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Image: littleplayfullionessVCL.jpg   557x794 51484 bytes 2006.02.17

She's playing in the savannah\r\n\r\nwhat shoul i say , just a cute little thing .\r\ni like her *squeee*\r\n\r\nPlease enjoy\r\n\r\nmy galleries :\r\\r\n\r\n

Image: PheniyandTribalWEB.jpg   634x918 201351 bytes 2006.02.17

" Hey blue Phenix!\r\nWait for me! I wanna fly with you!\r\nI wanna dance like the leaves in the wind and I wanna float like the clouds in the sky!"\r\n\r\n" SO.. YOU wann a come with ME ?\r\nHurry up! It's a wonderfull place called "Dreams" between the clouds"

Image: windmagicianWEB.jpg   495x700 148786 bytes 2006.02.17

"Look at the leaves\r\nthey tell stories from the year\r\n\r\nfalling and bringing new live\r\nthey whisper their songs to me\r\n\r\nand my friend the wind\r\nit plays with them\r\n\r\nthey are the children of the wind"\r\n\r\nShe told me this as the leaves floated around her and she had this magical smile on her face\r\nshe looked so young , but with the knowlegde of centuries\r\nAnd the wind began to rise..\r\ni blinked... and as i could see clearly again ..\r\nshe was gone ...\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------\r\nYEAH! a pic from me again ..i think it was realy time\r\ni love this one\r\nbut i wil sell it on EF next week , hope somebody will like it.I spend hours..i think 12 or 14 ..don't realy know\r\ntoo long i think\r\nplease enjoy it ^^\r\nAnd be lost in reverie while looking\r\nEosFoxx

Image: TribalFoxxWEB.jpg   424x600 144392 bytes 2005.09.08

An older one from me \r\nMade I think april this year (2005)\r\n\r\nBut I still like it \r\n\r\nThe TrybalFoxx (c) EosFoxx\r\nart (c) EosFoxx\r\n

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