are Lissa Newkirk

Image: lissa_table.jpg   665x517 48918 bytes 2000.10.20

Is me. I was er...... lonely.\r\n\r\nArtwork and Lissa are Lissa Newkirk

Image: feamanmancol.jpg   706x834 151236 bytes 2000.10.20

oh look! It's Fae! he's so cute. I love him to death. This is water colour, india ink and pencil. It took me forever and a zillion copies to get right. Good thing i didn't try to make it on the original sketch. |\r\n\r\nThis picture and the original sketch were also lost with the portfolio sadly. =(\r\n\r\nFae and artwork are Lissa Newkirk

Image: dragonfur.jpg   670x785 174424 bytes 2000.10.20

I drew the main idea for this pic while at a pagan-fest in my home region of Keene NH. hehe. This final version is done in all coloured pencil, and was one of my few attempts at india ink. It took me a few days to finish, working quite religiously on it. Then the scanner butchered it. And then my roommate from hell stole my portfolio, and chucked it. This picture went with it. I'm really damn upset over that. So, what prints I had sold of this are what prints will ever be in existance. If you bought one AC00, consider yourself lucky.\r\n\r\nArtwork Lissa Newkirk

Image: 4_talon.jpg   744x704 103362 bytes 2000.10.20

A picture I drew for Talon. I thought it really good of my skills at that time. I'm still fairly happy with it despite it's age. There are some errors in it, I'll more than admitt that. Artwork Lissa Newkirk

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