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Image: OnyxSketch2.jpg   500x684 169587 bytes 2002.10.23

*rubs neck* Son of a...ouch. Well. This is the colored version of a concept sketch of Onyx..for whatever the heck I might use it for, used Photoshop 7 to color it. It's (c) to Lizzie Peterson, who is going to go and die now. x_x

Image: onyxstruggle.jpg   546x670 66671 bytes 2001.03.09

Yay! Onyx! This was done at three in the morning listening to the Generator Gawl opening theme, inspired by pictures of Setsuna Mudou by Kaori-sama. Yuki Kaori is a goddess..her art should be worshipped...go look up Angel Sanctuary on Anipike NOW! Or I will hurt you! @_@\r\nOnyx is (c) Me and My weirdo self.

Image: viccyformal.jpg   367x608 47244 bytes 2000.12.21

Viccy in a purty dress! Not bad for being done in half an hour! ^-^; I think I might've overdone the sparkly things, and there's a trace of signature, but other than that, it's fine. \r\nVictoria (c) me. Yes. Me.\n

Image: aiaoformal.jpg   333x625 51410 bytes 2000.12.21

A piccy for Ty-chan again, MY concept of what Aiao's dress for the little Solstice-Ball-thingie on Chaos should be. I hope she likes. ^-^\r\nAiao is (c) Ashley Walker\n

Image: devair.jpg   298x636 45672 bytes 2000.12.17

Ty requested this from me. She said she liked. Zip said he liked. So I think I did good this time, neh? *grinz* Aahahahahh...he looks evil. c_c;\r\nDevair is (c) Zip. Yesh. \r\n\n

Image: request01.jpg   350x527 49663 bytes 2000.12.11

This one is pretty cool, but I lost the email addy of the guy who requested it from me. So..if you're out there...yeah. Email me.\n

Image: hitsgiftpic.jpg   583x833 74956 bytes 2000.12.11

WAAAAI! This is so kakkoi! I don't get the PokeMorph thing to begin with, but Carrie-chan's PikaMorphs are kawaii, and I decided to use her Pikachi chick for a 10,000 hits thing for her webpage. She's another one of my old friends and I feel bad that I hated her for no reason at all for about a year. Besides that, she's a really nice person and I wanted to do something for her. ^-^\r\nPikachu Chick is (c) Carrie Legault\n

Image: fiona.jpg   369x587 49191 bytes 2000.12.11

I LOVE how this one turned out! I'm so happy! ^-^ I want the outfit the fire-kitty's wearing...nooo...@_x\r\nAnyhow, Fiona is (c) Bill Mc-somethingerother/Fury/Mercad\n

Image: baxter01.jpg   388x679 43014 bytes 2000.12.11

Court's character, Baxter! I've drawn my rl b/f's char before, I just haven't scanned 'em because he has both of them. This is the first one I've actually scanned in. *drools at the piccy* Too bad the scanner mauled this one. Aaaugh, stupid scanner...always ruins my piccies...\r\nBaxter is (c) Courtney Lewis. (Love 'ya, sweetie! ^-^)\n

Image: onyxfallen.jpg   334x394 46533 bytes 2000.09.08

Okay, yeah, I KNOW, she's nekkid, so what, bleh, most furries are. Number two, she has a sword. No hentai intended, I'm not into that. THRIDLY, her hand is somewhere conspicous, and if you're thinking what I think you're thinking, then you're a HENTAI! H-E-N-T-A-I!!! HEEEEEEENNNNTAAAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!\r\n*deep breath* @_@\r\nMust..take..anger management..classes...AAAAAAAAAUGH!!! \r\nj/k, I know I'm a retard. ^-^;\n

Image: peppimp.jpg   294x409 37437 bytes 2000.09.08

One thing I have to say. \r\nOnce Pep's bitch...always Pep's bitch. \r\nPep (c) Kat-chan\n

Image: missygoth.jpg   300x456 41032 bytes 2000.09.08

Don't ask me why I felt like drawing this...I just did...besides, Missy kicks ass. She's an awesome artist with, like, no I think. Really, kickass chicka. Anyhow, Mishii is (c) to Sara Hammond. Yesh.\n

Image: foxchick.jpg   377x529 46680 bytes 2000.08.14

I was bored during the Academy Awards show, so I drew this. Yes. Foxy-vixen chick. Lookin' pretty and such. Yes. ^-^\n

Image: wildjett.jpg   588x706 81383 bytes 2000.08.14

Wildfyre (which I screwed up on) and Jett, her psycho-bitch sister. I like this one. Yay. Lizzie happy. @_x;;\r\nWildfyre and Jett (c) C. Gast\n

Image: wildfyre.jpg   434x597 56073 bytes 2000.08.14

Well..she used to be ChaosMUCK's Co-god. I dunno. Raven likes new blood? @_x;; Maybe. Anyhow. This is Wild. Wild is a brassie. Wild kicks ass. Onyx lieks Wild because she kicks ass. Any more questions? \r\nTarani Wildfyre (c) C. Gast\n

Image: victoria03.jpg   321x762 51478 bytes 2000.08.14

Same deal..except this isn't as cute as the last one.\n

Image: victoria02.jpg   413x592 53359 bytes 2000.08.14

I'm trying the 'new outfit' thing with Viccy...\n

Image: viccysky.jpg   550x504 52819 bytes 2000.08.14

Chibi Victoria and Chibi Skylock. Self-explanatory. ~_^\r\nSkylock (c) Mike.\r\n\n

Image: rosewood.jpg   272x522 35591 bytes 2000.08.14

Reeeaally old pic of Princess Rosewood Capriole. Yes, I had a unicorn character, but where I played her at the time I didn't really do anything as her because all of the people in charge of running the TP's were TS'ing. OH WELL. I like this. I made one of my best friends envious of the shading, which doesn't show up thanks to the horrible, evil scanner I own, get the idea.\n

Image: syna-eve.jpg   240x523 24831 bytes 2000.08.14

Syna-eve! All kewl and pretty! Yes! Gaah..something's weird about it. I don't know what. But..pft, oh well. Doing pics when school's still in session will do that to you. It sloooowly kills you...\r\nSyna-eve (c) Ru Griffin\n

Image: spell.jpg   535x659 54348 bytes 2000.08.14

Image: shattered.jpg   428x541 75778 bytes 2000.08.14 little twelve-year-old vixen villainess. Hikari Arashi. She's all screwed up because her family was killed on her tenth birthday, and ever since, she's been looking for revenge, and since she doesn't know who did it, she's taking it out on everyone like the good little jaded arctic foxie she is. \n

Image: onyx01.jpg   228x538 31683 bytes 2000.08.14

Onyx is a little badass. I like. I'm pleased with myself. Because I'm so wonderful. Oh yes..c_c;\r\nAnyhow, new look for Onyx. She needed one.\n

Image: merle-na.jpg   200x345 22917 bytes 2000.08.14

A Dark Legion character I thought up one really late night. I don't know...might acutally use her, might not. But I think she looks cool. ^-^\n

Image: jfaine.jpg   413x775 63294 bytes 2000.08.14

I'm such a loser...gah...I was supposed to do this about a year or so ago, and then I never got around to it because something really terrible happened *coughscorchcough* and we didn't talk to each other for a year. So here I am, doing this now. \r\nJohnathan Faine (c) Mike. Yes. Mike. Because I can't remember how to spell his last name, and if I spell it wrong, he'll kick my ass.\n

Image: hikari01.jpg   297x437 36779 bytes 2000.08.14

Hikari Arashi, in her fighting duds. Yay. I have a little angel-winged-vixen-villainess chick. ^________^\n

Image: missy.jpg   465x900 79130 bytes 2000.08.14

Something I did of Missy a looong time ago. Again, just because I felt like it. The b/g's crappy, yeah, but...pft, I have PSP 5. Not everyone can get Photoshop..but..then again..if you send me money, I'll be very happy. Yes. j/k.\r\nMissy (c) Sara Hammond\n

Image: slayerspep.jpg   467x565 71912 bytes 2000.08.14

Yes! Other birthday present for my bitchy sistah. Peppy in a Lina Inverse type outfit. Yay. She least I think she did..@_x;\r\nPeppy (c) Kat-sama\n

Image: shadow.jpg   223x554 38893 bytes 2000.08.14

Shadow kept on whining he was surrounded by beautiful artist women and one would draw him. So I took pity upon his mortal soul and drew him Shadow. Pretty nice for not having a pen, don't ya think?\r\nShadow (c) Derek\n

Image: pepangel.jpg   381x496 43204 bytes 2000.08.14

Nice little one-winged fallen angel thingie I just felt like doing. See? Even has the cherry-blossom thing going on..heheh..^-^\r\nPeppy (c) Kat-chan..\n

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