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Image: MZUU.jpg   511x657 49770 bytes 2004.07.24

I've been working on a beastiary of some of my characters. The first entry is of of the elemental dragon-gods. (yeah original, right?) I'll get around to the more creative monsters later, kk?\r\n -faustus-

Image: sketchy_weasel.jpg   408x640 45059 bytes 2004.07.24

be wary of idle hands...for they draw odd-looking weasels.\r\n-Faustus-

Image: temp_heaven.jpg   520x673 68858 bytes 2004.07.24

An older picture of mine...decided to upload it here. It used to have the file name on the picture...but I erased it. I don't know why. ICK...the background looks awful...maybe I'll redo it someday.\r\n-Faustus-

Image: yinyangdragons.JPG   426x659 56769 bytes 2004.07.20

The first upload of my VCL account...and the picture pretty much explains itself. I've always liked the symbolism of the yin yang, how they are polar opposites, yet each is dependent on the other for its exsistence.

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