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Image: badday.JPG   1108x918 129560 bytes 1999.11.24

Kinda says it all, doesn't it? I walked out of that job about two weeks later. I'm a very bad employee when I'm that pissed off.\n

Image: daddy.JPG   973x838 165215 bytes 1999.11.24

Rossark, with his and Jia's child, whose name I don't know. I imagine the little one is chattering away about her day in daycare: "And then we played the game with shapes, and then we had biscuits, and after naptime we went on the spinny ride, and after that..."\n

Image: queako.JPG   775x956 84239 bytes 1999.11.24

This is Queako. She's about 3 1/2 feet tall, an "opportunist" (thief), and she squeaks. Yes, those are bells on her tail - she likes jingling them while she walks.\n

Image: rossark.JPG   846x573 64852 bytes 1999.11.24

A Terran dragon, Rossark was Jia's mate. \n

Image: lifeonmars.JPG   1118x1009 263755 bytes 1999.11.24

Jia and Midnight visit Terra's version of Mars, and Jia learns that something survived... the background is one of the few I'm really proud of.\n

Image: zoe.JPG   538x486 54618 bytes 1999.11.23

Another RP character, Zoe is a cleric in an AD&D game. This is probably my best picture of a human to date. Human faces are hard to do, aren't they?\n

Image: dragontat.JPG   1057x990 121701 bytes 1999.11.23

I can't wait to have this pemanently inscribed in my epidermis!! Pain, blood, ink, needles, yay!! Ooooh...\n

Image: baxinabox.JPG   1032x914 239619 bytes 1999.11.23

Yes, Baxil really sleeps in a box. No, it doesn't actually look like this, but it would be funny if it did. Baxil is "c" himself, of course. I'm not sure who the box is "c" - myself, I suppose.\n

Image: crafty.JPG   333x455 25602 bytes 1999.11.23

... like a fox! Only not as fuzzy. \n

Image: selfportrait.JPG   514x901 83069 bytes 1999.11.23

It's a human-thing! Admittedly, a kind of cartoony-looking, anime-style human-thing... I sort of look like this IRL. \n

Image: hunchbuck.JPG   687x820 64121 bytes 1999.11.23

See, I was riding the bus home, and I was sick, and I saw a sign for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," and I thought it said "Hunchbuck," and I laughed and coughed and drew this picture. It has *nothing* to do with alien mind control rays.\n

Image: sketchbook.JPG   1002x1423 212524 bytes 1999.11.23

I think this is one of the better pictures I've done. I figured I should probably scan it in now, before I start using the sketchbook, because if it gets as much wear as the old one did it'll be pretty much dissapeared in a couple of weeks.\n

Image: oriental.JPG   717x723 103813 bytes 1999.11.23

Meetings at work are much more productive for me if I've got a pen and a pad of paper. I pay attention better. No, really!\n

Image: wrenfrisbee.JPG   1099x825 134859 bytes 1999.11.23

Wow - I drew this picture almost exactly a year ago! The last year has been very eventful... Wren is "c" himself, though most of the time he doesn't look like this anymore. Silly faedwaggin.\n

Image: sharaktin.JPG   575x400 35142 bytes 1999.11.23

Sharak'tin was originally a one-shot PC, for a game six years ago that never got off the ground, but since then I've elaborated an entire interstellar society around her. She's paranoid, sociopathic, poisonous, and a hired killer. Mostly, she's just misunderstood. ;)\n

Image: workfun.JPG   1109x730 108583 bytes 1999.11.23

Yep, it's customer service. \n

Image: studyinblue.JPG   1200x748 169645 bytes 1999.11.23

This is the first picture that I'd done entirely in pen - I didn't sketch it out in pencil first. I was somewhat hampered by the fact that I only had two colors of ballpoint pens available to me during the meeting at work... despite the materials and conditions, I rather like it. Kinda reflects how I felt about that particular meeting, in fact.\n

Image: urbansparrow.JPG   699x541 44025 bytes 1999.11.23

I'm not entirely sure I can explain this one.\n

Image: sick.JPG   569x729 59352 bytes 1999.11.23

There's sick and twisted - and then there's sick and miserable. Tea helps somewhat. Mostly, I've found sleeping is the best thing to do. That, and sit around in the living room looking pathetic at my roommates. It doesn't cure anything, but it cheers me up, especially when they make me chickn soup - and tea.\n

Image: rashacute.JPG   1078x691 131184 bytes 1999.11.23

As the filename would imply, this is Rasha - being cute. She's "ack"ing cheerfully, in case you wanted to know.\n

Image: elynne.JPG   935x943 190635 bytes 1999.11.22

This is Elynne, the anthropomorphic lemur chick, with her trusty inflateable fuzzy squeaky trout. She only bafs people with it when she's feeling silly, though. Of course, Elynne *always* feel silly... it's kind of her default setting...\n

Image: toybax.JPG   830x926 113836 bytes 1999.11.22

If Baxil were a toy, this is what he might look like. Based on a thread in AFD, and presented to the public by popular request. (popular = two) Baxil is "c." himself, and pronounced "bach-HEEL".\n

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