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Image: tonya2.jpg   308x513 48662 bytes 2001.08.06

Pencil drawn piece of my character Tonya. She kicks ass. Her Hair is still red currently, I'm thinking of a cool new way to dye it. ^.^ The coloring on this is alright, It's late, and I'm lazy, gimme a break. I like the background though, i have an obsession wiht stupid backgrounds like that. Anywho, Tonya and the picci is to me, Dana. I saw Hollow Man Today, There was tons of boobs in that movie. lol.

Image: ewshka.jpg   459x470 80901 bytes 2001.08.04

My Personal Character, Eshka. Just Laying Back And Relaxing. I wish i could Do that more often. I drew this back in school sometime during a Math class. Scanned it and colored it recently. Eshka & Art Me, Dana. No Touchie. She's mine :)

Image: whoa.gif   239x202 32100 bytes 2001.08.03

LOL! Do Not Ask Me Why I Drew This. I Was Very Bored And Feeling Weird And This Is What Popped Up On My Screen. Lol. I went funky wiht the coloring effects too. Wee!

Image: Tonya.JPG   272x280 63479 bytes 2001.08.02

This is a more recent mouse drawn picture of one of my characters Tonya. Her hair is real unique. She has long red (currently, she likes to dye her hair) bangs that hang down then a couple spikes of hair off the back of her head. I jsut kinda went weird with the background but it looks aight.

Image: Drawing2.jpg   169x250 6719 bytes 2001.08.02

Another mouse drawn picture from awhile ago. I Like this one alot. It was colored in the regular Paint Program so it's pretty crappy lookin'. Oh Well. Enjoy? ;P

Image: Draw1.gif   250x204 2930 bytes 2001.08.02

Here's A Picture i drew a while ago with the computer. I colored it recently cuz i was bored. I am lacking in the skills of PaintShop Pro, I'm still learning give me time Lol. Forgive my Mouse's crappiness. I want a new laser cordless mouse :P

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