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Image: sleepybearicon.jpg   100x62 2886 bytes 2001.11.23

And a sleepy bear, also for Sarah! Again, it's teeny on purpose. Nee!

Image: PPSarahicon.jpg   42x100 2185 bytes 2001.11.23

PowerPuff Sarah! It's teeny on purpose. Yee!

Image: waterdragon.jpg   800x466 46365 bytes 2001.11.04

A water dragon, which is an art exchange with somebody, whose name I can't remember. I'll update the description with zie's name and information when I have it. I'll also replace the picture when I've figured out how to give it an underwater background.

Image: orion2.jpg   354x543 37818 bytes 2001.11.04

Orion the draconid, playingc croquet. I haven't drawn much in a long long time, and I can tell that there are things wrong with this picture... but despite being out of practice, I think it turned out rather well. I'm not sure why Orion is playing croquet, though...

Image: baxilbunny.gif   51x64 2475 bytes 2001.11.04

Bax with bunny ears. Uh... there's an explanation for this, but - er. Well. Anyway, that's what it is, yep.

Image: gelunicorn.jpg   184x232 7836 bytes 2000.12.25

I wanted to do a picture with my new gel pens - and I'd never drawn a unicorn, so... here's my first unicorn, with gel pens. Yee! I like how it looks fierce, like it's ready to fight. Booyah!\n

Image: geldragon.jpg   216x280 10850 bytes 2000.12.25

Doodle, playing with my new gel pens. I don't think this one is as successful as the unicorn. Maybe I was trying too hard with this, I dunno. Eh.\n

Image: encounter.jpg   416x228 15504 bytes 2000.12.25

Kresa meets Princess Fluffybutt! ;) Insanely cute picture... I'll replace it with the colored version when I get it done, but I just wanted to share this. Everybody, all together - "Aaaawwwww!" :D\n

Image: dragontat3.jpg   576x760 89118 bytes 2000.12.25

Third version of the dragon tattoo! I know, it looks a lot like dragontat2, but there's some slight changes. When I finally get it inked on me for real, I'll take a picture so you can see how it turns out. ;)\n

Image: dragonfamily.jpg   728x560 88780 bytes 2000.12.25

My dragon family! Front row, left to right: Rossark, Krisa, Erin, Jia, Rasha, Baxil. Fluttering above: Frango. In the background: Midnight. I'll update the picture when I color in Midnight, but I'm not sure how to tackle the challenge of a black dragon yet, so I'm uploading this version so that if I mess it up, I can try again. :p\n

Image: Saggigimitutariusess.jpg   783x700 76923 bytes 2000.11.12

Also, way back when I was researching the Skitter picture for Lil' Lady, I read the stuff she has up on her section of the archive and found that our birthdays are about a day (and several years) apart. So almost happy birthday, Lil' Lady! Saggimitariusses rule! This centaur-lady looks a bit disdainful of that bow, though I can't really say I blame her - I have no idea how to draw 'em. \n

Image: Skitter.jpg   800x875 130753 bytes 2000.11.12

Okay, this is the part where I prostrate myself and beg forgiveness to Lil' Lady, who did a beyootafull picture of Jia several months ago for a "picture exchange," and I'm only now uploading my half of the exchange. *abase* *genuflect* *whimperformercy* Skitter is &copy Lil' Lady, and... and... I'M SORRY SORRY SORRY THAT I TOOK SO LONG!! PLEEEEEEZE FORGIVE ME!! *sob*\n

Image: Wren_spatula.jpg   1125x1517 119437 bytes 2000.11.12

Wren does the spatula dance of joy. I may color this later on; after getting this far I abandoned it for some reason, but looking at it again months later, I'm not sure why - it looks okay. Hmph.\n

Image: tribaltattoo.jpg   717x917 68040 bytes 2000.11.12

Abstract tribal tattoo design, presented for your edification and amusement and stuff and things.\n

Image: Malykitty.jpg   950x750 227823 bytes 2000.11.12

So Maly (Malystryxx? sp?) is having a contest to design her new look, and I went for a non-dragony Maly. Fluffy kitty with horns and crow wings; maybe &copy Maly if she likes it!\n

Image: dragontat2.jpg   1067x1225 171231 bytes 2000.11.12

No, it's not a pun - this is the second "dragontat" picture, and it effectively replaces the first. I don't like the first "dragontat" picture as much as I did when I first drew it, which is okay - I haven't had it added to my body permanently yet, and there's still time to change my mind. Let this be a lesson to you, kids! I like this one *much* better; I'm planning on one small rework, and if I still like it in two months, I'll put together the money and get it inked in my skin. Mrrr... tattoos...\n

Image: crayondragon.jpg   1358x1233 375041 bytes 2000.11.12

There's a local 24-hour greasy spoon diner called Beth's, which is renowned for their 12-egg omelette (I haven't had one) and for the fact that they supply blank papers and cups of crayons, and let you draw pictures and put them up on the walls. I usually don't put up my pictures, though - I take them home and stick them up on my own walls. ;) This isn't anydragon in particular; coloration is due entirely to the usually limited selection of crayons available.\n

Image: Tessa.jpg   833x1250 208741 bytes 2000.11.12

My first D&D (have to remember not to put the "A" in that anymore) 3rd edition character, Tessa is 17, and has a charisma of - 17. She's a human sorceress. I'm very impressed with the way that 3rd ed. made humans an attractive species to play. I'm also impressed with this picture, I think I did a good-oh job with a human for once, yay! Maybe I'm just easily impressed, I dunno. D&D &copy - um, Wizards of the Coast, I think. Wait, they got bought by somebody recently... anyway, if it matters, then this is a generic picture of a human, okay? Argh.\n

Image: JiaElynnebadge.jpg   617x475 74204 bytes 2000.11.12

My badge for ConiFur. Yah, I've got kind of a split personality, but the full explanation is *much* stranger. Sad, huh? And that space really was intentionally left blank.\n

Image: dragonsketch.jpg   808x575 37002 bytes 2000.11.12

It's a sketch. Of a dragon. Hence the name. *rejoice*\n

Image: DiabloII.jpg   717x659 87382 bytes 2000.11.12

This isn't the *only* reason I haven't uploaded anything new recently - but it's one of the top three... \n

Image: butterflywings.jpg   1600x992 156739 bytes 2000.11.12

Tattoo design for a friend - hers is black on white, but I like this version, it's spiffy. "Don't place faith in human beings - human beings, or butterfly wings." (lyrics &copy Machines of Loving Grace)\n

Image: Baxbadge.jpg   617x459 61116 bytes 2000.11.12

The badge that I did for Baxil at ConiFur Northwest. Fun con, nice picture. Bax did the lettering himself. Baxil &copy Baxil.\n

Image: drenin.jpg   750x540 114005 bytes 2000.08.20

Drenin, the surfer dragon dude, gets some appreciative female attention... as the picture says, Drenin is &copy Shawn N. Smith (a.k.a. Kaners). Drenin was fun to draw! :)\n

Image: porch_view.jpg   661x750 99844 bytes 2000.08.20

The view from the front porch of our new house. It's pretty accurate; if you sat in the green chair in front of the door and looked off to the left, that's about what you'd see. The flitterdragon might not be there, though. ;)\n

Image: last_day.jpg   1144x463 76155 bytes 2000.08.20

My last day at work was Friday! I wasn't upset enough to cough up a hairball, though - I left on pretty good terms, but this is the result of a thread on AFF, and it was just irresistable. ;)\n

Image: Gaia.jpg   629x905 153764 bytes 2000.08.20

Based on a dream/vision I had one morning a long time ago. This doesn't accurately capture what I saw, but it's the best I can do with my current skills. I'll probably try again later, after I've had more practice. Oil paints, wheee!\n

Image: sketchybits.jpg   546x688 27947 bytes 2000.08.20

More sketchybits. Kinda cool, sorta, neh? Yee!\n

Image: raeko.jpg   609x522 63061 bytes 2000.08.20

Also at the Denver Dragon Meet, we played CoW (if you have to ask...). My character was a hatchling crystal dragon. Raeko was tiny and fairly weak, but when she figured out that she could pretty much charm any humanoid she ran across, it was all downhill from there. :) A very fun game, and I'm very happy with this picture.\n

Image: orianna.jpg   640x556 92539 bytes 2000.08.20

Orianna may be going as "Orion" now, since a lot of people were assuming that he was a female. ;) Including me, but since draconids don't generally have obviously male or female characteristics, this picture works just as well for a guy. Those black markings are supposed to be "chevrons." Obviously, I need more practice drawing them. :p Orianna/Orion is &copy himself.\n

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