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Image: obake_neko.jpg   475x680 41106 bytes 2000.08.20

I'm pretty sure that "obake neko" translates as "demon cat." I'm pretty happy with this; for a rough sketch, I did pretty well at getting the idea across that this isn't a happy fluffy house pet. "Aww, izza cute widdle - AAAHH! My finger!! It bit off my *finger*!!" ;)\n

Image: DenverZoo.jpg   700x390 46894 bytes 2000.08.20

Based on an actual incident, whilst the Denver Dragon Meet was at the Denver Zoo. :) Later on, we saw one of the maned wolves, and the first thing I said was, "Look! A fox on stilts!" It wasn't at all impressed when we called "yiff" at it, though. ;) Also: Tigers go "pook." They do! One did it at us! And the giraffe was *very* interested in all us wierd dragon people...\n

Image: DenverRenfaire.jpg   579x585 42144 bytes 2000.08.20

Huzzah! Another of the fun bits of the Denver Dragon Meet - I enjoyed myself immensely, spent too much money, and got heat stroke. :p Huzzah for heat stroke! \n

Image: DenverMom.jpg   740x506 69312 bytes 2000.08.20

Mom did the dishes for almost the entire time we were at the cabin in Denver (at the Denver Dragon Meet), for which I express boundless, enthusiastic thanks! :) Mom is &copy herself, and I need to make sure she gets to see this picture. *biggryn*\n

Image: DenverHotSprings.jpg   739x430 36085 bytes 2000.08.20

One of the high points of my trip to Denver. *siiiiigh* I still wish I could bring those home with me... wonderful, relaxing, and very smelly. They were *sulfur* springs, after all! :) \n

Image: hrairoo.jpg   314x435 10933 bytes 2000.06.26

Hrairoo is my latest AD&D character; she's a gnoll. Actually, she's a gnoll \r\nflind, but nobody really knows that - she's just reddish, and was considered a \r\nrunt by her tribe/pack. She's very smart, though, and has learned that it's \r\nmuch better to be on the adventurer's side than opposing them. I'm already \r\nhaving a lot of fun playing her...\n

Image: frango.jpg   318x391 15462 bytes 2000.06.26

Frango was hatched a dragon, but she's since decided that she's a shapeshifter.\r\nShe's an odd sort. Colored version will appear later!\n

Image: doodles.jpg   332x386 17898 bytes 2000.06.26

A buncha doodles. I really like the red snakey-dragon-thing; I'll clean that \r\nup and make it its own image soonish.\n

Image: dinos_dracs.jpg   354x534 21792 bytes 2000.06.26

I got the picture book that goes with the "Walking With Dinosaurs" specifically \r\nso I could practice drawing dragon-like heads. I did okay with the two \r\nAllosaurs, but the flat-headed big alligator critter from the first episode (I \r\ncan't remember the name!!) came out looking wierd, and I can't figure out why. \r\nSo I drew a couple of dragons to make myself feel better. The diving dragon in \r\nflight is pretty good - it's the first time I've managed to catch that angle \r\ncorrectly. I might clean that up and make a seperate picture of it later.\n

Image: allofme.jpg   516x315 41408 bytes 2000.06.26

To celebrate the presence of my pictures on the net. Okay, it's *really late*, \r\nbut if it weren't it wouldn't be me, would it? From left to right: Elynne the \r\nanthro lemur, Erin the human, Rasha the Really Real Red Dragon, and Jia \r\nMaebashi the draconid. All of them are more or less me, sort of. All of them \r\nare also &copy me, of course.\n

Image: JTHM.jpg   484x1086 66980 bytes 2000.04.20

Jia The Homicidal Maniac... well, not really. More Matrix-esque, I suppose. Anyway. I'm very happy with the inking job on this one, especially for a first try with so much black! I'm not very happy with my scanner, though; it's definitely dying, so this is likely to be the last new pic you see from me for a while. Oh well, it was cheap. Tentative plans now include sacrificing it to the Technology Daemons at our next house party.\n

Image: b_root.JPG   716x1036 115100 bytes 2000.04.06

It's B. Root, the feathered serpent anthro guy! He's &copy himself, and I think he's currently in Ireland.\n

Image: long_face.JPG   665x1006 109369 bytes 2000.04.06

So... why the long face? \n

Image: mithent.JPG   699x615 41608 bytes 2000.04.06

Requested by Mithent of AFD - aaaaaand late! Mithent is &copy himself.\n

Image: dream.JPG   1596x1167 502255 bytes 2000.03.24

A nearly exact translation of a dream image, done with oil pastels.\n

Image: tribal_drac.JPG   1099x1613 217948 bytes 2000.03.23

Tribal as in Northwest Native American tribes, that is. The style is based loosely off the local tribes' decorations. I drew that at a Heather Alexander concert, which is also the momentous Day I Found Sluggy. Worship the comic! *poing*\n

Image: rashaplushie.JPG   931x1255 204018 bytes 2000.03.23

As a counterpart to ToyBax... RashaPlushie! Nauseatingly cute, isn't it?\n

Image: rashas_treasure.JPG   1153x1295 207957 bytes 2000.03.23

It's Rasha, holding a treasure! This was originally going to be a tattoo, but after looking at it for a while, I decided I didn't like it *that* much. Now that I know what to look for in a picture, I'm much more aware of what exactly is wrong with it. :p\n

Image: easterdwaggie.JPG   1617x1204 519917 bytes 2000.03.23

Happy Easter! :) Crayons are cool!\n

Image: baxsnax.JPG   842x859 143525 bytes 2000.03.20

Bax Snax are made *for* dragons, not *of* dragons. Just thought I'd mention that.\n

Image: jia_matrix.JPG   825x1103 90015 bytes 2000.03.20

Yeehah! *bang* *bang* Now in full colour, for your viewing pleasure! Maybe someday I'll add a background to it.\n

Image: housewarming.JPG   1754x1276 519901 bytes 2000.03.17

A housewarming present for Baxil and Misty. Unfortunately, the scanner isn't big enough for the entire picture, so you're missing out on the "interesting" border. Watercolour pencils, miniature figure ink (I don't know if that stuff is arcrylic or what), ink, and Crayola markers, which I found out after doing part of the border are *very* water soluble. My next art supply purchase is going to be some spray-on sealing stuff... \n

Image: depression.JPG   1217x910 212714 bytes 2000.03.17

Gravity sucks. So does depression - but depression sucks all the life and colour out of your life. It's a big, gaping, bottomless hole, and if you fall into it you can keep falling forever. \n

Image: fire.JPG   737x1036 262976 bytes 2000.03.17

A fire elemetal, which *just coincidentally* happens to look like a dragon. :p I've been drinking a lot of that Snapple Elementals Fire drink, and now I think of this critter as - I don't know, the mascot or something. Done with Prismacolor pencils, oil pastels, and a teensy bit of ink, believe it or not...\n

Image: critters.JPG   842x1145 86853 bytes 2000.03.08

Just a sketch of some critters. You'll prolly see more of them later on. Aren't you lucky?\n

Image: ataras_loss.JPG   1028x796 118045 bytes 2000.02.11

Atara &copy herself.\n

Image: kres.JPG   973x699 101733 bytes 2000.02.10

As it says in the picture - Kres is Jia's brother. He's the only surviving member of her family, for various reasons. I think I managed to capture his serious, somewhat haunted expression quite well. I suspect that there will be more pictures of him on the way soon. :)\n

Image: museumpic.JPG   1098x1551 271492 bytes 2000.02.10

Baxil and I went to a museum last weekend, and at the end there was a thingy where you could "add your voice to the exhibit." Bax looked at me and said "We're going to write something about draconity, aren't we?" ;) Collaborative effort with Baxil, so &copy is for us, I guess. Yay us!\n

Image: whiteclaw.JPG   905x1360 363249 bytes 2000.02.06

By request (my first, if you don't count "Toy Bax"), this is Whiteclaw of AFD! Yay me! It only took four months! *erk* Whiteclaw is &copy himself, o'course.\n

Image: t&r.JPG   1130x768 104914 bytes 2000.02.04

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