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Image: kelpiepainting.jpg   601x432 65759 bytes 2009.09.03

Kelpie the water horse

Water horses are common in Celtic and Scandinavian mythology. These malicious beasts appear as beautiful and exotic horses... but if you try and ride them they'll drag them beneath the water and devour you slowly. Kelpie is the most common name but there's more than a dozen versions of the water horse.\r\n\r\n7X10" acrylic on bristol.\r\n

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Image: YOUNGLION.jpg   450x629 81386 bytes 2009.01.31

Young Lion ACEO

ACEO 2.5X3.5 inches. 6.5X9 CM. (it appears bigger on screen than it actually is) Original acrylic and charcoal painting on bristol stock.

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Image: falling.jpg   566x400 78647 bytes 2008.09.24

Falling- ACEO

Leaders come, leaders go. Their mouths are filled with blood either way.\r\n\r\nACEO 2.5X3.5 inches. 6.5X9 CM. (it appears bigger on screen than it actually is) Original acrylic painting on card stock.

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Image: duckandcover.jpg   609x420 32813 bytes 2008.06.03

Duck and Cover

Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, kitty cat!\r\n\r\nArt for the card "Duck and Cover" for the upcoming Rainfall set of the Rage collectible card game.\r\n\r\nACEO original charcoal and acrylic on bristol paper. Playing card size (2.5 X 3.5 inches) though it appears larger on screen here. It has been sprayed with a fixative so it can be handled without smudging.

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Image: Full_Auto_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   739x600 103809 bytes 2007.10.27

Full Auto

A hyena with some serious firepower... and goggles.\r\n\r\nTHE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!\r\n\r\nArt for the Rage CCG set Rainmakers for the card "Full Auto". Don't even ask what kind of gun he has. It's a werehyena with a big ass gun. And goggles. Looking cool. Shooting stuff. I had a day to paint it before the deadline hit.\r\n\r\n5.5 inches by 4.5. Painted in acrylic in a single evening of art frenzy. In private collection.

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Image: Block_and_Roll_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   600x473 71935 bytes 2007.09.16

Block and Roll

Art for the Rage CCG for the card Block and Roll.\r\n\r\nI'm not sure "stop, drop, and roll" works on werewolves...\r\n\r\nMixed media on bristol. acrylic with colored pencil detailing. Many thanks to *jademacalla on Deviantart who do a great series of photos I used for reference.

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Image: Jawbreaker_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   743x600 107125 bytes 2007.08.22


Art for the rage CCG for "Jawbreaker". Not only will I break your jaw, I'll tear it clean off!\r\n\r\nMixed media- acrylic with colored pencil detailing.

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Image: Working_the_System_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   752x600 84052 bytes 2007.08.22

Working the System

Working the System for the Rage CCG. Pentex is so evil they employ mutant lizard boys to crawl around their filing cabinets!\r\n\r\nMixed media, acrylic with colored pencil detailing. Art for the Rage CCG.

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Image: Leila_the_Veil_Shredder_Crinos_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   471x600 78955 bytes 2007.08.22

Leila the Veil Shredder

Crinos art for Leila the Veil Shredder for the rage CCG. Experiment with mixed media acrylic and colored pencil. I was on a deadline so didn't have time to really go back and fix many of the issues with this.

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Image: Cooking_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   300x752 85028 bytes 2007.08.22


What's for dinner? People stew!\r\n\r\nArt for the Gift "cooking" for the Rage CCG which had the lovely flavor quote "this stew tastes kind of...funny..."\r\nOf course it does! It's made by rats out of the body parts they gnawed off people. Yummy!\r\n\r\nAcrylics on bristol. original is 7" tall by 3" wide.

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Image: Ghiyath_2_0_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   450x518 74373 bytes 2006.10.23

Character art for the Rage CCG. Crinos form of Ghiyath. See my gallery to see what he looks like in his human form.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on bristol.\r\n\r\nOriginal is for sale through my website:\r\n

Image: Ghiyath_Homid_2_0_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   300x351 36632 bytes 2006.10.23

Art for the Rage CCG. Homid form of Ghiyath a Silent Strider werewolf character. See my gallery to see his big and furry side.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on bristol.\r\n\r\nOriginal for sale through my website:

Image: Inhuman_Resources_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   982x400 98988 bytes 2006.10.23

Art for the Rage CCG, a game about werewolf combat. It's the inhuman resources department of your friendly neighborhood evil megacorp! Pointy ears, claws, and tails are par for the course.\r\n\r\nI love the angry werewolf on the motivational poster in the background.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on bristol.\r\n\r\nYou can find out more about Rage here:

Image: Lodge_of_the_Silver_Record.jpg   1000x432 142907 bytes 2006.08.01

A revisting of an old subject. Replacement art for Lodge of the Silver Record for the the Rage CCG.\r\n\r\nI'm going back and remastering the online releases for the Rage CCG. Mostly it's to improve the image quality in the download, but there's also some cards that need a text correction. it's been a few years now. While I'm at it however, I'm replacing the art I personally did. Most of it, quite frankly, sucked. People just didn't like it. \r\n\r\n4.5X9 Acrylic on bristol. Original for sale through my website.

Image: Baptism.jpg   300x818 72629 bytes 2006.08.01

replacement art for Baptism of Fire for the Rage CCG.\r\n\r\nI thought about going with the actual fire angle for this to better match name, but source material, despite the name, involves no fire. Go fig. I could have gone with much more involved scene, but the final size this will actual be used at it is about 2 inches. Cool as full body dunking would be, it would be hard to recognize that small. That its going on a tiny collectable card game card is also why its such a funny shape.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on vellum finish Bristol. 12 inches high, by 4.5 inches wide. Original for sale through my website. \r\n

Image: Who_wants_a_scorpion_treat.jpg   900x562 109452 bytes 2006.08.01

A gift for Swiftrat for ridding me of the customer from hell.\r\n\r\nYou always wanted a scorpion so big you could feed it treats like it was a dog, right? Maybe it'll even play fetch!\r\n\r\nThe scorpion came out surprisingly well, considering I've never drawn buggies before. (though technically it's an arthropod) Reference for the scorpion came for the "world Encylopedia of Animals" by Elena Marcon & Manuel Mongini.\r\n\r\nOriginal is acrylic on vellum finish bristol, original is 7" high by 11 wide.

Image: Man_suit_by_fenrislorsrai.jpg   409x1050 106733 bytes 2006.08.01

Original is acrylic on vellum finish bristol. 14" tall by 5.5". Art for the Doppleganger card in the Rage CCG. \r\n\r\nWhy do you wear that stupid bunny suit?\r\nWhy are you wearing that stupid man suit?\r\n\r\nRevamp of Doppleganger. Now it's more clearly an actual physical impersonation of another character. So considering what disgusting evil creatures Black Spiral Dancers are, how would they impersonate someone? Yeah, they would tear someone's skin off and wear it.

Image: Corporate_Downsizing_2_0.jpg   882x693 186532 bytes 2006.08.01

You never know who's lurking in the next cubicle...\r\n\r\nArt for the Rage CCG. original in acrylic on a 11 by 7 piece of vellum finish bristol.

Image: Doppleganger.jpg   394x1000 110662 bytes 2006.08.01

In modern pop culture, the Doppleganger is generally anybody who looks similar to someone else, like the twin they never had. In older folklore, a Doppleganger is a sort of darker spirit self that attaches itself to people, whispering advice and encouragement. Though not usually the good sort.\r\n\r\nI really like the rocks in the background and the sense of motion. The werewolf looks a bit blank, but since it's effectively breathing out its soul, um, vapid is kind of to be expected. I also like that the bottom of the spirits transparent so you can see the other half of the werewolf's face through the bottom. \r\n\r\nOriginal is acrylic on vellum finish bristol. 4.5 X 14 inches. Available for sale through my website.

Image: Tar_Baby.jpg   300x755 78131 bytes 2006.08.01

I'm melting.... all over you! Werewolf is sucked into the rolls of flesh on some foul fomor. Punch it and it just sucks you in to smother you. Ick!\r\n\r\nArtwork for the Rage CCG. It will be on the Gift, Tar Baby, thus the strange dimensions.\r\n\r\nI really like the werewolf's fur texture. I like the round look to the thing's arm too. it's all lumpy and twisted and melting and gross.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on vellum finish bristol. Original is 4.5X14 inches. Original available for sale through my website: http:://

Image: Mugshot_Battle.jpg   421x600 63419 bytes 2006.08.01

I was a 98 pound weakling, but thanks to the Charles Atlas method and a lot of steroids, I can make full size werewolves look like little puppies!\r\n\r\nCharacter artwork for the Rage CCG. This is the character's transformed monsterous form. Werewolf are generally about 9 feet tall, so to have a werewolf hanging off your arm like a toddler, he must be HUUUUUUUGE.\r\n\r\nI used a reference photo of a kid hanging off his fathers arm for the pose. No, clearly it was not a werewolf kid. :)\r\n\r\nAcrylic on vellum finish bristol.

Image: Corporate_Dowsizing.jpg   1026x808 211657 bytes 2006.08.01

Corporate Downsizing\r\nAcrylic on 11X14 vellum finish bristol. Linework was inked before painting, then touched up in a few places afterward.\r\n\r\nAlas poor Bob... I wonder who'll get his cubicle?\r\n\r\nWhen your company includes werewolves, termination of employment tends to be rather quick and bloody. Bob's hand's still on the table in a puddle of blood and it's on with business as usual already.\r\n\r\nI really like the two werewolves, and the dude that looks like Ed McMahon in the background. He looks EVIL. I like the arm with the hand resting on the guy's shoulder a lot. I like the left werewolf's pants and well defined six pack a lot. His goggles don't look as cool painted as they did in the original sketch, but oh well.

Image: apocadillos.jpg   1040x825 206616 bytes 2005.07.29

Jesus saves lepers.\r\nArmadillos get leprosy.\r\nWhen everybody gets back up in their bodies at the Armageddon, Jesus will have an army of very pissed off zombie armdillos to take out Texas!\r\n\r\n\r\nRighty-o.\r\n\r\n\r\nArmadillos, nuclear explosion, random looney ravings, instant internet classic! We'll be back to our usual diet of werewolves shortly.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on 11X14 brisol.

Image: hyenasunset.jpg   491x675 76816 bytes 2004.08.29

A hyena gazes at the setting sun, a rose clutched in one hand and the other raised before her. Dreaming of a lover who shall soon return, bidding goodbye to one, or merely remembering someone who has passed to the far shores?\r\n\r\nAcrylic on vellum finish bristol. original is 9X12 inches. The water effect was done in many, many thin washes and with a lot of smudging, as was the sky. Much liquid frisket was used to seperate the figure from the background.\r\n\r\nStrangely I think the 'background' came out better than the actual figure. I did a hyena with rose picture many moon ago, was dissatisfied with it, and swore I would return to the combo later. I think this came out relatively well.

Image: tribalroad.jpg   975x408 92115 bytes 2004.08.09

Two wolves race through a field of dry grass and into the cool of the forest.\r\n\r\nCard art for the Rage CCG. This will appear on the card Tribal Road in the new set, Gauntlet. Get more info at:\r\n\r\n\r\nPainted in acrylics on vellum finish bristol. Original is 5.5 by 14 inches. A little bit of the long side was cut off in the scan. The original has one more tree visible.

Image: pigsVCLcloseup.jpg   490x456 86728 bytes 2004.08.04

Detail of "pigs for the Ancestors" showing off the boar's costume and face. Traditionally New Guinea festival costumes combine natural elements: leaves, plant fibers, animal pelts, twisted cords, shells, many of them dyed or painted bright colors. Plus they smear pigment right on the skin.\r\n\r\nI really like his face, especially the tusks. He has lovely eyelashes too. Complete image can be found in my gallery.\r\n\r\nAcylics on bristol, with inked line work.

Image: pigsVCLcolor.jpg   471x600 125070 bytes 2004.08.04

Pigs for the Ancestors, or Oinker's Big Moka.\r\n\r\nA boar in his festival finery takes two pigs to a moka ceremony, where they will slaughtered and their meat given away as part of an extravagent gift.\r\n\r\nThe boar's costume is a mishmash of the costumes from several different tribal groups. Costumes are highly individualized, so its hard to spot anything more than general trends in given groups anyway. This is actually quite subdued by New Guinea standards. \r\n\r\nUnderlying line work, ink on bristol. Painted with acrylic in many thin washes and then texture added with drybrushing and poncing. original is 9X11.

Image: peripheryVCL.jpg   327x450 46029 bytes 2004.02.07

Promotional artwork for upcoming Rage set, Periphery. available online, Feb 15. 2004\r\n\r\nOriginal is 9X12. Acrylics and ink.\r\n\r\nStyle heavily influenced by Tony Diterlizzi. I realised after I painted it that it also looked like religious icons depicting Jesus and the Sacred Heart. Not a conscious influence on my part, but ended up that way.

Image: dholetravoisVCL.jpg   402x549 56907 bytes 2004.01.25

A dhole hunter and her pack pony pause for a drink while trekking through a bamboo forest.\r\n\r\nMy first attempt at inking a sketch and then painting it. I like it! painting was done in acrylics watered down to behave like watercolors. The original line work can be seen in my sketches directory.\r\n\r\nI am most happy with the water effect. It even came out looking like it has a disrupted reflection of the horse in it and that the horse has its muzzle IN the water. The water is AWESOME. \r\n\r\nI am not totally happy with the grass and the horse's hocks. They didn't quite come out the way I had planned. However, I consider this a good first attempt at this technique.

Image: lodgeofsilverrecord.jpg   750x281 50985 bytes 2003.12.08

reupload after a visit to the structured critique forum. Thanks guys! The werewolf's muzzle was shortened slightly, the shadows were made darker, and the shadows in the doorway were made lighter by applying a thin white wash.\r\n\r\nAcrylic on vellum finish bristol. A mix of washes and dry brushing. Background was done with a wash and blotting while it was wet.\r\n\r\nThe funny shape is because this artwork was done for the Rage collectable card game, which have long narrow art boxes on some cards. This appears in the online release, Intermezzo, on Lodge of the Silver Record.\r\n\r\nMore info on Rage at:\r\n\r\n\r\nRage and associated terms are copyright White Wolf Game Studios.

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