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Image: 70sAaron.jpg   722x853 176923 bytes 2001.12.24

I adore this picture... I got the title from Andy and Dianna. That's what they said he looked like, so... He belongs to me. I wish. Aaron (c) himself, art (c) Rachel Crowley.

Image: 911weep.jpg   291x932 78274 bytes 2001.10.04

I drew this and the another one on Sept. 12... damn lack of scanner. My Journalism teacher wants to put them in the next issue of the school paper. Fun.

Image: Aarnpat.gif   421x768 86920 bytes 2001.09.02

Two of my favorite goths! Pat's the short one, and I've been told that I draw him perfectly. Aaron's not white-blond, but his hair's too light to be pencil-colored, so I left it. Um. Yep. I guess they're (c) their parents?

Image: angelgirl.jpg   673x778 144393 bytes 2001.10.04

This was part of a whole picture... she was looking at a boy angel and it said "All in due time" (don't ask =-.-=) But I didn't ink the boy so I had to cut him out when I edited it.

Image: APC.jpg   694x760 110213 bytes 2001.12.24

Listening to A Perfect Circle... "3 Libras". I decided to leave him without eyes, because of the recurring theme of "You don't see me..." Yeah, it IS a guy, despite the skirt. And the thing on his arm is a gauntlet.

Image: BEEDRILL.jpg   550x1067 198614 bytes 2001.12.22

I had nothing to do and Jen told me to draw Pokemon... So I did... I like this one. Beedrills (c) Pokemon. Art (c) Rachel.

Image: bloodywings.jpg   1185x888 102712 bytes 2001.10.04

My friend Nina (who now hates me) was talking to me at midnight on the phone in the middle of a breakdown, and she was reading me something that she had written about herself. She said something about her 'black and bloodstained wings'. I thought it sounded erally cool, despite certain facts I'll leave out (because I don't plan to spite her), so I drew it. I think it's the best picture I've done so far. And not colored on the computer! Colored with markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and normal pencil. Specialness.

Image: bothered.gif   1108x1108 414293 bytes 2001.12.22

No Nina... it doesn't bother me that you're going out with the boy I've been crying over for weeks... Why would it? He's only my world...\r\n\r\nYeah, this is a kinda old pic. Drew it during the summer. Still like it, though it's not quite as relevant.

Image: Boxful-o-trouble.jpg   741x560 258193 bytes 2001.12.22

I don't know why I chose them, but I randomly put Andy, Anya, Amber, and Spyder in a box. They're Quinn's Christmas gift. Andy belongs to himself/Dianna, Anya IS Dianna, Amber belongs to herself, and Spyder belongs to/is my brother.

Image: butiloveyou.jpg   499x816 39239 bytes 2004.03.06

Art (c) Fallon Crowley

Image: catjokes.jpg   625x809 130177 bytes 2001.10.04

*snickers* Yes, I find this quite amusing. My Journalism teacher (who was looking through my sketchbook to try and find my editorial cartoons) came across this and thought it was a gender joke. I suppose that works too, but it's really more about the fact that she's a cat.. I was at Aaron's house one day and he was insulting his cat. He called it a pussy and I found it ironic... so then I drew this. Quinn's trying to look annoyed, but she's bad at faking it.

Image: clonecest.jpg   482x696 83332 bytes 2004.05.20

Uhm.. Don't ask.\r\n\r\nBoth of me are (c) to Fallon M Crowley.

Image: cutesy.jpg   433x558 12897 bytes 2003.08.22

A friend told me to draw in Study Hall, and this came out. I love it, personally. Character and art (c) Fallon MacKenzie

Image: dinerhicontr.jpg   528x572 44520 bytes 2004.03.06

Hooray for high contrast.\r\nI don't know why she seems to be sitting at a diner, wearing only a bra and panties.\r\nI don't ask about these things.\r\n\r\nArt (c) Fallon Crowley

Image: drug_culture.jpg   512x591 16847 bytes 2003.01.08

The teenage version of Quinn's other spawn, London. He's the son of Quinn and Aaron. (I have too many children for someone who never wants them.) London has a love/hate relationship with weed, while Brena and Judith just have love-love realtionships with it.\r\nDysfunctional children and art (c) Rachel Crowley

Image: ekstase.gif   813x1123 14737 bytes 2003.08.12

Yet another raver; this one I actually will use more than once. Her name's Ekstase, which is German for Ecstasy. If someone knows German, can you let me now how to pronounce that correctly?\r\nYeah, she's faceless. I've been doing that lately.\r\n\r\ncharacter and art are copyright 2003 to Rachel Crowley/Fallon MacKenzie

Image: FEMPATC.jpg   181x638 74167 bytes 2001.09.22

If Pat was a girl. *lopsided grin* I don't know about you, but I find this insanely hilarious. And if a certain anarchist ever finds this, I'm so dead.

Image: foxfal.jpg   279x749 20996 bytes 2004.02.08

Yet another picture of myself. As a male fox, though, so it's different. I swear.\r\n\r\nFox Fallon (c) Fallon Crowley

Image: FU.gif   167x384 21678 bytes 2001.09.02

Half-based on my friend Tag. It started out as him, but it kinda... changed. I want that shirt.

Image: gelrave.jpg   893x1157 773221 bytes 2002.03.09

I love ravers!!! This was drawn entirely in gel pens. Fun medium. =^_^= Mmmm.... raver...

Image: gentle.jpg   277x533 16600 bytes 2004.02.08

She looks so annoyed. I don't know who this is, so you can have her.\r\n\r\nArt (c) Fallon Crowley

Image: glompsmaketheworldbetter.jpg   1149x300 32861 bytes 2004.08.02

Based on a true story.\r\nI can't be mad if I get glomped; it doesn't work.\r\nJason belongs to himself. \r\nMercutio and art (c) Fallon M Crowley

Image: gothlaur.jpg   514x907 34726 bytes 2004.03.06

The first installment of the Lauren series.\r\nThe series is basically a lot of drawings of my friend Lauren (<3!) dressed in a bunch of different styles. And, a chibi version to accompany each one.\r\n\r\nGoth Lauren (c) Lauren Mawe and Fallon Crowley\r\nArt (c) Fallon Crowley

Image: headwoundsarefunny.jpg   397x342 17993 bytes 2004.02.08

My off-topic allowance. Because I love this.\r\n\r\nArt (c) Fallon Crowley

Image: imperfectcircle.jpg   932x844 15573 bytes 2003.08.22

More of the spawn; Judith in the larger crescent, Brena in the smaller. Brena falls in love with Judith, and this is kind of symbolism for the relationship. For those of you who aren't APC fans, the two crescents are the A Perfect Circle logo, and I used it because both girls are named after APC songs.\r\n\r\nJudith (c) Melissa Constanti/Fallon MacKenzie\r\nBrena and art (c) Fallon MacKenzie\r\nAPC logo (c) A Perfect Circle?

Image: IRIS2.jpg   558x616 16490 bytes 2003.08.22

No idea where the inspiration for this came from, but I love it. Reminds me of Nirvana's "In Utero" CD cover. Copyright info on the pic.\r\n*Please don't move this to the Sketches section.*

Image: jadey.jpg   807x881 126015 bytes 2001.12.22

I drew one of my FAVORITE artists on VCL, Jade. I tried to send the picture to her, too, but I don't think it worked... I hope she's not mad at me for uploading it... I like it, though. I think I did a pretty good job without a reference.

Image: joujou.gif   619x523 70351 bytes 2002.03.09

My friend Jou-jou, whom I have known since kindergarten. She wanted to be a fur, so I drew her. We were sitting at her family's restaurant (which they don't own anymore *cries*) because I was working with her that day, and noone needed to be waited on, so I took the oppurtunity to draw her. Jou-jou belongs to herself. Art is myne!

Image: kiltbrigade.jpg   643x596 37787 bytes 2003.08.22

Kind of old. Chibi Quinn and Ashy, and Aaron and Matt in kilts. (I have no idea what species I made Matt.)\r\n\r\nCharacters (c) themselves\r\nKilt Brigade (c) Matt Crowley\r\nArt and Quinn (c) Fallon MacKenzie

Image: mahho.jpg   605x411 29168 bytes 2004.05.20

Chibi Merc and chibi Lissa. XD\r\n\r\nMercutio (C) Fallon M Crowley\r\nLissa (C) Melissa Constanti

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