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Image: year_of_the_dragon.JPG   661x1090 201029 bytes 2000.01.30

It's the year of the dragon, and I'm having way too much fun with my roommate's sparkly-shiny pens! Several of my friends have told me that every year is the year of the dragon, though. Well, this time it's the *official* year of the dragon! And there's going to be lots of nifty dragon merchandice in stores next month! Yay!\n

Image: sacred_cow.JPG   863x1356 128314 bytes 2000.01.23

Based on a dream I had, believe it or not. There's a story behind the picture, but I don't quite know what it is - apparantly there was a cow born in ancient Egypt with a horn and wings, and it was worshipped as a deity. Someday I intend to finish this picture. \n

Image: water_ka.JPG   859x1339 138975 bytes 2000.01.23

Inspiration for this picture was derived from two sources - first, a tatto in a magazine; and second, the absolutely *incredible* story, _A Whisper Of Wings_, which I'm reading now and reccommend completely without hesitation. Beautiful book. This is a water Ka, the guardian spirit of a freshwater spring, which stems from an underground river. I drew it yesterday, and I'm hoping to have it colored and completed by the end of the weekend. *happysigh*\n

Image: linedrac2.JPG   1546x1194 318436 bytes 2000.01.15

The original looks cool - but the reversed-color image looks even cooler. Neon colors on a black background... niiiiiifty! *sigh* Once again, I wish I wish I really really wish I had a decent graphics-editing program. :\\\n

Image: dishwashing.JPG   523x826 69181 bytes 2000.01.02

In this fascinating image, we can clearly see the wild Erin Lynn (Homo Spaciens Sprackitus) engaged in a very rare activity for the species - washing dishes. Note the raised eyebrow and half-smile, giving the Erin a friendly appearance. However, these creatures can be strange and capriciously cranky, and an enraged Erin is a dangerous beast, capable of delivering viciously cutting sarcastic remarks with deadly effect. Approaching a specimen of this breed should only be undertaken by trained professionals, equipped with large amounts of high-quality chocolate, sparkly toys, and art supplies.\n

Image: mistykitty.JPG   910x1369 257258 bytes 2000.01.02

This is Misty, part of my RL family. :) My first picture of 2000 - yay me! With any luck, there will be a lot more soon, now that Xmas Retail Hell is over and I might get a chance to do something while I'm at home besides wash clothes and sleep. :p\n

Image: draknfoxie.JPG   828x647 80450 bytes 1999.12.17

Awww... it's a dragon with a little foxie. I was very happy and proud of this picture until I'd finished inking and started coloring, and realized I'd forgotten the wings. *sigh* It's still a cute picture, though.\n

Image: goldstripe.JPG   793x671 68992 bytes 1999.12.17

Delanya's mate. He's *laughing*, not yawning or attacking. \n

Image: trenchcoatdraconid.JPG   482x1197 104611 bytes 1999.12.17

Standing at the bus stop, with my hands in my pockets, looking around, at nothing at all...\n

Image: greendrak.JPG   560x662 54956 bytes 1999.12.17

This dragon isn't supposed to have wings - he's aquatic. \n

Image: illama.JPG   602x1036 58133 bytes 1999.12.17

It's an illin llama. Get it? Illama? HAW! Trust me, it's really funny.\n

Image: yawn.JPG   573x573 40653 bytes 1999.11.29

Okay, I'm tired. \n

Image: poedkitty.JPG   590x408 29120 bytes 1999.11.29

Just some random, pissed off cat. I don't know why the cat is so upset.\n

Image: karrie.JPG   1124x1039 176843 bytes 1999.11.29

Karrolanth, my adopted mom. :) Karrie is &copy; herself.\n

Image: elynnesinksatlantis.JPG   775x943 92864 bytes 1999.11.29

In a former life, Elynne (the busty lemur anthro chick) was a shoe salesperson in Atlantis. She didn't make the shoes, she just sold them. Anyway, one day she was walking along and saw a small, little-used side building. When she went inside, she found an enormous rubber plug, right next to a sign saying "DO NOT PULL!" Being a lemur (ringtail, no less), naturally she couldn't resist. The event was so traumatic that it etched itself into her soul. Now, she has to have somebody else come in and drain the tub after she's taken a bath.\n

Image: sillyskylie.JPG   686x1011 149841 bytes 1999.11.29

Skylara, after too many candy canes! :) I don't like the background coloring job I did, but I'm not going to be able to change it until I get a real graphics editing program thingy. Which, from all accounts, is going to cost me more than the scanner did, so don't hold your breath. Skylara is &copy; herself, of course.\n

Image: homelife.JPG   978x705 95932 bytes 1999.11.29

Sarah watching TV, me drawing in my sketchbook, and Myles being petted. Pretty typical evening at home. I didn't realize until several weeks after I'd drawn it that I'd depicted myself as being left-handed. *sigh* \n

Image: baxinblack.JPG   815x411 45700 bytes 1999.11.29

Yet another of those "I drew this at work" pictures. The holes are from where I'd tacked it to my cubicle wall. :)\n

Image: easilyamused.JPG   1082x948 137140 bytes 1999.11.29

Based on a true story! No, I didn't really vacumn the baby. I really *really* wanted to, though. To this day, I'm still not sure *why*...\n

Image: delanya.JPG   884x985 155517 bytes 1999.11.29

Rasha's creche sister Delanya, from Terra. She was a brilliant mathematician; her burning goal was to bring a dead planet back to life. Unfortunately, she died long before her dream was realized.\n

Image: dancingdraconid.JPG   825x956 144033 bytes 1999.11.29

Yes, I really do look like that when I dance. I despise people who go to goth/industrial clubs and then waif around posing at each other on the floor during the seriously hardcore songs. If you don't want to stomp and throw yourself around, why are you out there for the crunchy stuff? Go siddown, wait for the DJ to play Siouxie or the Cure or something. Yeesh. ;) "KMFDM, better than the best; megalomaniacal and harder than the rest!"\n

Image: snowprayer.JPG   619x868 58466 bytes 1999.11.29

Someday I'm going to have to redo this picture. For one thing, that's supposed to be a fox. For another thing, a friggin' BACKGROUND would be nice, wouldn't it? ;p\n

Image: frontsketch.JPG   969x653 72717 bytes 1999.11.29

I'd just bought Jack Hamm's Big Book O' Animals, and had to try it out. Just a pen sketch, nothing fancy.\n

Image: wrensad.JPG   341x876 56018 bytes 1999.11.29

Wren was having a bad day. Things got better later on. Wren is &copy; himself; I've been told that writing "copy" that way will make the little "c" in the circle show up, but if it doesn't, and it looks stupid - um. Then it does!\n

Image: sarahbear.JPG   733x497 53644 bytes 1999.11.24

My virtual sister Sarah is a bear, and this looks pretty much just like her. Depressingly, I haven't been able to draw a decent bear-morph since this one image - I keep ending up with things that look like either dogs, or wolverines. *sigh* Sarah is probably "c" herself.\n

Image: bluedrak.JPG   1111x1031 120360 bytes 1999.11.24

Very early picture, which I think I did surprisingly well. Nobody in particular, it's just a blue dragon. Nice one, though.\n

Image: baxilntree.JPG   1070x880 144486 bytes 1999.11.24

Baxil examines a tree. I did this picture before I heard the story about Baxil and trees... :) Baxil is, of course, "c" himself.\n

Image: dancer.jpg   1276x1754 563768 bytes 1999.11.24

I did this painting purely as an experiment with mixing oil colors, but it ended up being one of my favorite pictures ever. I learned quite a bit from it, including that oil paints are hell to clean off of everything - including mixing pallettes, paintbrushes, jeans, carpets, hands, cups, sinks, sponges...\n

Image: goodbyebluesky.JPG   480x559 41257 bytes 1999.11.24

Rossark and child. "Look, daddy, there's an airplane high up in the sky..." No, this story doesn't have a happy ending. \n

Image: tooshort.jpg   824x1274 166623 bytes 1999.11.24

The cover image from a local SCA newsletter. Poor little dwaggie...\n

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