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Image: cake_for_tawnihoula.jpg   553x385 52712 bytes 2002.12.28

it's for Tawnihoula and the holiday art exchange. She likes Cake and so do I! Tawnihoula © herself

Image: kep_air.jpg   381x590 42193 bytes 2002.12.06

Kep grabs some major air. (I cheated on this one and traced the general shape of the bike from a photo)

Image: kep.jpg   361x537 52779 bytes 2002.12.06

Another furry woodland creature on a bike. (I'm trying to get away from drawing just wolves) Say hello to Kep.

Image: dab_reffie.jpg   626x524 47533 bytes 2002.12.06

This is my new character, Dab. Dab is a raccoon with a passion for mountain biking. His mighty steed is modeled after the Intense M1, a bike that literally quickens my pulse even thinking about it. Expect much more of him and others as soon as I refine my bike geometry and perspective techniques.

Image: last_page.gif   321x600 16830 bytes 2002.12.03

So I finally finished an entire sketchbook. I'm so proud of myself.

Image: apology.gif   472x670 33042 bytes 2002.12.03

self-expanatory. The scanner in the escape pod is working like crap all of the sudden, so I have to start inking my drawings to make them look decent. You may notice that this much cleaner than any of my other drawings, except for the bottom portion. (I sketched the shadow in pen without doing any pencil-work and the shoes are colored in with pencil. you can tell how badly the scanner was acting from the right shoe, which on the drawing is a solid, uniform tone as far as the human eye can discern.) Alright, I'll go complain to someone who cares now. Sorry.

Image: inside_joke.jpg   800x502 37618 bytes 2002.12.02

Hahahaaa! I love inside jokes. this is just between Amberdrake and myself. Look for her part of the joke as well! Maybe some people can guess what its about (maybe not. either way it probably wont be funny) but it's funny to us. Oh well. Guess you had to be there...

Image: indy.jpg   434x670 39077 bytes 2002.11.27

Heres a furry Indiana Jones exploring a cave. I am a huge Indy fan and I would draw a heck of a lot more of these if I could draw a better hat. I kind of want to make him my own character with some cool name, but for now he's © to Lucasfilm Ltd and the artwork is © Eric Cornwell. Note the shadow - If you watch the movies a lot (like I do) you'll notice that shadow elements are used quite frequently throughout the films. I may decide to color this later. (I know I could really go wild with the lighting effects.)

Image: tankmustang.jpg   800x514 36632 bytes 2002.11.27

More muscle cars! I think this one looks really good. (especially since I colored it. Me likes lallow) Tank's feet? er...uh...they're....they're behind the tire! yeah... And the license plate is for someone I know (sorta)

Image: Sarin.jpg   353x634 21671 bytes 2002.11.27

For an art trade with Little Blue Wolf. ça, ces't Sarin!

Image: str8edge.jpg   413x685 26322 bytes 2002.11.25

Yeah, thats me. The straightedger. No drugs, no alcohol, and no tobacco. Just good clean fun. I really like this drawing. Perspectives are fun to do and they look great if you get it right. (Hey, look! I'm only nine inches tall!) he he.

Image: sunset.jpg   800x522 47088 bytes 2002.11.24

I don't know whether I envy Riff more for his car or for his girl. so I drew them both.\r\n\r\n*sigh* cuddle, anyfur?

Image: riffchillin.jpg   356x653 22084 bytes 2002.11.15

It''s Riff. He's just chillin'

Image: xboxlive.jpg   325x609 16812 bytes 2002.11.15

Yeah.... I kick ass.

Image: jonny_kool.jpg   796x436 15177 bytes 2002.11.15

Jonny Kool is a character from a Brian Setzer song. (actually two) He's one of those badass rebel types who wears a leather jacket and drives like a bat outta hell. More Photoshop fun. Lens flares and several layers of different Opacity.

Image: artclass.jpg   428x604 28093 bytes 2002.11.15 art class is kind of dull. We always do still life and draw stupid stuff like three white eggs on a white sheet of paper. One day I was having trouble so I just took out my sketchbook and started drawing this. Some experimentation with plastic wrap in Photoshop. (It kind of makes it look like the glass I was trying to draw)

Image: riffdrive.jpg   612x353 28521 bytes 2002.11.15

You know how every car commercial you see has those little words at the bottom that say "Proffessional Driver. Closed Course." Well here is the way it ought to be.

Image: ska_wolf.jpg   249x350 8492 bytes 2002.11.13

This is the pic in my avatar. It was originally a poster that is copyrighted to a ska band called Madness, but I have altered it so that it has a wolf's head. I think it looks pretty cool like this. Skank it up!

Image: raleigh.jpg   800x522 40621 bytes 2002.11.11

OK, storytime! Some weeks ago I wrecked my Raleigh on my way to class, totaling the fork. I didn't want to spend the money on a new fork since I was buying a whole new bike soon, so I sold it to my next-door neighbor. He bought a fork and some other new parts for it and so now here I am showing Him how"robust" the bike still is by doing 180 tailwhips in the hallways of our dorm. He then got on the bike and ran into the walls. hee hee!

Image: hilltop.gif   490x800 11655 bytes 2002.11.11

I thought this one was nice because this picture is literally right off the scanner ('cept for the inverted parts, of course.) it must've had some threshold option already configured. strange, because it didn't do this to any of my other pics. Anyway, it's me looking sad on a little hilltop.

Image: escpod.jpg   393x588 32464 bytes 2002.11.11

I thought this would be funny because the computer lab where I scan my drawings is called the "escape pod". something to do with engineering, science, something, something. This is my first comic-style drawing

Image: talabyeric.gif   491x658 20175 bytes 2002.11.11

This is for an art trade with Amberdrake, who was there with me from the beginning. (we even registered on the same day) Her character's name is Tala. and the artwork is © to me.

Image: flyboyoldphoto.jpg   651x424 29966 bytes 2002.11.10

here I have altered the pic to make it look like an old photograph. this helps explain why we cant see the whole airplane, and plus the background doesnt look all that bad. I'm not sure which version I like more.

Image: flyboy.jpg   651x424 36394 bytes 2002.11.10

I've always really liked reading about WWII pilots and their exciting aerial adventures. had I the chance, I would gladly trade my life for that of a "flyboy" and take to the skies over Europe and stare death in the face. Anyway I really liked how this pic came out, except that I couldn't fit the entire plane in my sketchbook. the clothing folds are pretty good, though. the best I've ever done.

Image: riffamber.jpg   420x619 18839 bytes 2002.11.10

I've seen a lot of these "snuggly couples" on VCL so I thought I would do one, too. The problem now is that Riff has a girlfriend and I don't. I'm so jealous! grrrr.

Image: larger404.jpg   417x647 24328 bytes 2002.11.10

this is my 404 pic, before I reduced it

Image: reneebed.jpg   338x546 25737 bytes 2002.11.10

heres a drawing of some hottie I'm going to call Renée. I have a bit of trouble drawing females (especially hot ones) but this is a huge improvement over some of my past attempts. I can't believe I forgot her tail! actually, I do this on a lot of my drawings and have to go back at some point and add a tail to EVERY single drawing. this one just got to the scanner before I realized it.

Image: ramen.jpg   631x423 33804 bytes 2002.11.10

this is a tribute to the staple food product of college students' diets everywhere. Ramen noodles!\r\n

Image: focus.jpg   424x609 26415 bytes 2002.11.10

Here's what furs like myself do when they drive. I love my focus! Its so pretty and yellow. the coloring here isn't what I hoped it would be, but it's still cool

Image: riffbass.jpg   384x538 26401 bytes 2002.11.10

Here's the bass player. his name's Riff.

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