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Image: last_day.jpg   1144x463 76155 bytes 2000.08.20

My last day at work was Friday! I wasn't upset enough to cough up a hairball, though - I left on pretty good terms, but this is the result of a thread on AFF, and it was just irresistable. ;)\n

Image: lifeonmars.JPG   1118x1009 263755 bytes 1999.11.24

Jia and Midnight visit Terra's version of Mars, and Jia learns that something survived... the background is one of the few I'm really proud of.\n

Image: linedrac2.JPG   1546x1194 318436 bytes 2000.01.15

The original looks cool - but the reversed-color image looks even cooler. Neon colors on a black background... niiiiiifty! *sigh* Once again, I wish I wish I really really wish I had a decent graphics-editing program. :\\\n

Image: long_face.JPG   665x1006 109369 bytes 2000.04.06

So... why the long face? \n

Image: Malykitty.jpg   950x750 227823 bytes 2000.11.12

So Maly (Malystryxx? sp?) is having a contest to design her new look, and I went for a non-dragony Maly. Fluffy kitty with horns and crow wings; maybe &copy Maly if she likes it!\n

Image: mistykitty.JPG   910x1369 257258 bytes 2000.01.02

This is Misty, part of my RL family. :) My first picture of 2000 - yay me! With any luck, there will be a lot more soon, now that Xmas Retail Hell is over and I might get a chance to do something while I'm at home besides wash clothes and sleep. :p\n

Image: mithent.JPG   699x615 41608 bytes 2000.04.06

Requested by Mithent of AFD - aaaaaand late! Mithent is &copy himself.\n

Image: museumpic.JPG   1098x1551 271492 bytes 2000.02.10

Baxil and I went to a museum last weekend, and at the end there was a thingy where you could "add your voice to the exhibit." Bax looked at me and said "We're going to write something about draconity, aren't we?" ;) Collaborative effort with Baxil, so &copy is for us, I guess. Yay us!\n

Image: obake_neko.jpg   475x680 41106 bytes 2000.08.20

I'm pretty sure that "obake neko" translates as "demon cat." I'm pretty happy with this; for a rough sketch, I did pretty well at getting the idea across that this isn't a happy fluffy house pet. "Aww, izza cute widdle - AAAHH! My finger!! It bit off my *finger*!!" ;)\n

Image: orianna.jpg   640x556 92539 bytes 2000.08.20

Orianna may be going as "Orion" now, since a lot of people were assuming that he was a female. ;) Including me, but since draconids don't generally have obviously male or female characteristics, this picture works just as well for a guy. Those black markings are supposed to be "chevrons." Obviously, I need more practice drawing them. :p Orianna/Orion is &copy himself.\n

Image: oriental.JPG   717x723 103813 bytes 1999.11.23

Meetings at work are much more productive for me if I've got a pen and a pad of paper. I pay attention better. No, really!\n

Image: orion2.jpg   354x543 37818 bytes 2001.11.04

Orion the draconid, playingc croquet. I haven't drawn much in a long long time, and I can tell that there are things wrong with this picture... but despite being out of practice, I think it turned out rather well. I'm not sure why Orion is playing croquet, though...

Image: poedkitty.JPG   590x408 29120 bytes 1999.11.29

Just some random, pissed off cat. I don't know why the cat is so upset.\n

Image: porch_view.jpg   661x750 99844 bytes 2000.08.20

The view from the front porch of our new house. It's pretty accurate; if you sat in the green chair in front of the door and looked off to the left, that's about what you'd see. The flitterdragon might not be there, though. ;)\n

Image: PPSarahicon.jpg   42x100 2185 bytes 2001.11.23

PowerPuff Sarah! It's teeny on purpose. Yee!

Image: queako.JPG   775x956 84239 bytes 1999.11.24

This is Queako. She's about 3 1/2 feet tall, an "opportunist" (thief), and she squeaks. Yes, those are bells on her tail - she likes jingling them while she walks.\n

Image: raeko.jpg   609x522 63061 bytes 2000.08.20

Also at the Denver Dragon Meet, we played CoW (if you have to ask...). My character was a hatchling crystal dragon. Raeko was tiny and fairly weak, but when she figured out that she could pretty much charm any humanoid she ran across, it was all downhill from there. :) A very fun game, and I'm very happy with this picture.\n

Image: rashacute.JPG   1078x691 131184 bytes 1999.11.23

As the filename would imply, this is Rasha - being cute. She's "ack"ing cheerfully, in case you wanted to know.\n

Image: rashaplushie.JPG   931x1255 204018 bytes 2000.03.23

As a counterpart to ToyBax... RashaPlushie! Nauseatingly cute, isn't it?\n

Image: rashas_treasure.JPG   1153x1295 207957 bytes 2000.03.23

It's Rasha, holding a treasure! This was originally going to be a tattoo, but after looking at it for a while, I decided I didn't like it *that* much. Now that I know what to look for in a picture, I'm much more aware of what exactly is wrong with it. :p\n

Image: rossark.JPG   846x573 64852 bytes 1999.11.24

A Terran dragon, Rossark was Jia's mate. \n

Image: sacred_cow.JPG   863x1356 128314 bytes 2000.01.23

Based on a dream I had, believe it or not. There's a story behind the picture, but I don't quite know what it is - apparantly there was a cow born in ancient Egypt with a horn and wings, and it was worshipped as a deity. Someday I intend to finish this picture. \n

Image: Saggigimitutariusess.jpg   783x700 76923 bytes 2000.11.12

Also, way back when I was researching the Skitter picture for Lil' Lady, I read the stuff she has up on her section of the archive and found that our birthdays are about a day (and several years) apart. So almost happy birthday, Lil' Lady! Saggimitariusses rule! This centaur-lady looks a bit disdainful of that bow, though I can't really say I blame her - I have no idea how to draw 'em. \n

Image: sarahbear.JPG   733x497 53644 bytes 1999.11.24

My virtual sister Sarah is a bear, and this looks pretty much just like her. Depressingly, I haven't been able to draw a decent bear-morph since this one image - I keep ending up with things that look like either dogs, or wolverines. *sigh* Sarah is probably "c" herself.\n

Image: selfportrait.JPG   514x901 83069 bytes 1999.11.23

It's a human-thing! Admittedly, a kind of cartoony-looking, anime-style human-thing... I sort of look like this IRL. \n

Image: sharaktin.JPG   575x400 35142 bytes 1999.11.23

Sharak'tin was originally a one-shot PC, for a game six years ago that never got off the ground, but since then I've elaborated an entire interstellar society around her. She's paranoid, sociopathic, poisonous, and a hired killer. Mostly, she's just misunderstood. ;)\n

Image: sick.JPG   569x729 59352 bytes 1999.11.23

There's sick and twisted - and then there's sick and miserable. Tea helps somewhat. Mostly, I've found sleeping is the best thing to do. That, and sit around in the living room looking pathetic at my roommates. It doesn't cure anything, but it cheers me up, especially when they make me chickn soup - and tea.\n

Image: sillyskylie.JPG   686x1011 149841 bytes 1999.11.29

Skylara, after too many candy canes! :) I don't like the background coloring job I did, but I'm not going to be able to change it until I get a real graphics editing program thingy. Which, from all accounts, is going to cost me more than the scanner did, so don't hold your breath. Skylara is &copy; herself, of course.\n

Image: sketchbook.JPG   1002x1423 212524 bytes 1999.11.23

I think this is one of the better pictures I've done. I figured I should probably scan it in now, before I start using the sketchbook, because if it gets as much wear as the old one did it'll be pretty much dissapeared in a couple of weeks.\n

Image: sketchybits.jpg   546x688 27947 bytes 2000.08.20

More sketchybits. Kinda cool, sorta, neh? Yee!\n

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