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Image: Crystalsecondversion.JPG   463x600 218709 bytes 2002.03.25

This is a picture of my character Phantom with an experimental look. I may not keep it but it still looks decent. Phantom is (C) Julie Johnson

Image: newLod.JPG   553x610 275512 bytes 2001.11.22

This is a picture of Lod again. He may look a little different, but that's because I tried something different this time. I just realized I forgot his belt. I'll get it in next time.

Image: untitled.JPG   402x547 216113 bytes 2001.11.02

Image: Andy'soldstyle.JPG   447x578 213024 bytes 2001.08.25

This is a pic of Andy saying a fond farwell to his old style. This pic was fun to do. BTW, it'll be a while til I get another update as I'm going away to school. The image is (C) to Sunset Fox/Julie Johnson. Don't take any art from here without asking first, ok?

Image: Andyinfopic.JPG   549x588 42272 bytes 2001.08.19

This is just something I did when I got bored. Andy is (C)Julie Johnson.\r\nThat'd be me! Don't take any art from here without asking me first,ok?

Image: bestbuds.JPG   498x462 284436 bytes 2001.08.12

This is one I did for a friend shown in the pic as the red squirrel. I'm the fox next to her. The colors keep getting messed up though. Can't figure out why though.\r\n

Image: PC_Fox.JPG   579x534 70815 bytes 2001.07.18

This one turned out pretty good, but I still need work on my backgrounds. I don't have much to choose from. - -0

Image: Finx3.jpg   352x634 41803 bytes 2001.07.18

This is a cute one! Sorry for taking so long to get a new upload here! =P

Image: UltraFinx.JPG   590x737 110760 bytes 2001.05.04

Finx well...turns into this guy when he reaches a certain point as far as abilities go. It's never permenant though. - -o Finx, and Ultra Finx are both (C) to me! ^^

Image: Finx2.JPG   578x561 41824 bytes 2001.05.04

Sorry it took me so long to upload here again. I've been busy, and such, and soooo.... This is a newer pic of Finx, so enjoy it! ^^

Image: untitled1.JPG   534x692 65506 bytes 2001.04.22

Oops! The names got mixed up. This is the one described earlier. The purple fox is named Sunset. Both pics are (C) to me.

Image: Spike.JPG   410x502 28493 bytes 2001.04.22

An older pic of my main character, Spike! I know he looks like a green rabbit, but he's actually, a strange type of dragon. Didn't know what else to call him! Spike is (C) to me!

Image: Mittens.JPG   577x548 54975 bytes 2001.04.22

Yeah, it's a cat. He ran away last summer! Miss him too!\r\n

Image: Dragon.JPG   555x636 51358 bytes 2001.04.22

Don't ask! Just some dragon that I happened to draw!

Image: Phantom_again.JPG   446x547 37850 bytes 2001.04.19

Yeah, it's cool, but it didn't turn out like it should have. The pic is (C) to me of course.\r\n

Image: P-fox.JPG   579x615 76793 bytes 2001.04.19

Yeah, he's a bit strange. His name is PC. I like how this one turned out. He is (C) to me of course!

Image: Lance.JPG   478x511 45736 bytes 2001.04.16

WOW! I love cheetahs,and that's why I drew Lance here! Lance is copyright to me,so don't take him without asking me first. That goes for anything else I put up as well! ~_-

Image: Atrear.JPG   553x484 61612 bytes 2001.04.16

This character is one of my personal favorites! He's so cool! I love how his wings turned out! *.* This character is what I call a fevent(sounds like a pokemon, huh?) Anyways, Atrear is copyright to me!

Image: Untitled.JPG   535x632 60125 bytes 2001.04.13

The white one is Lod, the brown one is Slick, both are foxes, both chase chickens, both were fun to draw, and both are (C) to me! ^^

Image: YUK!.JPG   410x498 36269 bytes 2001.04.11

I used to draw these two the same way that Sonic and Sally were drawn. Glad I stopped that though. This pic is from 98...99...not sure, but it is an oooooold pic. x.x

Image: Groupshot.JPG   509x386 62119 bytes 2001.04.11

This is one of my faves! These are all fairly new characters of mine. They are all (C) to me.( as if you didn't know ~_-) I plan on getting pics of the first ones up here P.D.Q.

Image: Develin.JPG   534x576 67228 bytes 2001.04.10

This is a noodle dragon. I called him that 'cause he's so skinny. Did it for my dad. Enjoy it dad! ^^ Did I mention that he is (C) to me?

Image: Vaporshi0002.JPG   619x671 72484 bytes 2001.04.10

This is funny. This one was a lot of fun to do. Lod is (C) to me, and Nirishi is (C) to Stacey Bobst. The thought bubbles say it all! ~_-

Image: Phantom3.JPG   525x623 75202 bytes 2001.04.10

This character,who's copyright to me, was fun to draw, but I forgot to draw in his gun! ><

Image: Finx.jpg   378x406 22721 bytes 2001.04.10

Okay, so I barrowed his name? He doesn't mind! He is also (C) to me!

Image: Where's_my_pencil.JPG   469x623 47971 bytes 2001.04.10

This one is funny because this really happens to me a lot. I turn the house upside down looking for my pencil, only to find that I had it in my hand the whole time! Mikey is (C) to me!

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