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Image: It'sALIVE!.jpg   1000x839 245950 bytes 2005.08.13

Behold.. all boy down in worship at the awesome power of COFFEEZILLA.. the greatest and posibly most dangerous idea in morning beverage since the invention of the Espresso machine.!\r\n\r\n10,000PSI of pure unadalterated high velocity Venturi introduction Caffiene! .... also.. it froths milk and makes little swizzles of cinamon..

Image: Killer_Queen_revision_by_Eyeya.jpg   758x1000 195328 bytes 2005.06.24

opium just so people dont ask.. \r\nshould finish this piece..\r\n(yess its unfinished)

Image: mew.jpg   593x800 95603 bytes 2004.04.05

Awwwww...\r\n\r\nOk this was the way Poppy was supposed to turn out the first time... cute but not abismaly suggary.. My Anime anonymous society is VERY proud of me .. next they want me to try not drawing kittens.. but i dont think thats going to stick.. : P \r\n

Image: MorningCoffee.jpg   687x1000 190636 bytes 2005.08.11

It happens to all of us.. your a bit bleary.. you haul yourself out of bed.. scratch a bit.. blink till you can focus on the door frame.. stagger out into the daylight and begin your hunt for that cup of coffee.. upon imbibeing your second cup of bitter liquid ablution you may pause to concider.. "Now where are my clothes"..

Image: Not_so_little_red_by_Eyeya.jpg   655x1000 108906 bytes 2005.06.24

Not so little red.. see way i see it Young girl.. Big bad forrest. Big bad talking wolves.. girls obviously takeing Granny AMMO!.. Just goes to show a young european lass shouldnt head out without her boots her cape a nice tastly lollypop and of cause a .50 calliber revolver loaded with silver bullets..

Image: OhHello.jpg   1600x1200 252745 bytes 2004.08.22

Well I have had a few requests both for more colour work and strangely enough for a desktop (wallpaper) why anyone wants to look at my work that much ill never know.. but anyway here it is..\r\nI used a new technique for this colour piece.. feel free to give feedback if you feel it does or doesnt work.. \r\n\r\nSatin leather and Hard polished steel\r\n

Image: OHHello.jpg   753x1000 140946 bytes 2004.08.11

Here is a vision of opium earlier in life.. opiums past is best discussed in an area vacant of sharp objects and long falls. keep in mind that if you ever enter your boudouir and find a scantly clad feline and a katana.. that theres a katana.. there may be lucious creamy thighs.. heaving plump boosums.. and pierceing soul thieving eyes.. but remember above all theres still four foot of razor sharp steel.. as always comments are apreciated.

Image: Opium&Poppy.jpg   1000x828 142301 bytes 2004.03.30

Please give a warm welcome to Opium and her Lovely kitten Poppy.\r\n.. i know i will. \r\n\r\nI've been rather pleased with these two, I havent used my Inks for years.. Obviously i will be getting back into them. Sadly however a lot of warmth and smoothness from the ink just doesnt make it through the scanner.. \r\n\r\nYess these pictures and characters are my own interlectual property and hence are copyright Eyeya.

Image: Opium_-_F,N_P90.jpg   816x1000 124049 bytes 2004.04.03

'Opium' doing one of the things she does well.\r\n\r\nI told you Opium is bad for you... \r\nMany of my regular viewers arnt going to apreciate this. All truth be told i did it as a form of self gratification.. I like it at least. Full points to anyone who recognises this lovely little F&N SMG. (SMR)\r\n\r\n'Opium' Is copyright Eyeya

Image: OpiumPlug.jpg   428x1000 90962 bytes 2004.09.22

It might look nice.. after all a full body suit of clingy latex neoprene is just what some fetishists like.. but that thing had BETTER have air conditioning...

Image: peeka.jpg   362x1000 121078 bytes 2004.10.26

I wass going for a toy variety dog of one kind or another..\r\npeekanese or Cavalier or something like that.. small muzzle.. dunno.. i think it works.. but it's not quite cannid perhaps..\r\n\r\n

Image: PonyTrap.jpg   818x1000 156045 bytes 2005.04.24

I decided to draw this Pony girl after meating PT .. she liked it enough to adopt it.. which is nice realy..

Image: Pooped-poppy.jpg   1000x665 118973 bytes 2004.05.02

The epitamy of inocence... and frills.. did i mention frills.. \r\nok i know its awefully frilly. but.. she does look good in frillythings... \r\n

Image: poppyhardsuit.jpg   457x1000 110860 bytes 2004.09.09

Well the prom committie didnt specify that artuculated armour wasnt to be worn to the dance...

Image: PTdressed.jpg   492x1200 124619 bytes 2005.08.22

The last picture i drew of PT was NSFW so she requested the character design Sans ball gag.. how could i say no.\r\nThe dressage kit works for her i feel.\r\n

Image: PTinked.jpg   505x1200 192824 bytes 2005.08.16

A work in progress for PonyTrap\r\n

Image: puss_in_gloves.jpg   800x643 79361 bytes 2004.04.10

Well someone already had dibs on 'puss in boots'... although.. \r\n\r\nThey warned you .. time and again well boys and girls THIS is what happens when you watch way to much anime... Chobits & kiddy grade made me do it... that aside be nice to 'Poppy' its her first time on vcl.

Image: Ryuu_Juukaki_by_Eyeya.jpg   701x1000 235352 bytes 2005.06.24

rhyuu jukaki.. nasty fellow.. dont recomend you cross him.. or get near him.. or think about him to hard.. actualy its probably best if you forget ever seing this..\r\n

Image: S'cuse_Me.jpg   691x1000 162598 bytes 2004.05.11

Poppy brings a rather distracted Eyeya his coffee \r\na Cotton by proxie enforced break from work..\r\n\r\ni may well render this piece as i think it would look wonderfull with the orange glow of the coals ..

Image: Show&tell.jpg   768x1000 204219 bytes 2004.05.05

Preaty, Pampered.. Petulant & Packing\r\n\r\nThe concept of show and tell just doesn't seam to Click with Poppy.\r\nbut then again mom always taught her.. "what else is a stocking for?"

Image: Smokn_Opium.jpg   779x800 104523 bytes 2004.04.01

Well its totaly changed my point of view on 'smokeing opium' as a matter of fact im treating the idea of Doing narcotics in an entirely different light. \r\n\r\nJust remember 'Opium' is bad for you.. afterall she IS a cat... \r\n'Opium' is copyright Eyeya.

Image: SneaknIn.jpg   710x1000 176291 bytes 2004.06.06

Heres a sketch for an up comeing render i shall have to acomplish..\r\n\r\nFeel free to give me feedback as it is a work im progress \r\\r\nif you like this piece keep your eyes open for the full colour..

Image: Springflax.jpg   663x1000 198656 bytes 2004.06.27

Yess a second picture of Flax this piece depicting her in a younger phase of her short anual life cycle.. spring the season of the foal..\r\n\r\n

Image: Talk_wench.jpg   439x800 79749 bytes 2004.08.24

just a black and white.. it will be rendered ... and then ill move it into the sketches\r\nRemember people to you its your 200$ torque wrench.. to curious little kittens its the preaty shiny stick your always playing with..

Image: Thylacinesupport.jpg   1000x635 170905 bytes 2004.04.23

There is actualy a story to this image. Who knows if I get more than a few favorable responces I might try drawing a short Anthro manga.\r\nIm pleased that with this piece I feel I have captured the feeling of the thylacine.. As a unique 'Marsupial Predator' it has been a learning curve\r\n\r\nIncidentaly anyone who wants to bitch about either guns not looking real is MOST welcome to a rude shock feel free to e-mail me ''\r\noh yea im also open to other comments as well..\r\n\r\nI will most probably run over this image in tones in the near future or even do it in colour, im happy with it..

Image: Waiting.jpg   1000x491 121439 bytes 2005.04.24

Chime has very little concept of subtlety.. she also thinks a sunbeam is all the excuse you need to get naked, aditionaly she doesnt respect the boundries of Morality, mariage, chastity or Lockwood for that matter... you got ta love her.\r\n

Image: Wyverine.jpg   734x1000 118003 bytes 2004.09.26

this one didnt go the way i expected.. not that im actualy upset..\r\nits just thati wanted Regal, Pashionate and Fast..\r\ninstead i seem to have Beastial,Violent and, Deadly\r\noh well

Image: WyverineC.jpg   734x1000 161980 bytes 2004.09.27

With talons raked she came\r\n Naught but spure and horn, \r\n Plate and Steel\r\nCold of breast but aflame of eye!\r\n

Image: xmass-20061612.jpg   1600x1200 472549 bytes 2006.12.24


Heres a christmass card for those who want it\r\ni was intending to print and post this.. but we ran into technical issues with the printer.. sigh..\r\nso instead of posting it at print resolution its here at 1600/1200 \r\nhope the festive season is suiting you well.\r\nremember its a reason for joy each man keep it the way he will.

Image: Yata.jpg   716x1000 231041 bytes 2004.09.14

i need a name for this character.. preferable something asian.. japanese or perhaps chinese. and yess it can be dirty..\r\nshe's one of poppys school mates.. and distantly related..\r\\r\n

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