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Image: smekz_copy.jpg   576x720 80943 bytes 2012.10.16

Tags: horse nsfw   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Flame'sArmor.jpg   576x720 152915 bytes 2009.03.24

Now With Armor!

New Flame V 2.1! He was the most detailed of them all, for now, and that does not include the abdomen down. I must say this was... Fun to do.

Tags: horse fire Flame armor maple_leaf upper_body   [Comment]
Image: Flame's-New-Look.jpg   407x1000 60791 bytes 2008.08.03

Flame (Kaji Uma)

I finally got a good editing program and tablet.

Tags: horse equine fire flame kaji uma  
Image: Self_Portrait.jpg   659x750 45307 bytes 2008.02.10

I tried to color this picture in a different way than the others. I think it came out decent but not as good as I thought it would.

Tags: FireHorse  
Image: FireHorse.jpg   326x1000 44638 bytes 2008.01.12

Relaxin' on a warm day

One of my earlyer pictures done.

Image: FireHorse_In_The_Winter.jpg   440x1000 57608 bytes 2008.01.12

It's cold in the winter.... For a guy who's hair is on fire.

It's my character enduring the cold of the winter months.

Tags: FireHorse Horse  

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