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Image: phallon2.jpg   561x772 69350 bytes 2002.08.04

This, is my good friend Phallon. :) I'm not gonna tell him it's here. We'll see how long it takes him to find out. I coloured it all in Adobe Photoshop. And had drawn it while at AC behind Phallon's back ^.^\r\n\r\nPhallon is © Ken P. \r\nArt is © Lissa Newkirk

Image: prey_pounce.jpg   791x579 160828 bytes 2001.02.01

for Preyfar because he was lonely. Preyfar © his creator artwork © myself

Image: preyfar_butt.jpg   734x1010 242501 bytes 2001.10.16

Preyfar, butt. Lineless. Coloured pencils.\r\n\r\nSean has been a good friend of mine for a while now. I don't know how long, but long enough. =) i like talking to him all the time, and he always has something funny to say. so i needed practice on drawing butts, i should draw more butts. because i love butts. but i really love drawing Preyfar.\r\n\r\nNo stealing little blue hyena. He belongs the Sean. Danke. \r\n\r\nArt © Lissa Newkirk

Image: preyfar_hunter.jpg   739x478 90334 bytes 2001.09.07

I KNOW IT'S YELLOWED! THE PAPER IS THAT COLOUR!!!!!\r\n\r\nonto the next part.....\r\n\r\nThis is Preyfar. Cause Preyfar rocks. =)\r\nThe mighty little hunter that could.\r\n

Image: preyfar_lissa.jpg   387x530 111250 bytes 2000.11.18

it was a quick sketchy for Preyfar. hehe, you wouldn't understand any of the inside jokes in this... so nevermind... just bow to him like a good cult, and eat your wheat thins. Preyfar copyright himself, and I am copyright myself. thanky.\n

Image: renomaxwells_jackel.jpg   675x386 42865 bytes 2002.04.05

Trade with the Reno. Reno Maxwell that is. It's her Jackel character. And since I haven't heard anything from her, I assume I've done this okay.\r\n\r\nJackel is ostrich racing. Only the few who read my livejournal will understand that though. \r\n\r\nArtwork © Lissa Newkirk\r\nCharacter description © Reno Maxwell

Image: roux_col.jpg   752x917 168539 bytes 2001.11.11

I'm sure you can guess.\r\n \r\n But, anyhow, here's the yammer. I drew her, because a long time ago Chris Goodwin introduced me to her artwork. I can't say it was fall down dead the first time i saw it. It was more like, oh, hey that's nice. good anatomy. okay! and then slowly, i saw more and more of it. and i began to really look forward to her next spoofy little picture.\r\n And then everyone went and jumped on the bandwaggon. and I held off drawing my own rendition of her character. And then Pseudo Manitu said, draw her anyway. she likes it. so i did. and so, without further adou, it's Roux. \r\n

Image: sabrina.jpg   520x990 180585 bytes 2000.10.20

one of my first requests. This pretty werewolf is from WolfHome. \r\n\r\nAnd the art is © Lissa Newkirk

Image: skippy_king.jpg   611x842 661955 bytes 2001.09.02

I never up'd this one. Oops. o.O\r\n\r\nThis is my Skippy. He's dressed as some french type king person. Cause he rocks. In the stones down your left-hand side, if you look carefull you should see his name encrypted. =)\r\n\r\nHe (the original) was bought at anthrocon. Even after he failed in the auction, i was draggin it around, and a very nice kitty liked it and bought him *hugs Dante*\r\n\r\nSkippy and artwork are © Lissa Newkirk

Image: skippy_valentine.jpg   800x600 159086 bytes 2001.02.19

WHOO HOO! IT UPLOADED FULLY... *grumble* stupid bitch.... eheh..... anywhoo, here's my "v-day" picture. I made it as generic to any other scene i could cause, i don't particularly love valentines, nor did i believe everyone else did, and it's useless to make a picture only to be looked once. =P Skip Leopard and artwork © myself

Image: stability.jpg   850x670 108045 bytes 2003.04.16

I'm not sure if it should be in sketches or not. But I think it can go here. So, if Ch'marr feels the need, I won't complain if he moves it.\r\n\r\nAnyhow, it's _almost_ furry.... it a live modeling, the guy is one of my friends. So that made it pretty cool. Of course the dragon wasn't really there.....\r\n\r\nyes, it's on grey paper.\r\n\r\n©Lissa Newkirk

Image: stiches_graffiti.jpg   750x1100 435490 bytes 2001.02.22

hey! i think it finally uploaded! yay! um anyhow, This is my character and her two stuffies. The wolf is a representation of Talon, and the cheetah dude is a representation of Feral. I was inspired by various images, a rock group, and my past. yay. All characters and artwork © myself.

Image: thanksgiving_01.jpg   744x550 101834 bytes 2001.11.15

Okie, here's the real one.\r\n The first upload of this was oversized for our newspaper here at school. Ftp servers hate me, i can never get them to let me login. \r\n \r\n At any rate, here's my thanksgiving picture. It's Feral pouncing a turkey, and dragging my little native self behind. The turkey is, well about to crap himself. He's holding a eat dirt sign if you can't read that.\r\n The background sucks. I'm going to redo it when i get the time. But i needed a quick fix. I was a week behind in my newspaper comic.\r\n\r\nLissa, Feral, and artwork © Lissa Newkirk\r\n

Image: TIMBERWOLF.JPG   611x838 84722 bytes 2000.10.20

Just to prove I CAN do realistic. \r\nThe title of this one is "Timberwolf : Forgotten Face"\r\n\r\nArtwork © Lissa Newkirk

Image: werehead1.JPG   640x480 82966 bytes 2002.02.01

I made some transformation art. I've never sculpted before. This is my second attempt at a head. He's about 9 inches tall, and 9 inches in width. It's plaster that I chisled. blah blah blah. I like it a lot.

Image: werehead2.JPG   384x446 37319 bytes 2002.02.01

I made some transformation art. I've never sculpted before. This is my second attempt at a head. He's about 9 inches tall, and 9 inches in width. It's plaster that I chisled. blah blah blah. I like it a lot.

Image: werehead5.JPG   480x640 76124 bytes 2002.02.01

i like this veiw a lot. that's his tongue on the bottom btw. You can't tell but the roof of the mouth is chiseled out as well.\r\n\r\nhe was left choppy on purpose.

Image: windcrest.jpg   469x558 100889 bytes 2003.02.11

Windcrest is © Sean P.\r\n\r\nI'm going to tinker with the water a little more...\r\n\r\nArt is © Elisabeth Newkirk\r\n

Image: wirewolf_illust.jpg   540x840 178543 bytes 2005.09.08

An illustration I made for Wirewolf's "THE PACK"

Image: zebra1.jpg   425x639 71851 bytes 2002.12.17

Zebra mouse, meet the world, World, meet my zebra mouse!\r\n\r\nI haven't named her yet. And her character still need some tweeking, but she's awfully damn cute.\r\n\r\nAnd, as far as I know I'm the owner of the only one. =) Yay! I'm original!\r\n\r\nnameless (as of yet) Zebra Mouse and artwork are © Lissa Newkirk ...who's going to get herself two when she gets out of college...

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