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Image: sworddancer.jpg   576x700 90533 bytes 2005.01.03

done for Further COnfusion 2005, it got more fun as i worked on it more, but i had to rush because it had to be in the mail TODAY... arrived at the post office w/ ten minutes to spare \r\nhope the art arrives in time..\r\n\r\nin all honesty, I hope it doesn't sell, because I'd like to play with patterns on the fabric more\r\n\r\nSword Dancer Fev 2005

Image: telax.jpg   331x620 56599 bytes 2004.12.29

Commander Telax, veteran officer of the fourth army of the Faterian empire, once again takes up arms to follow his latest orders, a surgical strike on a small but critical Neruvian outpost on one of the outer planets...\r\n\r\nMedium: Digital \r\n Fev 2004

Image: anubis_1_.jpg   428x600 60643 bytes 2004.12.29

Everyone's favorite Jackal God\r\n\r\nMedium: Pencil\r\nsize: 8 1/2" x 12" \r\n\r\n Fev 2004

Image: lionchara.jpg   483x600 98397 bytes 2004.12.29

Medium: gouache, colored pencil, ink\r\nsize: 12" x 16" \r\n

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