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Image: minion.gif   326x536 35826 bytes 2005.12.03

for the anime vegas convention the vollunteers are named Minions (original for anime vegas only)\r\n\r\nthis is one design idea i had for Anime Vegas Minions

Image: friskykitten_id_2.jpg   472x353 53445 bytes 2004.12.07

i havent drawn myself in quite a while... and i did need a good nametag.... love the glint of shadow from the eyes.... i was going to shade it but i just said "nah that looks good as is"\r\n\r\nFrisky Erin Murray\r\n\r\ni would very much appreciate it if you wouldnt steal....

Image: bowlerredwolf.gif   471x1317 90931 bytes 2004.12.07

a gift for a friend- tis redwolf bowling.... redwolf likes to bowl....\r\n\r\nredwolf copyrighted to anastasia smith aka Redwolf

Image: buffysmom.gif   275x356 41848 bytes 2004.12.07

this one is named "soul of a mother yet to die...."\r\n\r\nthe shading alone about killed me... shes got a haunting look to her....\r\n\r\nim quite thrilled with this one- id say it is my masterpiece

Image: father.jpg   367x384 39445 bytes 2004.12.07

buffy's father.... you know i really should pay more attention to fur....\r\n\r\nanyways this one was done for a plot piece in nero...

Image: random_doodle1.jpg   507x974 156792 bytes 2004.12.07

ive been depraving my vcl site so much- so heres some uploads for the masses\r\n\r\nthis one i drew while talking on the phone to someone- forget who.... tis done in bic pen on white paper.... sailor fuku!

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