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Image: dragontat.JPG   1057x990 121701 bytes 1999.11.23

I can't wait to have this pemanently inscribed in my epidermis!! Pain, blood, ink, needles, yay!! Ooooh...\n

Image: dragontat2.jpg   1067x1225 171231 bytes 2000.11.12

No, it's not a pun - this is the second "dragontat" picture, and it effectively replaces the first. I don't like the first "dragontat" picture as much as I did when I first drew it, which is okay - I haven't had it added to my body permanently yet, and there's still time to change my mind. Let this be a lesson to you, kids! I like this one *much* better; I'm planning on one small rework, and if I still like it in two months, I'll put together the money and get it inked in my skin. Mrrr... tattoos...\n

Image: dragontat3.jpg   576x760 89118 bytes 2000.12.25

Third version of the dragon tattoo! I know, it looks a lot like dragontat2, but there's some slight changes. When I finally get it inked on me for real, I'll take a picture so you can see how it turns out. ;)\n

Image: draknfoxie.JPG   828x647 80450 bytes 1999.12.17

Awww... it's a dragon with a little foxie. I was very happy and proud of this picture until I'd finished inking and started coloring, and realized I'd forgotten the wings. *sigh* It's still a cute picture, though.\n

Image: dream.JPG   1596x1167 502255 bytes 2000.03.24

A nearly exact translation of a dream image, done with oil pastels.\n

Image: drenin.jpg   750x540 114005 bytes 2000.08.20

Drenin, the surfer dragon dude, gets some appreciative female attention... as the picture says, Drenin is &copy Shawn N. Smith (a.k.a. Kaners). Drenin was fun to draw! :)\n

Image: easilyamused.JPG   1082x948 137140 bytes 1999.11.29

Based on a true story! No, I didn't really vacumn the baby. I really *really* wanted to, though. To this day, I'm still not sure *why*...\n

Image: easterdwaggie.JPG   1617x1204 519917 bytes 2000.03.23

Happy Easter! :) Crayons are cool!\n

Image: elynne.JPG   935x943 190635 bytes 1999.11.22

This is Elynne, the anthropomorphic lemur chick, with her trusty inflateable fuzzy squeaky trout. She only bafs people with it when she's feeling silly, though. Of course, Elynne *always* feel silly... it's kind of her default setting...\n

Image: elynnesinksatlantis.JPG   775x943 92864 bytes 1999.11.29

In a former life, Elynne (the busty lemur anthro chick) was a shoe salesperson in Atlantis. She didn't make the shoes, she just sold them. Anyway, one day she was walking along and saw a small, little-used side building. When she went inside, she found an enormous rubber plug, right next to a sign saying "DO NOT PULL!" Being a lemur (ringtail, no less), naturally she couldn't resist. The event was so traumatic that it etched itself into her soul. Now, she has to have somebody else come in and drain the tub after she's taken a bath.\n

Image: encounter.jpg   416x228 15504 bytes 2000.12.25

Kresa meets Princess Fluffybutt! ;) Insanely cute picture... I'll replace it with the colored version when I get it done, but I just wanted to share this. Everybody, all together - "Aaaawwwww!" :D\n

Image: fire.JPG   737x1036 262976 bytes 2000.03.17

A fire elemetal, which *just coincidentally* happens to look like a dragon. :p I've been drinking a lot of that Snapple Elementals Fire drink, and now I think of this critter as - I don't know, the mascot or something. Done with Prismacolor pencils, oil pastels, and a teensy bit of ink, believe it or not...\n

Image: frango.jpg   318x391 15462 bytes 2000.06.26

Frango was hatched a dragon, but she's since decided that she's a shapeshifter.\r\nShe's an odd sort. Colored version will appear later!\n

Image: frontsketch.JPG   969x653 72717 bytes 1999.11.29

I'd just bought Jack Hamm's Big Book O' Animals, and had to try it out. Just a pen sketch, nothing fancy.\n

Image: Gaia.jpg   629x905 153764 bytes 2000.08.20

Based on a dream/vision I had one morning a long time ago. This doesn't accurately capture what I saw, but it's the best I can do with my current skills. I'll probably try again later, after I've had more practice. Oil paints, wheee!\n

Image: geldragon.jpg   216x280 10850 bytes 2000.12.25

Doodle, playing with my new gel pens. I don't think this one is as successful as the unicorn. Maybe I was trying too hard with this, I dunno. Eh.\n

Image: gelunicorn.jpg   184x232 7836 bytes 2000.12.25

I wanted to do a picture with my new gel pens - and I'd never drawn a unicorn, so... here's my first unicorn, with gel pens. Yee! I like how it looks fierce, like it's ready to fight. Booyah!\n

Image: goldstripe.JPG   793x671 68992 bytes 1999.12.17

Delanya's mate. He's *laughing*, not yawning or attacking. \n

Image: goodbyebluesky.JPG   480x559 41257 bytes 1999.11.24

Rossark and child. "Look, daddy, there's an airplane high up in the sky..." No, this story doesn't have a happy ending. \n

Image: greendrak.JPG   560x662 54956 bytes 1999.12.17

This dragon isn't supposed to have wings - he's aquatic. \n

Image: homelife.JPG   978x705 95932 bytes 1999.11.29

Sarah watching TV, me drawing in my sketchbook, and Myles being petted. Pretty typical evening at home. I didn't realize until several weeks after I'd drawn it that I'd depicted myself as being left-handed. *sigh* \n

Image: housewarming.JPG   1754x1276 519901 bytes 2000.03.17

A housewarming present for Baxil and Misty. Unfortunately, the scanner isn't big enough for the entire picture, so you're missing out on the "interesting" border. Watercolour pencils, miniature figure ink (I don't know if that stuff is arcrylic or what), ink, and Crayola markers, which I found out after doing part of the border are *very* water soluble. My next art supply purchase is going to be some spray-on sealing stuff... \n

Image: hrairoo.jpg   314x435 10933 bytes 2000.06.26

Hrairoo is my latest AD&D character; she's a gnoll. Actually, she's a gnoll \r\nflind, but nobody really knows that - she's just reddish, and was considered a \r\nrunt by her tribe/pack. She's very smart, though, and has learned that it's \r\nmuch better to be on the adventurer's side than opposing them. I'm already \r\nhaving a lot of fun playing her...\n

Image: hunchbuck.JPG   687x820 64121 bytes 1999.11.23

See, I was riding the bus home, and I was sick, and I saw a sign for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," and I thought it said "Hunchbuck," and I laughed and coughed and drew this picture. It has *nothing* to do with alien mind control rays.\n

Image: illama.JPG   602x1036 58133 bytes 1999.12.17

It's an illin llama. Get it? Illama? HAW! Trust me, it's really funny.\n

Image: jia_matrix.JPG   825x1103 90015 bytes 2000.03.20

Yeehah! *bang* *bang* Now in full colour, for your viewing pleasure! Maybe someday I'll add a background to it.\n

Image: JiaElynnebadge.jpg   617x475 74204 bytes 2000.11.12

My badge for ConiFur. Yah, I've got kind of a split personality, but the full explanation is *much* stranger. Sad, huh? And that space really was intentionally left blank.\n

Image: JTHM.jpg   484x1086 66980 bytes 2000.04.20

Jia The Homicidal Maniac... well, not really. More Matrix-esque, I suppose. Anyway. I'm very happy with the inking job on this one, especially for a first try with so much black! I'm not very happy with my scanner, though; it's definitely dying, so this is likely to be the last new pic you see from me for a while. Oh well, it was cheap. Tentative plans now include sacrificing it to the Technology Daemons at our next house party.\n

Image: karrie.JPG   1124x1039 176843 bytes 1999.11.29

Karrolanth, my adopted mom. :) Karrie is &copy; herself.\n

Image: kres.JPG   973x699 101733 bytes 2000.02.10

As it says in the picture - Kres is Jia's brother. He's the only surviving member of her family, for various reasons. I think I managed to capture his serious, somewhat haunted expression quite well. I suspect that there will be more pictures of him on the way soon. :)\n

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