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Image: Heraldic_Unicorn.jpg   620x503 52402 bytes 2003.04.09

Image: Heraldic_Lion_Cropped.JPG   589x602 60178 bytes 2003.04.09

Image: Heraldic_Gryphon.jpg   456x663 53947 bytes 2003.04.09

Image: Ularoo_Drawing_at_her_Desk.JPG   424x624 42462 bytes 2003.03.22

I've got an art table just like that!

Image: Dragon_with_a_Moustache.jpg   593x495 37139 bytes 2003.03.11


Image: Color_Firechild_and_Iloj.jpg   681x440 36069 bytes 2003.03.08

Alright, think my work's bad NOW? This is probably the oldest piece I still have. Witness the horror of a youthful Fire and Iloj, drawn when I was in middle school.

Image: Lion_Babe.JPG   569x750 62095 bytes 2003.03.01

Ain't she cute? Fun with swirly hair! =)

Image: Alouicious_first_pic.jpg   383x810 44241 bytes 2003.03.01

Meet Alouicious! This is the original, concept sketch of my male calico cat cha. Since color in domestic cats is carried on the X chromosome, normally only females (with two Xs, obviously) are calico; however, on VERY rare occasions, an XXY male with an extra chromosome comes around. They're usually sterile, but Alouicious is that one-in-a-million exception - a properly formed male calico! He's adorable; I love him!

Image: Sweet_Dragon_Cropped.JPG   884x749 80928 bytes 2003.02.03

Ain't he sweet? =) I did a series of dragons that looked something like this a couple of years ago. I didn't save any of them, but I decided to reproduce my former attempts at cuteness. I like him a lot!

Image: Adult_Fire_and_Iloj.JPG   787x633 49750 bytes 2003.02.01

Augh! It's so old, it *hurts*! \r\nAnyway, despite it's age and crappiness, I still somehow have a soft spot for this picture. I dunno why. It's my cha., Firebringer, posing in her normal form with her best friend/sidekick, a firedrake named Iloj (Eee-loj).

Image: Fire_Casting_a_Spell.JPG   617x900 55434 bytes 2003.02.01

Anthro Fire summons her element!

Image: HorseFemme's_Back.JPG   598x868 38924 bytes 2003.02.01

Image: Color_Swimming_Hippocampus.JPG   474x781 41275 bytes 2003.01.31

I realized that I'd never drawn a hippocampus, so...I did! Sketch pens and acrylics, this time.

Image: Fiona_Fetzgittle_Cropped.JPG   498x735 38882 bytes 2003.01.31

Fiona Fetzgittle, the Fennec Fox. I was feeling very alliterate that day. ;)\r\nI like her tail. =)

Image: SandsOfTime.jpg   607x788 45124 bytes 2003.01.31

The required Moody Werewolf pic. ;)

Image: Anubis_at_the_Scales_Cropped.JPG   754x619 80490 bytes 2003.01.31

I'm a history major, and Egyptian history especially fascinates me. I found a picture of scenes from the Book of the Dead in a book on heiroglyphs, and decided to draw Anubis at the scales, weighing the heart of the deceased against the sacred feather. I like it; it looks very Egyptian, even if I did run out of paper to draw the baboon at the top.

Image: Unicorn_Goddess_Cropped.JPG   846x486 50553 bytes 2003.01.31

A headshot of the Goddess for a story I'd intended to write since I was in sixth grade. I still haven't written it, and I may never get to it...but that's OK. ;)

Image: ExtraFurryFire.jpg   465x877 40323 bytes 2003.01.30

An anthro version of my normally four-legged charachter and namesake, Firebringer. She's furrier than I usually draw her, but I kinda like it. =)

Image: BarbaryLion.jpg   491x792 52997 bytes 2003.01.30

A very random lion-woman who appeared in my sketchbook some time ago. On a whim, I colored her fur a bit darker than a 'regular' African lion would have, so I decided that she's a Barbary lion. Pen and watercolor pencils.

Image: ArcticUnicorn.JPG   496x432 21354 bytes 2003.01.25

A unicorn from a frozen environment; he has short legs for heat retention, wide, cloven hooves with soft pads to work as snowshoes, and, of course, a thick fur coat. Old sketch, but I still like the concept! Arctic unicorns {c} me!

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