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Image: superish.gif   404x621 138954 bytes 2000.01.31

Faster than a speeding rock! More powerful than a tube of Vaseline! Able to leap tall shopping bags in a single bound! It's... Super-ish 'Bela! Well, I feel like a superhero today, so I figured I'm entitled to draw myself as one...kinda. Pic and me are my own. ;>\n

Image: fka.gif   864x480 65828 bytes 2000.01.31

The Fastest Koala Alive can kick the fecking llama's ass! *cough* *grin* Don't ask. Anyway, here's the Fastest Koala Alive. Clocked at...faster than any other koala alive! Hence the designation. Has a rivalry with a certain fecking llama, who of course, always loses. The FKA is not mine, instead belonging to the wonderful Jackie Kirkland, but thankfully I am allowed to draw said FKA. *grin* This goes out to my *izmosisses.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: lheanna.gif   300x566 26415 bytes 2000.01.21

\r\n'Bela gets yet another request. I feel so special. ;> Lheanna of Redwall MUCK. I this pic. Just something about it. Maybe it's her expression. I think I captured the sense of..(quoted from her description) '...she wouldn't scare small children...ordinarily. But her expression could. She rather looks like she wants to bite something.' *grin*. She doesn't look like a happy camper. It's also one of the first straight on headshots I've done that looks REMOTELY good. *grin* Hope you enjoy, Marlymoo. Char's hers, pic's mine. Oh, and for the record, it's my first new pic of 2000. :D\n

Image: superspiff.gif   400x360 29201 bytes 1999.11.17

Being goofy, playing around with PSP, and this came out. Transported to a psychedelic alternate dimension, or just the victim of a bizarre artist, you make the call. ;>\n

Image: imisshim.gif   415x683 39563 bytes 1999.11.03

Sometimes you feel a lot lonelier than other times. I'll miss you, Keith. Come back soon.\n

Image: dumble.gif   378x586 32166 bytes 1999.10.28

Ooo. 'Bela gets an actual request. ;> Redwall MUCK's Dumble, the Conspiracy* version. Dumble belongs to her, the drawing's mine. Enjoy!\n

Image: abbela.gif   411x482 68095 bytes 1999.10.27

A picture I drew on my birthday (10/22) this year, decided to scan and color. Although I really think the shading job stinks >.<, I otherwise really like this pic. It's Abbela, just hanging out, etc.\n

Image: consine.jpg   434x576 31274 bytes 1999.10.27

A pic I did for Redwall MUCK's Consine. Char's hers, pic's mine, you know the drill. :P\n

Image: agentgrom2.jpg   411x601 37221 bytes 1999.10.27

Abbela, decked out in Squirrel in Black fashion, from the Redwall MUCK Conspiracy* chat group (Home of the A/ixes, accept no substitutes), and Nameless MUCK. Pic's mine, 'Bela is too, yadda, yadda, yadda.\n

Image: tessa.jpg   253x603 27757 bytes 1999.10.25

My char from Sherwood and Redwall MUCKs. Ain't she cute? ;>\n

Image: belaflag.jpg   591x876 71289 bytes 1999.10.25

Abbela in my high school flag uniform, going through a well-rehearsed pregame ritual.\n

Image: foreant.jpg   349x439 18775 bytes 1999.10.25

A foreman-ant looks over his worksite. :P Gotta love the blueprints. ;>\n

Image: kdgkitty2.jpg   282x470 24527 bytes 1999.10.25

A little cat heading off for her first day of Catholic school. (Eugh, those uniforms became the bane of my existance, but they don't start OUT too bad. :P) I really need to work on my feet, but I still like this pic. ^_^\n

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