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Image: bannerpicturepink.jpg   477x500 37682 bytes 2006.04.06

This was my April Fools joke this year. I thought it was obvious that it was a joke on account she looks hidious blonde and pink but a good number fo people fell for it and thought I was changing my character. O_O

Image: lillaulv2.jpg   571x720 113601 bytes 2006.04.06

This is my tauren, Lilla Ulv, from World of Warcraft. She's on the RP server of Argent Dawn.\r\n\r\nThe background is a screen shot form in game. Credit for it thusly goes to Blizzard games.

Image: purplewolf.jpg   792x576 73763 bytes 2006.04.06

I've been working on my 'feral' Farelle.\r\n\r\nHehehehe

Image: bone.jpg   539x792 97792 bytes 2006.04.06

This was something I just sort of drew at random and decided to color.

Image: farellelove.jpg   629x792 139903 bytes 2005.10.25

This hugging me. It's a long story. I got to feeling depressed last month and doodled this up. I suggest putting in 'Maybe I'm Amzaed' by Jem and staring at the picture. A good hearty experiance!

Image: Farellefan.jpg   720x720 135959 bytes 2005.07.01

Just a little picture I made in celebration with my new job doing graphics and other art stuff for the Colorado Avalanch, The Denver Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth, Colorado Rapids one other i can't think of. :D

Image: butterwolf.jpg   599x768 115427 bytes 2005.04.29

For some reason every other fur I know has been doing corset pictures and I felt left I made one. I had the costume-type corset like the ones you see as Le Carnaval in mind when making this. For the most part I'm happy with the way it came out. The compression really killed the defination around the mid body though. Oh well :)

Image: algieflat.jpg   576x720 57736 bytes 2005.04.13

My OTHER character. An't she just to cute??? This, of course, is... er.. a little late. None the less love to all!

Image: In-memory-of-DingoDA.jpg   581x720 131610 bytes 2005.04.13

The story behind this goes that this friend of mine had a rat who had babies. They went and bough the rat a new cage and transferred the rats over into the new cage. They tossed the old cage out in the shed. A few days later she noticed that one of the baby rats was missing! She frantically searched for it and found the poor thing almost dead in the shed near the old cage. She tried her very very very hardest and even though both she and the baby rat fought for its life in the end it died.As one can imagine the sitaution left this poor 15 year old girl feeling depressed and guilty.\r\nSince it has been said that a picture says a thousands words I drew this for her in hopes that it could say the words I just couldn't find.\r\n\r\nLife is so fragil. -_-

Image: frisket_and_farelle_copy.jpg   684x450 106163 bytes 2005.04.13

A joke gone horrible wrong between a fellow artist and myself. Let it be known that this is what happens when you say the wrong thing to a person like myself that just exagerates everything!!! I totally blame Wacom for this...

Image: raimbaatdam.jpg   773x593 62184 bytes 2005.04.13

A screen shot type from a 'story' called 'Cry of the Sky'.

Image: farelle-and-cat-stoneDA.jpg   520x720 80986 bytes 2005.04.13

THAT IS A REAL ROCK!!!\r\n\r\nI have NO idea how they made it but there is a rock in our apartment complex that looks just like that.\r\n\r\nWatercolor

Image: cheetahVCL.jpg   222x400 31807 bytes 2003.07.15

This is a concept sketch for on of my commissions. May or may not be the final character but either way, I like her!\r\n\r\nFarelle Moon

Image: Purple42cover_copy.jpg   400x621 84226 bytes 2003.06.04

Uk, the jpeg formatting makes the coloring look like crap. Well, not much that can be done about that I suppose. ^_^ This is a suggestion cover for a new story/animated feature film I'm working on at AiC. The story, characters and thier names are copyrighted. Hazah!

Image: me_copy.jpg   500x552 55533 bytes 2003.06.04

All right, for those of you (and I know there are soooooo many) who have ever wondered what my fursona is- well here I am. I drew this in pen, scanned and colored in photoshop. YAY! :D

Image: The_Apple_copy.jpg   309x400 24777 bytes 2003.01.11

Ever heard the saying "The apple never falls far from the tree?" I use to hear that far to often when I was a little girl. These saying should never be taken to seriously, though, after all people/ furrys aren't apples. Farelle Moon (and her little green apple) are copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!)2003.

Image: Ginger's_bath.jpg   539x530 64409 bytes 2003.01.09

Don't look at me like that. It's a scene from the comic book. This isn't half as bad as she does at most points. Again, on the paint program by mouse. <Holds mouse up like a golden.... something or other.> Ginger is copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!) 2002.

Image: MD2.jpg   443x629 63585 bytes 2003.01.09

Yep yep yep.. another picture done in paint by mouse. <Hugs mouse with her big wuffy paws.> Farelle is doing what is called Ribbon Dancing, which is an actual type of dancing I learned from the wolves of Minnesota while there... shortly. I do actually own a ribbon dancing stick much simular to hers. Farelle is copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!) 2002.

Image: dance.gif   517x544 93205 bytes 2003.01.09

OK! And here is the one that was redone in photoshop by wacom tablet. Any thoughts? Anyone? :D Farelle is copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!) 2002.

Image: farelle_danceing.gif   517x544 14930 bytes 2003.01.09

This isn't me... she just happens to have my name which was her name before I decided it was my name but.. hey... I made up the name right so I can take it. I wanted to do a comparission to this picture which was done by mouse in the paint program on Window XP to a redone picture in photoshop useing the wacom tablet. Let me know what thoughts come to mind on this! Farelle is copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!) 2002.

Image: crazy_Ginger.jpg   584x576 128472 bytes 2003.01.09

Ginger looses it!!! :O Sure the fire looks like crap but isn't Ginger awsome looking for a paint picture drawn by mouse?? <Kisses mouse- realizes mouse needs to be cleaned.> This crazy rabbit is copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!) 2002.

Image: Recka_howls.jpg   521x436 36551 bytes 2003.01.09

This is dear, sweet, crazy Recka fox. Also one of the characters froma project done over the summer for admissions into college. He's also done in paint by mouse. <Can't resist... gives mouse a big hug.> ^_^ Recka is copyright to J.R. Allen (me!)2002.

Image: Jermey_and_Ginger.jpg   539x530 57547 bytes 2003.01.09

These are two of my characters from a project I did over the summer for admissions into college. It may not look very impressive but the administrators absolutly adored it. You see this drawing was done on a little program called paint, which came on my labtop in a program called Windows XP, and was drawn by mouse. <Hugs mouse because it is the most adorible cute mouse you ever saw.> I don't know if any one else has tried to learn to draw with a mouse... but it is NOT easy!!! >.< Jermey and Ginger are copyrighted to J.R. Allen (me!) 2002.

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