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Image: averyheadstudy.gif   342x375 4719 bytes 2004.05.16

Quick head study for a painting of Avery "Steel Bite" Hollins for the Rage CCG. Avery is supposed to have some kind of metal teeth, braces, cybernetics, some kind of metal bitey stuff. The description was rather up in the air. So I went for steel fangs bolted onto his jawbone. Yum!\r\n\r\nI realized after I did the sketch that either Avery can't close his mouth or drools blood whenever he does, cause those steel fangs just aren't going to fit tidily. The final painting will probablly have his fangs all blood splattered to reflect this. \r\n

Image: Pigs_for_the_Ancestors_.jpg   436x600 119267 bytes 2004.05.12

Underlying ink for a painting of a boar in traditional New Guinea ceremonial garb taking some of his less fortunate four legged friends to be eaten at a moka ceremony.\r\n\r\nI blame this on being forced to read "Pigs for the ancestors" and watch "Onka's Big Moka" one too many times in college. More than I ever wanted to know about substience level agriculture, pigs, and rituals.

Image: peripherysketch.jpg   331x450 16181 bytes 2004.02.05

Underlying sketch for upcoming painting. Inked in preparation for watercolors. original 9X12.\r\n\r\nThis will be used as the set logo for the new Rage set, Periphery. \r\n\r\nStyle heavily influenced by Tony DiTerlizzi, specifically his depiction of Evan Heals-the-Past.\r\n\r\nI noticed the hands were uneven after I inked the picture, so will have to paint the hands to reflect havign one of the twisted off center a little, to account for them being off center.

Image: dholetravoislineart.gif   314x450 24691 bytes 2004.01.21

A dhole hunter and her pack pony pause for a drink at a waterhole in a bamboo thicket.\r\n\r\nInk line art for a watercolor. Some of the finer lines were lost in the scan and resizing as the original is 11X14 inches. I really like the stippling on the water edge

Image: lodgesketch.gif   364x150 8459 bytes 2003.08.07

Underlying composition sketch for a painting. The shoulder needs some tinkering with, but overall pattern is set up.\r\n\r\nFunny shape is because its going to become art for a CCG and its got funny shaped art boxes.

Image: inkdillo.jpg   446x400 33580 bytes 2003.01.01

Version 2 of Xanty an anthro armadillo that's semi-bipedal, though without the insanely detailed texture of the previous version, largely because my hand got so tired detailing it last time. (see version 1 here He looked too cute in the previous picture, and at least in my mental concept, that wouldn't do for something that had been created as a military contruct. I'm happier with this version as despite some anatomy flaws, he definitely looks like something you wouldn't want to see coming out of the bushes by the side of the road. It could eat your car!\r\nI'm happy that he looks more massive here, but I think he may still be a little light in the back end. The thighs don't seem convincingly thick enough to support him while he's standing bipedally.\r\nOriginally done as a pencil sketch, then manually inked with a Bic Roller, mostly because the scanner was not being cooperative about scanning pencil. This is the first time I've inked a drawing, so I'm quite happy with it, considering.

Image: old4.JPG   400x600 38575 bytes 2002.12.25

Another old RPG character, I believe named Fergal, also from the same werewolf game. from around 95-96 or so. Bad anatomy,nice fur texture on the chest though.

Image: old2.JPG   280x400 18909 bytes 2002.12.25

An anciently old sketch from high school, probably sophmore year (95-96). Unlabeled, but I recognize it as an RPG character named Death-by-Dumpster, a Lupus Bonegnawer Ahroun from the first game of Werewolf: the Apocalypse I ever ran. I like the chain around the hips too. Can I erase the rest and draw around that? \r\n\r\nWerewolf the Apocalypse and associated terms are copyright White Wolf Game Studios.

Image: silvertongue.jpg   304x500 29536 bytes 2002.12.25

Two seperate pictures of a werewolf, done on the same piece of colored paper. Done in college some time, probably either 2000 or 2001. Done with acrlics and colored pencil. Not a technique that worked well. I like the snow covered bushes (which involved no pencil work). Major anatomy flaws as well. Not going to try this technique again I think.\r\n(note for Ch'marr, yes, the paper IS colored, not just badly scanned)

Image: runningthings.jpg   519x400 49535 bytes 2002.12.25

More old thingies, from sometime in middle school. I like the motion, the anatomy is somewhat dodgey. I'm also not sure why I enver drew in the eyes on them. They look so creepy now...

Image: alienthinginarmor.jpg   338x400 21126 bytes 2002.12.25

Adding to the currently trend of digging up really old stuff... I used to draw lots of these things in middle school and early high school. Then just stopped drawing all together. This appears to be from my freshman year in high school ('94)

Image: paintsketches.jpg   550x400 35232 bytes 2002.12.15

I felt artistic, but didn't have much time and a limited range of paints to choose from. So instead of doing a detailed picture, I did bunch of little line studies of my dog as she was pestering me. The original piece was done on a 9X12 piece of construction paper. Of the studies, I like the little scribble of her back end, with her head looking off to the side. The rest, eh, but it was a fun exercise, and very different than using pencil!

Image: lematya_copy.jpg   300x400 28243 bytes 2002.12.15

another snapshot in time. A sketch on evil blue notebook paper from my high school days. Circa 1995. Clearly I had a lot of time to work on this sketch so I must have been REALLY bored in class that day.

Image: collegesketches.jpg   429x450 42646 bytes 2002.12.15

A snapshot in time, two sketches lifted from the same page of an art sketchbook from college. It was the only art course I took, and it was for 3-d art. I was much better at sculpting than I was at drawing, I swear!

Image: lionpencil.jpg   617x406 53011 bytes 2002.10.21

More of "why I don't draw". I like the foot. The rest, I feel like a monkey scartching with a burnt stick. it is lacking in lion-ness and I have no idea how to make it look correct to me. The foot has that quality. I have no idea how to make the rest look that way.\r\nMechanical pencil on cheap white notepaper. Picture is based on a photo of lion with a dead giraffe taken by Des an Jim Bartlett which appeared on page 59 of National Geographic volume 181, no. 1, from January 1997.

Image: elkpencil.jpg   613x408 65045 bytes 2002.10.21

This is why I don't draw. I pick up a pencil and feel retraded. This is a detailed little pencil rendering, but it just doesn't look RIGHT. It's a lot better than some people do with finished pieces but it still doesn't look RIGHT. It is lacking in some essential component that I can't even identify.\r\nMechanical pencil sketch on cheap white notepad. Picture is based on a phtograph of an elk taken by James P. Blair and appearing on page 109 of National Geographic, Volume 178, No. 5 from September 1990. Its not quite an exact copy, as I got lazy with the background and foreground.

Image: foxgirl.jpg   322x432 72809 bytes 2002.09.29

I'm pretty proud of this since I don't paint. I paitn sculptures, but not on paper. This is acrylics on strathmore. Why's it hanging in sketches, cause there's something manky with the eyes that I need to deal with. The colors are also rather messed up currently because this was photgraphed with a rather elderly digital camera instead of being scanned as it should have been. Its not really so blue. The wraps actually a blue black like the color under her arm, not this rather vehement blue (which is also washing out her fur).\r\nThe pose is based on a model from a deBeers diamond ad and is colored as a grey fox instead of the red most people do. The background is just a sort of mottld background suggesting falling leaves.

Image: lonewolfsketchinround.jpg   351x288 42494 bytes 2002.07.30

I normally do sketches for all my sculptures before starting them. I did several for Lone Wolf Circles, and discarded them each in turn. I just could not get a position I liked. I was intending on depicting an episode from his past, where he gouges out his bad eye so as to create a scar and fool people about why he was blind in one eye. (he was born that way) So I drew this head with this incredably pained expression, which didn't watch teh composed body sketch I'd done. So I did several more, and finally settled on one where he was lying prone, immediately after having done the deed.\r\n\r\nHowever, when I went to position the armiture on the base, I dropped it and it happened to fall with the legs sprawled out like that and the one arm bent and taking the full weight of the torso, as if he was being crushed by the weight of the world. Inspiration! Finally something to go with that head!\r\n\r\nSo here is positioned and finished except for one arm and his head. The other hand isn't positioned yet. But I decided to upload a picture of it unfinished, specifically just to show off the positioning without all the fancy details. Even unfinished like this, the body language is very powerful. With the hand unpositioned, is hard to tell whether he's collapsed in shame and is hiding his face, feeling at the eye he just gouged out (it will be the right eye), or is warding off an expected blow from someone nearby. But the body language was very powerful in an of itself, so I wanted to upload a pic without the finished face to distract from it.

Image: shakiraswindow1.jpg   177x424 45153 bytes 2002.07.30

This is the lovely sign Shakira designed for my store as an art trade (I sent her books, she made me a sign). Its backpainted on glass in acrylic. Its the central glass panel of a normal full size door, so is about five feet tall. \r\n\r\nShakira sent me stencils, and then I stenciled the design onto the door with the help of my former college roommate (who took time out of her vacation to help me with it.) First we did a black pass to do all the line work, than the orange line work on the coat and boots, then a white pass, and finally all the other colors. Between two of us, it took about 8 hours to do.\r\n\r\nMy father also helped out by stripping the paint off the outside of the window which had been covered in white deck paint when this all started, and then repainting the door for us while we did the artwork on the otherside of the door.\r\n\r\nMany thanks to everyone who helped out, and kudos to Shakira for designing it, people love it! (see we even stenciled Shakira's signature on, just above the K)\r\n\r\nDesign copyright Shakira Searle, grunt work of painting by H.C. O'Neill, J.E. Hanses, and special thanks to John O'Neill for giving the piece a nice "frame" by painting the door for us.

Image: chalkcat3.jpg   432x177 39144 bytes 2002.07.23

Last picture of the cat and the sun. Or cat with ball if you prefer. The tail is purposely spiralled like that so as to echo the curled up serpent in the other half of the picture (even though they ended up as two seperate pictures, never appearing next to each other) The background ended up two different shades of red and pink because different sticks of chalk made different shades. That's also the reason the cat's paws and tail are a different shade then the main body. \r\nIn all, the cat took about an hour and half to draw and color. The cat's all foreshortened because the picture was taken at an angle to get it all in the shot. (I'm standing in the road to take the picture)

Image: chalkcat2.jpg   432x309 48024 bytes 2002.07.23

Ra's cat, playing with the sun. Again, I left the storefront in the background so you could see how big this was. The cat was done mostly in warm colors (except for the purple stripes) so as to contrast with the serpent (see gallery) which was done almost entirely in cool colors. So the warmth of day contrastign against the night. Okay, so its maybe a little more symbolic than you really should get with sidewalk chalk...

Image: chalkcat1.jpg   432x170 38709 bytes 2002.07.23

Part two of the great sidewalk chalk piece. It was originally suppoed to be on the opposite side of the serpent, and they'd both be after the same sun, but due to the heat and rain, the two were done seperately. So here's Ra's cat, snatching the sun away from Apophis's jaws (minus the big snake). Or its a cat playing with a ball, if you hadn't seen the description.\r\nIts oddly foreshortened because the picture was taken at an angle because the piece was so large.

Image: serpent2.jpg   576x352 55450 bytes 2002.07.23

More of Apophis devouring the sun. I left in the store front so it was obvious how BIG this drawing was. I had trouble fitting it in the frame, and a little of the edges got cut off. I was standing in the street just to get it in frame. Which meant timign it just right with the traffic...\r\nThe whole thing took about an hour and half to do. The serpent is two different shades of green because it was done with sidewalk chalk. Its not exactly known for color consistency. So two different sticks of green chalk produced different shades of green.\r\nAll that work and it rained like mad that evening, washing it all away.

Image: serpent1.jpg   720x195 47326 bytes 2002.07.23

Giant chalk drawing I did in front of my store for the street fair. I was originally going to do the serpent and the cat (see my gallery) together as one continuous large piece, but it was in the sun and 95 degrees out. So I did the serpent the first day. It then rained and washed it away, so I did the cat in the same spot the next day. \r\nThe subject matter was a heavily stylized version depicting something from Egyptian mythology. In that particular myth, the sun travels on a barge every evening, and Apophis, the serpent, attacked it every night, trying to swallow the sun. Ra's cat would slay the serpent, and the sun would rise in the morning. So here's the serpent about to devour the sun. Thus the stars in the background, indicating night.

Image: injury.jpg   361x260 35401 bytes 2002.06.17

thiis is just showing off what tough stuff Apoxie sculpt it. This sculpture was sitting on a shelf while I stewed over what I needed to do with the paint job when the shelf collapsed. CRASH! down onto the slate floor. This was the only injury the sculpture maintained, one paw pulled free from the base. You can sort of see the wire sticking out where the armature was pushed down into the foam of the base. The base was then coated in apoxie sculpt, but the jarring pulled the wire clean free of its mooring. None of the actual sculpting was damaged, even though it went crash on the slate, it just tore the apoxie sculpt free of the foam coating the armature in that one spot.\r\nThe sculpture in question is of Speaks-to-Voices-in-His-Head (I didn't pick my name) who is being offered as a prize for the Rage: Tribal War tournament at Origins 2002. Character copyright his player, rage copyright of White Wolf Game studios.

Image: wrestlessculptsketch.jpg   396x402 44990 bytes 2002.04.02

This doesn't look like a sketch! Consider it a sketch in the round. This is really to illustrate what's underneath the skin of the finished sculpture pieces.\r\nThis is Wrestles-the-Shadow (see my sculpture 2002 directory) about 1/4 done. His legs are actually set and hardened in this picture, which is generally a good idea with sculpture done with apoxie Sculpt. Let the base set up before you start adding weight up top.\r\nHere you can see the armature that underlies the apoxie Sculpt "skin". Thin areas like the tail and hands are just reinforced with wire. Bulkier sections, such as the torso, legs, forearms, are bulked up with foam, and detailing added with apoxie Sculpt. \r\n The yellow stuff in the picture are some Wikki Stix (bendable self sticking wax sticks) which are used to hold the armature in position while its drying. They're removed later.\r\nThe reason te Wikki Stix are necessary is because I use jointed armatures with several point where I can adjust the position. The swivels are at the hips, shoulders, and wrists. The elbows, knees and ankles are all linear, so are just adjust by striaghtening or bending at a flex point. Effectively all my armatures look exactly the same until I position them. Wrestles legs and hips are positioned, but not his arms, thus why they're hanging slack. He's also not arched as far back in this photo as I finally made him.\r\nAnd yes, he has no head right now. I frequently don't add the components of the neck and head until I've got the hips actually sculpted, as is the case here. it means I don't bonk the head out of alignment as much that way.\r\n

Image: flatlinesketch.jpg   356x480 15402 bytes 2002.02.11

This is a quick sketch for a sculpture I'm doing. It's eventually going to be of a Shadow Lord and will be going to a Rage tournament in Helsinki, Finnland.\r\nAs to the subject matter, the previous tournament winner, who this is supposed to be a representation of, requested a Shadow Lord. Since he's really been wracking up a lot of wins, it seemed apropos to have him notching off another kill on his weapon. Since he's been winning Tribal War tournaments, which has a Wild West theme, I went for a bit of the western bandito look.\r\nIt looks a little gritty and fuzzy in spots because it was a pencil sketch that I darkened in Photoshop. Thus the little smudges are a lot darker than they appear on the original sketch.

Image: headscribble.jpg   288x206 9701 bytes 2002.02.01

Done entirely in photoshop while chatting with someone online. Oddly enough, the whole thing was inspired by staring at a bok cover with an abstract blotchy pattern. And the head just seemed to leap out of the the blotches. So I scribbled it.\r\nIt was an excuse to play with tools in photoshop. If I continued to play with it, it would either end up looking really good, or really bad. as is, I like the scribbly look.

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